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2002 2003 2004 2005 Thunderbird 
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List of popular Ford parts and accessories available 
for your 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005 Ford Thunderbird

FYI only

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Items on this page are or were available to order from your own local Ford dealer parts department.
Note: Many of these items are getting difficult to find or no longer available (N.A).  Do check for availability.
You should also be able to find a more complete & accurate listing at your Ford parts dealer in  the Ford Accessories catalog.
Alternatives to some of  these items may be found on the Aftermarket Accessories page

Make friends with your Ford dealer's parts manager!!!

Prices are approximate to give you an idea of the range you're looking at; you may pay more or less, depends on your area, the dealership and your relations with your parts manager.  Double check parts #'s. 

2003 Soft Boot Cover - Part#: 2W6Z7654400AAA cost appr $530 ( N.A.)
2002 Boot Cover:  (N.A.) the 2003 boot cover replaces it.  You may find it on ebay.com though

Battery & Battery cables:

From Motorcraft website, these are the part numbers:
2002-2005 (before 1-10-05) Battery to ground cable WC95703

2005 after 1-10-05.............Battery to ground cable WC95952 

2002-2005........................Junction to starter cable WC95702

2002-2005........................Battery, 100 month wet. BXT66-650

Brake pads:  Motorcraft part #: BR1273 - set of four brake pads
                    Motorcraft part # BRR109 - rotor

Cabin Air Filter:  Motorcraft part #  FP-25

Car Covers - see list below

Chrome Hoodscoop Bezel - 1W6Z16C630BAA, - this part may be listed as "satin silver" in the parts book - it IS chrome!
                                             5W6Z-16C630-AAA - same part as above but for the cashmere 05s - it's also chrome and better priced.

2002 Door Aluminum trim pieces, right and left side  (N.A.)
     2W6Z 76221A19 AA 
     2W6Z 76221A18 AA
2003 Door Aluminum trim pieces, right and left side (N.A.)
     3W6Z-76221A18-AA (right side) and 3W6Z-76221A19-AA  - standard (base)
     3W6Z-76221A18-BA (right side) and 3W6Z-76221A19-BA  - 007 model

Convertible top J-hook:   3W6Z76506A48AA - (approx $20) - black (chrome no longer available thru Ford)

Cowl Cover Retainers - see Retainers below

Dash Vent: passenger side vent- part # XW4Z19893-HAD ($30 retail) watch out for color on these dash pieces 02 is different that 03-05 interior 
          PCRs and Cashmeres have uniquely colored dashes - check with Lincoln LS
       right side triangle piece should be # XW4Z-19E630-BA and retails for about $19.
       # is XW4Z19E630AAD and it cost me $7.37 - possible for an 2002

Emblem V8, chromed plastic -  1L2Z-7842528-NA - from new Ford Explorer - tailgate.   (app $12)
Emblem V8 The 2003/2004 Thunderbird  V-8 on fender is different - FMC3W6Z16228AA - (approx. $11)

Engine cover Retainers (hold down pins)    W705956-S300  - 4 to a pkg   app. $8

Fender Name Plate  or Script "Thunderbird": 1W6Z-76517A20-AA  (The order books show one for right side and one for left side at two different costs - order the cheaper one as they are both the exact same part.  As one owner stated:  "When I ordered mine the difference I found was one in a plastic sleeve ,the other in a box Matching up they are the same". )

Fender Hash Marks: (2002-2004) : Left: 1W6Z 16178 BA  (refer to as Fender Ornament)
                                 Right: 1W6Z 16178 AA

Fender Blade or Saber (2005) (N.A.) 5W6Z*16178*BB ORN ASY FRT FNDR LH  (refer to as Fender Ornament
                                5W6Z*16178*AB ORN ASY FRT FNDR

Floor Mats with Thunderbird Emblem: (N.A.) (Midnight black) carpeted:   2W6Z*7613086*AA (N.A.)

    (N.A.) 2W6Z7613086AAA without emblem

Floor Mats with Thunderbird emblem:  (N.A.) Vinyl (Rubber-like):  # 1W6Z 7613086 AA (no longer available retail) (N.A.)

Fog Lamps (N.A.) see Supplemental Parking Lamps below

Front Cover (nose bra) (N.A.)Part# 2W6Z19A413BA.

Hardtops: (N.A.)

Fully assembled 2002 tops are 1W6Z-76500S26-*** 
                         1W6Z-76500S26-AAA Ceramic White (Whisper White)
                         1W6Z-76500S26-AAB Inspiration Yellow
                         1W6Z-76500S26-AAC Thunderbird Blue
                         1W6Z-76500S26-AAD Colorado Red (Torch red)
                         1W6Z-76500S26-AAE Satin Silver
                         1W6Z-76500S26-AAF Ebony (Evening Black)
                         1W6Z-76500S26-AAG Performance White

Hard top shell only (no lining, no chrome trim, no handles) : (N.A.)Ceramic (whisper) white #1w637650200-excwaf---- may not be available anymore
Hard top shell only (no lining, no chrome trim, no handles) : (N.A.) Performance white #1w637650200-evzgad---- may not be availalbe anymore

Hardtop Deck Protection:  See also Aftermarket  Page for other Solutions: Hardtop deck protection: 

Header, windshield frame for the 2004 with the homelink garage door opener : 4W6Z 7603606 AAA
       see TBN for installation help for 2002 T-bird: you will need to register with the site to view the thread - it's free - photos are gone, though. . 

Hood emblem 1W6Z-17E938-BA.

Hood Insulation Retainers: Part number N808842-S - 4 to a package

Hood Scoop Bezel, Chrome:  5W6Z-16C630-AAA 

Hood Scoop Bezel, painted:  1W63-16C928-a  You'll need to specify color or possibly have to have it painted.

Hub cover 2002/03 : (N.A.) painted: 1W63-1A096-AD - number found on cap may not be number in Ford parts inventory search
          Chrome:  1W63-1A096 -BD
           2005 Cashmere:  5W6Z-1130-AA - Ford parts number (not number found on backside of cap)
Numbers found  on backside of 2005 center hub caps
5W63-1A096-AA 21224 SATIN-CA (Center Caps for Cashmere)
5W63-10A96-BA 20893 SATIN (Standard Caps for 16-spoke Machined Wheels)
5W63-10A96-CA 20894 PAINTED (?)
5W63-10A96-DA 20895 CHROME (Standard Caps for 7-Spoke Chrome Wheels)
5W63-10A96-EA 21112 SATIN-LT (LT=Light Tundra; another name for Monterey Mist Green, so this could be the part number for the PCR center caps)

Key Blank  PATS chip key -   for 2002 only - Rotunda part #164-R0460  (inquire with your Ford dealer) or go to a Locksmith

Leather Care Kit, Deluxe ~ F8AZ-19G253-AA

"Mylar Tape Kit" "to protect the paint when the hardtop is installed" P/N   1W6Z76202W30-AA 

new parts numbers  for new kit  ~    4W6Z-76202W30-AA  See New car?? page for more info

License Plate Bracket, Front: (N.A.) 1W6Z17A385AA

License Plate Frame : (N.A.)  50th Anniversary 

Light Bulbs : replacement (check your owner's manual)

Manuals:  Ford Workshop Manuals for the 2002 Thunderbird - 2 Volume set
   Electrical Manual
   Helm Manuals -   http://www.helminc.com/  - workshop manuals for the 2002-2005 Thunderbird

Owners Manual - If your manual is lost,   download from motorcraft.com >  tech resources > owners info   offers free downloads for owners' manuals.   Helm Inc. may also have the manuals available.

Parking Lamp, Supplemental : (N.A.) see Supplemental Parking Lamp below

Radiator Cover retainers - see retainers below

Radio - new or used OEM - http://oem-auto-accessory.com/index.html

Receptacles for soft top alignment pins, plastic, 2002:  1W6Z-76515A33-AA  and 1W6Z-76515A32-AA  --approx $32 each

Retainers, Cowl Cover  part # W705956-S300 ~ 4 to a pack

Retainers, Engine cover  (hold down pins)  ~  W705956-S300   4 to a pkg   app. $8
Retainers, Engine cover:  03-05 - part # ~ W708656-S300 ~ 1 to a pack

Retainers, Hood Insulation Part number N808842-S ~ 4 to a package

Retainers, Radiator Cover  Part number: W706519-S300 ~ 4 to a pack

Seat Belt Extender :  1W6Z63611C22AAA ~ extends your seat belt for more comfortable driving ~ free from your Ford dealer

Seat Cover ~: (N.A.) lower seat, Black ~ 2001/2002 ~ 1W6Z-7662901-AAD ~ NUDO leather

Spare Tire spindle top NUT: 1F1Z-1462-AA  Nut ~ Wing  app $19.79 ~ It is not a wing nut; it is a black plastic cap for the spindle to keep it from poking through the floor panel.

Supplemental Parking Lamp : (N.A.)1W62 13200 AA  (app. $74.15/each)
      and for its wiring harness 1W6Z-15A434-AA. for 2002-2003
                     2004-2005 wiring harness: 4W6Z-15A434-AA

Service Message on Parking Lamps

17793 2002-2005 Thunderbird - Supplement Parking Lamp Installation:

If a customer wishes to have supplemental parking lamps installed on a 2002-2005 Thunderbird, order wire harness part number:
# 1W6Z-15A434-AA for the 2002-2003 Thunderbird : (N.A.)
# 4W6Z-15A434-AA for the 2004 to 2005 Thunderbird : (N.A.)

plus 2 lamp assemblies (1W6Z-13200-AA).

To install, First remove the front fascia and remove the existing wire harness at C133. Install the new wire harness, remove the lamp opening insterts from the front fascia,and install the new lamp assemblies. Reinstall the front fascia. Verify tha Fuse 1.03 is installed in the underhood fuse panel. Refer to workshop manual (Section 501-00) ad wiring diagram manual (Section 92) for additional information. NOTE:Installation of the supplemental parking lamps violates Canadian vehicle lighting laws
Dated: 5/14/2004

Tail Light Lense: (N.A.) right side (passenger) 3W6Z-13404-AA LAMP AS 735471 (app $80)

Thunderbird Script: Ford dealer, online Ford dealer, Amazon, EBay,  prices as of August 2014:

Part Number: 1W6Z76517A20AA emblem Right  $27 to $40.
Part Number: 1W6Z76517A20BA emblem Left $27 to $40
Trunklid emblem:  1W6Z*7642528*AA PLT ASY L. (app $17)

Trunk Liner (cargo liner) : (N.A.) 2W6Z-6311600-AA

Touch Up Paint, Laquer: 

                 __replace XXXX with number below
Be aware that some special colors are : (N.A.) from Ford.  Inquire at your local Auto Paint Stores._
Touch Up Paint Codes
for 2002

Torch Red (7042) *
Evening Black (1724)*
Whisper White (7018)*
Thunderbird Blue (7016)
Inspiration Yellow (7041)
Satin Silver (7049) NM top only 
Perfect White (1028) *- WhiteTop on Non-white cars

Perfect White ALBZ-19500-1028A
Satin Silver PMP-19500-7049A


Touch Up Paint Codes
for 2003

Torch Red (7042)
Evening Black (1724) 
Whisper White (7018)
Mountain Shadow Grey (7039) 
Desert Sky Blue (7098)*
Coral (7103)
Perfect White (1028) *- White Top on Non-white cars 

Coral PMP-19500-7103A CQ

Touch Up Paint Codes
for 2004

Torch Red (7042)*
Evening Black (1724)
Platinum Silver (7052)
Merlot (7087)
Vintage Mint Green (7122)
Monterey Mist (7081) *
Light Ice Blue (7054)

Ash Metallic hardtop ~see vin decoder page

Perfect White Top(1028) *

Monterey Mist:
Motorcraft DV PMP-19500-7081A


Touch Up Paint Codes
for 2005

Torch Red (7042)*
Evening Black (1724)
Platinum Silver (7052)
Med. Steel Blue (6966)
Bronze (7132)
Cashmere (7118) tricoat
Perfect White Top (1028) *

Motorcraft DV PMP-19500-7118A 


Perfect White = Performance White
    Ceramic White = Whisper White
    Torch Red =  Colorado Red
    Ebony = Evening Black 
    Desert Sky Blue = Robin Egg Blue
    Dark Shadow Grey = Mountain Shadow Grey
    Platinum Silver = Silver Birch
    Monterey Mist = Light Tundra
    Red, black and Whisper White are carry-over for 2003.
    Red & Black are carry over colors for 2004
    Red, Black & Platinum Silver are carry over colors for 2005
** see specific year color pages for 2-letter Ford paint code

Used Parts: http://www.carpartswholesale.com/store/index.php?cat=ALL&year=2003&make=FORD&model=THUNDERBIRD

Valet Key - The 03-05 Lincoln LS has a valet key available.cost approx.  $30.00 - will work for the 03 to 05 T-bird.

Wheel, Chrome NM: 1W6Z-1007-BA  (app $600each) : (N.A.)  no longer be available.
Wheels, : (N.A.) deluxe and premium
Wheels - aftermarket

Below are other Ford Thunderbird accessories with suggested list prices as of Summer 2003 - listed to give you a ball park idea of whhat you may have to spend.
~ remember ~ you may be able to get the parts manager to lower the price for you.  These accessories will also fit your 2004 & 2005 Ford Thunderbird.  Many may no longer be available.

Description  Part Number Model year(s)  List Price
Ash Cup
2002-3 $9.96 
Cargo Liner, Interior, Soft Midnight Black  2W6Z-6311600-AA 2002-3 $58.70
Cargo Net, Retention Envelope Style, Includes (2) Nets 2W6Z-6355066-AA 2002-3 $27.11
Cover, Front End With Vehicle Logo Full, Black 2W6Z-19A413-BA 2002-3  $120.27
Cover, Full Vehicle NOAH 2W6Z-19A412-CA 2002-3 $237.51
Cover,  Weathershield 2W6Z-19A412-DA 2002-3 $281.99 

Engine Block Heater
2W6Z-6D008-AA  2002-3 $83.51
First Aid Kit With Ford Logo Includes an assortment of adhesive bandages, antibacterial ointment, sterile dressing, etc. 1W7Z-19F515-AB 2002-3 $20.21
Floor Mats, All Weather Molded Vinyl Front Pair, With Logo Midnight Black (*W) 1W6Z-7613086-AA 2002-3 $45.16
Floor Mats, Carpeted Front Pair, With Thunderbird Logo Midnight Black(*W) 2W6Z-7613086-AAA 2002-3 $56.44
Trunk Mat, 1-Piece Midnight Black (*W) 2W6Z-7613046-AAA 2002-3  $47.47
Highway Safety Kit With Ford Logo Includes reflective triangles, fire extinguisher, thermal blanket, hose tape, basic tools, 12-hour light stick, and more 1W7Z-19F515-AA  2002-3 $87.54
Keyless Entry, Remote PowerCode  2W7Z-19A361-AA 2003 $155.71
Lock Kit, Air Bag Anti-Theft XW4Z-14B384-AA 2002-2003 $38.57 
Lock Kit, Wheel Anti-Theft Open-Ended, Zinc-Plated For Hidden Lugs. Includes (4) Lock Lugs and (1) Key  XW4Z-1A043-BC 2002-3 $36.09
Locking Gas Cap  XU5Z-9030-DA 2003 $48.28
Remote Start Systems PowerCode Includes Remote Start, Remote Keyless Entry, Vehicle Security & Siren.( Requires SecuriLock Kit  1L2Z-19G365-AB )- 2W7Z-19G364-AA 2003 $270.00
Vehicle Security Systems System 4, Universal, For Vehicles With Factory Keyless Entry F3AZ-19A361-C  2002-2003 $96.91
PowerCode Kit Includes Vehicle Security Kit & Fob 2W7Z-19A361-BA 2003 $141.43
Kit Includes Remote Keyless Entry  2W7Z-19A361-CA  2003 $184.29 
Includes Vehicle Security & Convenience Package W/Siren  2W7Z-19A361-DA  2003 $227.14

Following is a listing of various body part #s for the 2002 for future reference.
There may be different part #s for the 2003-2005s

XW4Z 6731 BA FILTER ASSY - OIL 3.9L (M/C # FL2008)
XW4Z 8620 AB BELT DRIVE - 3.9L (M/C # JK61056)
XW4Z 9601 AC AIR FILTER ELEMENT - 3.9L (M/C # FA1679)
YF1Z 17528 AA BLADE ASSY WIPER - LH (M/C # WW2416)
1L2Z 17528 AB BLADE ASSY WIPER - RH (M/C # WW2217)
1W6Z 18124 BA SHOCK ASSY - FRONT (M/C # 585)
1W6Z 18125 BA SHOCK ASSY - REAR (M/C # 586)
03 part numbers:
2U5A-19A286BB - cooling system decal attached to the plastic panel located in front of the cooling fan shroud 

Ford Parts numbers:
In the Ford service part number you will usually find a prefix, base and suffix. The base part number for "Body" parts will have a 2 digit body indicator.

For the Thunderbird mats - example "2W6Z 76 13086 AAA" --

2W6Z is the prefix and it tells us that the part was introduced in 2002, the major vehicle for which it was released, and that it is a service part.

76 in the base stands for Thunderbird and 13086 will always be front floor mats.

AAA is the suffix and is used to differentiate color or other charistics of the application.

For the mats here - the parts counterman would need to look up "13086" (that is how it is sequenced in the catalog system) for Thunderbirds. There will be several choices. To be sure you are getting the correct mats, give the counterman the complete number.

Thanks to "Red" for supplying the above FYI info.

Owner's Manual trivia.

1st printing - April 2001 - 2W6J19A321-AB
latest date found in car so far: 10/19/01

2nd printing - July 2001 - 2W6J19A321-AB
earliest date: Nov. 20, 2001

Latest Date: Mar. 21, 2002

3rd printing - March 2002 - 2W6J19A321-AC
earliest date: April 25, 2002

latest date: August 12, 2002

4th printing - Sept 2002 - 2W6J-19A321-AD 
earliest date: Oct 10, 2002
latest date: Oct 10 2002


1st printing October 2002 #3W6J-19A321-AA

earliest date found in car: Nov. 21, 2002

latest date found in car: Feb 04, 2003

Second Printing - February 2003
Earliest Build Date - May 19, 2003
latest build date - May 19, 2003


First Printing - June 2003
# 4W6J-19A321-AB
earliest date: 8/6/03
latest date: ????

Second Printing October 2003 4W6J-19A321-DA

earliest date: 01/13/04
latest date: 06/07/2004

First Printing - April 2004
earliest date:
latest date found in car: feb 1, 2005

Second Printing
December 2004, Second Printing,SW6J-19A321-AB
earliest date: April 05

Other Accessories from Aftermarket companies:

Aftermarket Accessories from other sources have moved to new page
  Accessories for you - Clothing, jewelry has moved to new page
Ford Accessories Aftermarket Accessories Accessories For You


Ad Space 


N.A. = No longer Available  but join Thunderbird clubs or forums and inquire with other owners if any are parting out their cars.  Also inquire with PowerSportCars above if they have any resources for what you need.  Some mechanical / electrical parts may also be used on the Lincoln LS of that period. 


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