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The New Ford Thunderbird
.Photos from Past Events
DESTINation2002 (off site)
CTCI Convention 2002
Carlisle 2004 (offsite)
Yellow Rose Classic
Thunder Valley May 10, 2003 (offsite)
Thunder Valley Photos (offsite
Alabama Gulf Coast - "Redneck Riviera" 2003 (offsite)
ThunderIsle 2004 (offsite)
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Thunder and Good Vibrations 2007 (offsite)
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Calendar of Events 
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Ford Thunderbird 
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 Places to cruise your  Retro Ford Thunderbird to, such as a Route 66 tour, TBN,  ITC or VTCI event or local events
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If links to TBN don't work, join the site and participate with other Thunderbird owners

Date: 2015 Events
Feb 6-8,  Pappasito's weekend, Marietta, GA  TBN
February 8,  Pappasito's Cantina in Marietta, Georgia TBN
February 28 Granbury, TX,  Granbury Opry matinee  TBN
May 20-24 VTCI .International Convention,   Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada.
June 18- July 10 TOUR:  Thunder Around the Lakes, the Great Lakes that is. TBN
June 21 New England Vintage Car Show, Eliot, Maine  TBN link
June 25-27 60th Anniversary Thunderbird, Dearborn MI   TBN info  Waterland Club
July 18-19 Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix will honor the Thunderbird as the Spotlight Car in 2015  Info on TBN
Sept 8-12 Black Hills Expedition TBN
Date 2014 Events
February 8, 9  TBN: Pappasito's Cantina in Marietta, Georgia. 
March 15 Green Thunder:  TBN Florida chapter event
March 27-30 TBN Heartland chapter event
June11-15 : TBN at Lexington, KY
June 15-18 More Bluegrass Cruising: TBN at Lexington, KY
June 22 New England's Vintage Thunderbird Club presents New England's Vintage Car Show   at the Raitt Homestead Farm Museum in Eliot, Maine on June 22, 2014.
July 8 TBN: Circus Drive-In on Route 35 in Wall, NJ. 
July 13 Thunderbirds in the Park, Southern Ontario Thunderbird Club, Canada
July 19-20 Pittsburgh, PA: Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix : TBN 
July 24-26  TBN: Stateline Drive-in and Car show: 


Read the Thunderbird Nest Forum, VTCI events, or ITC events, or CTCI events  for more information on coming events and get involved in some of the events being planned there.

Drive-In Movies anyone?  Here's a link for you.  http://www.drive-ins.com/

For PA and NY area general car show events, check this website: show dates in the north east.

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