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The Last Thunderbird

2005 Ford Thunderbird 
50th Anniversary Thunderbird
The 1955 Ford Thunderbird celebrated it's 50th anniversary in 2005.
Ford celebrated it with the 2005 Thunderbird.
This is it. This is the last of the Thunderbird. 
Last day for the 2005 at Wixom Assembly Plant
was July 1, 2005
You'll find the 2005 Ford Thunderbird in these colors:
Evening Black, Torch Red, Platinum Silver, Bronze, Medium Steel Blue, Inca Gold, Cashmere
Special Edition
VIN # decoder
Are you buying a Used Thunderbird?
Check this page for the loose items that came with the 2005 T-bird.
Check this page to learn some of the differences between the 2002, 2003, 2004 & 2005.
Check this page for "Original Equipment Manufacturer" = OEM
Check this page for the differences between Canadian T-birds and US T-birds
No Owner's Manual?  A FREE pdf file download is available from Motorcraft 
pdf file of color statistics

Production Totals have been updated with the latest information known as of August 4, 2006.  These supercede any previous totals published.

Color Name & (Color Code) . . . Production Totals *
Torch Red
. photo by C. Hamm
with performance white hardtop
& optional 16 spoke machined premium wheels
photo by Don from SC
with Torch Red hardtop &
standard 7 spoke chrome premium wheels
Evening Black
Black with Sand soft top
Ramie Ford in Johnson City Tennessee - thanks for your support of Thunder Fever photo by Bernie B and Bs 50th Anniversary 1955 to 2005
Anniversary Blade on Evening Black
Special Editon
Jan 05-Mar 05
Special Edition
Click above link for more pictures and information about this special edition
limited to 1500 units
Medium Steel Blue
(SP  was SB)
July 04 to Dec 04
& Spring 05
this is a beautiful color combination
 with blue softtop;
aftermarket chrome wheel well moldings
This color was built right up to the end of the 05 production
was BR
Preproduction Car
with sand interior package
photo by Steve Legel 1396
DO NOT CONFUSE BRONZE with INCA GOLD. They are NOT the same color.  Bronze is a light BROWN METALLIC.   INCA GOLD is a light YELLOW NON-METALLIC
Platinum Silver
platinum silver thunderbird with sand interior and softtop
with sand softtop and custom chromed 16 spoke premium wheels
see the platinum 04 pages for more photos of this color

platinum silver with steel blue partial interior
with steel blue soft top and 7 spoke premium wheels
Last Thunderbird built was a Platinum Silver
black accent interior
Inca Gold
April 05-July 1, 05
NON Metallic
my car - this photo shows how the color looks in the sun and shade
This is the most limited color yet of any of the years; only 82 were built. 
It is yellow, with a slight tinge of green in the shadows.  Looks very similar to the Inca Gold from 57.  It has been difficult for me to duplicate the color here.  It is YELLOW not Brown or Bronze.
Do You OWN an Inca Gold?  Please Click Here
contact Erin Brady  if interested 508-228-0134
Found this one at Don Allen Ford on Nantucket, MA.  It takes on that green cast in the shade but it is yellow in the sun.
Inca Gold with Inspiration Yellow in the back ground
16 spoke machined wheels

Click here for More photos of the Inca Gold Color

Here's how it looks with the Performance White Hardtop, an option for this color if it has the partial white interior.
official Ford Motor Company pin
For more photos, visit the Owner's page
Total 2005s
* These are the Final production Totals as of August 4, 2006; known about but unable to verify until 2006.  These numbers supercede any previously published stats for the 2005 Thunderbirdclick for detailed pdf file of color statistics


If you've bought a 2005 and would like your Thunderbird's picture on the owners'  page, please send me a digital photo of it.  Thanks.

updated March 14, 2005


Body Color

Standard Black Ink Black Ink Accent Partial Red* Full Red* Partial Steel Blue* Partial 
Performance White*
Light Sand Package* . Black Hardtop
Premium only
Body Color Hardtop
Premium only
Platinum Silver
Premium only
Performance White Hardtop
Premium only
. Soft Top
. s o o o no no o . o o o o . black or sand***
. s o o o no no o . o o no o . black or sand***
. s o no no o no**** o . o o o no . black or blue**
or sand***
. s o no no o no o . no o no no .  black or blue** or sand***
s o no no no no o . no o no no . black or sand***
. s o no no no o**** no . no o no o**** . black
Cashmere special interior color no no no no no no . no S no no . Medium Stone
* these interiors are only available on the premium models.
** steel blue soft top part of partial blue interior package only
***sand soft top part of sand interior package only
****performance white hardtop available only with this interior choice; This interior choice  was not available on the Silver though the 05 order sheets say it was in one spot.

Added note:  the premium model comes standard with heated seats.  Heated seats are not available on the Deluxe model.
Another note:  The premium model came either with or without a hardtop BUT the deluxe model came only without a hardtop.  All have Traction Control.

Engine:  280hp - same as the 2003 and 2004.  Same automatic transmission with 2 different shift patterns, standard and select shift.  See OEM page for other features.

Click to download the last 2005 dealer order info

  • There is an exclusive 50th Anniversary Badge (saber or blade) on all the 2005 T-birds - on the fender - see photo at top of page
  • the V8 emblem on front fenders is gone!  You'll have to add that yourself if you want it
  • The steel blue has a matching partial interior choice and a steel blue soft top to go with it. Blue interior is available on the silver, too. Good idea. 
  • The Light sand interior available again
  • The red partial and full accent interior remains
  • the black ink standard and accent remains. Caution! Be careful when buying a touch up paint for the interior. Test the color first to see if it matches your interior.
  • new - map pockets on the back of the seats [like the 04 PCR]
  • platinum silver hardtop is available with black -[ hmm - will the NM owners be upset?]
Comments:   The bronze is a light antique gold metallic color (but not yellow) - perfect choice for a gold 50th anniversary color but not the special edition color that Ford choose for 2005.  I do think it would look good with a black hardtop which is not available with it. 
I've seen the steel blue color and think that either the silver or white hardtops would look good with the color... and the black..

Recall AKA, customer satisfaction program, issued January 2005. This is a transmisssion fluid problem.    Program extended thru Dec 31, 2005.  It now includes more Thunderbirds.  Affects all 2004 T-birds and some 2005 T-birds built thru Sept. 22, 2004


Recall: Gas Tank:  This was a real recall but only affected 56 2005 Thunderbirds built during 1 week of Feb. 2005. Most would not have been sold to a customer before getting fixed due to the quick finding of the problem. 

Trivia about the 2005
Ford no longer has  the 2005 information; removed in March of 2006.
The last known address for  Ford Thunderbird information on Ford's website was: http://www.fordvehicles.com/cars/thunderbird/
Owner's Manual and other information is still available on Ford's Motorcraft website.

The following information is for historic purposes

For the Trivia buffs: Official pictures of the last car, show a cashmere 05 but word has it that a silver 05 was the "last" one across the line as production of the t-bird continued on thru that day, after the official photo was taken.  It's a matter of logistics & money; "break" time was used to make the photo, not production time. So consider it a moot point.  To further confuse matters, some of those that apparently finished on July 1 received an official "build" date of July 25.  That's for the stats,  it won't matter in the long run.  It's really unknown why the delay for a few of those cars but there could be two possibilities (maybe more), either the clerk who entered the data, was off work before the final paperwork was ready and didn't return until July 25 to enter that data OR there was a production glitch that forced a hold on those last few until it could be straightened out.  Either way, the official end is July 1 and the final end is July 25 and the plant was closed for refitting for the 06 model year for the first 3 weeks of July.  Later reports show that the very last T-bird was indeed, a Platinum Silver Thunderbird.  It is  in the hands of a member of the Ford family in Maine.  This last car was fitted with a commemorative dash trim saying that it was the last Thunderbird built.  More on the last T-bird may be found on this page

Later update:   This Thunderbird era ended July 1, 2005.    Last day to place order for a new t-bird passed at the beginning of May. 

Is this the last year? Yes.   Update March 10, 2005: 
There will not be a 2006 Thunderbird.  Plans already in the works at the Ford Wixom plant were scratched as of March 10, 2005. 
Ford says the nameplate will be brought back sometime in the future, they need to, to keep the trademark name "Thunderbird.".
March 04, 2005 - current MSRP prices $38,210 to $44,140


Dealer Bulletin:

"Please be advised that Medium Steel Blue (SP) Limited Color is being brought back by popular demand for a one-time production run. A total of 145 units are available during the April wholesale. All Medium Steel Blue units have to be ordered with the following options: Body Code: P60, Order Code: 130A, Trim Code: BB, Roof Code: RS, Removable Top w/Heated Glass Rear Window: 13T, Partial Interior Color Accent Package - Medium Steel Blue: 68L"


"Inca Gold (BI) is the new, exclusive Limited Color available for the balance of the 2005 model year. It will be available beginning with the April wholesale."

By the end of production these price changes were in effect:
MSRP, convertible deluxe: $38,985
MSRP, convertible premium: $40,045  &  $39415

There has been a price increase Sept 15, 2004:  special edition is now priced at $43,535 and deluxe at $37,605 
update Jan10, 2005: Rumor, received word from a buyer that the MSRP for the special edition he ordered was  $44,140. Has there been another price increase?

July 13, 2004: 
Pricing for this next year:
Deluxe ---$37,460
Hard top---$2,500
Feature Car (special edition) (P69) is priced at $43.390

Sept 20, 2004:  Dealers started receiving their first shipments of the 2005 T-bird about 3 weeks ago.  Most sightings have been of the Bronze color.  Several have shown up on ebay. 
The Steel Blue has also been spotted at dealerships. Comments so far on that color:
why wasn't a white hardtop available for it? 
The partial blue interior color is nice but it would have been better with the color blue also on the dash.  Guess owners will have to paint if they want that color on more than just the seats, steering wheel and shift knob. At least the softtop will match the interior.
optional supplemental parking lights are still no cost 
the boot is still optional and at a cost

And later in the 2005 model year:

  • The 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Thunderbird will be available mid-model year. 
  • Other surprise color(s) later in the model year. posted on Ford's site November 5.  The next color out will be "Inca Gold".   This spring?

 Job 1 date for the 05 was July 19, 2004.

Another interesting thing occured at some dealers, some waited for a customer to come in and place an order instead of having one on the lot waiting for a buyer.  I suppose with the low production and customers knowing what they want, this  become the norm at many dealerships so if your dealer doesn't appear to have one, they'll probably order what you want.

Facts if you had one on order:

  1. Order process is now much quicker than in 2001/2002. Still will depend on your dealers allotment but may only be 6 weeks from your order date to delivery.
  2. Shipping takes from 1 day to 4 weeks depending on where you live and when your car is shipped out by the shipper.
  3. Other than the changes noted above, the 2005 is like the 2004 and 2002.  Visit the 2002 pages for photos and other information about options, etc...
  4. The 2005 Brochure is available at  dealers now.  You may order a personalized brochure on Ford's Thunderbird website
  5. Please contact me if you have one on order.  I love to hear your stories about getting your 'bird.
    fyi: "bucked" does not mean it's finished; it means it's on the line for assembly.  Until dealers are told that it's been released to shipping, will it actually leave the plant grounds. 

    The usual sequence for vehicle order status is as follows: 
    (1) clean/unscheduled (2) submitted to plant (3) scheduled (4) locked in (no changes to order allowed) 
    (5) bucked (implies that production of the vehicle has commenced) (6) produced (7) released from plant 
    (8) assignment of a railcar or released to convoy (9) arrived at ramp (rail yard or distribution center near delivery site) 
    (10) if not assigned in step 8, released to convoy. *

Special edition color
Past updates:

July 3, 2004:  If you have one on order, please let me know.  :)  They should start arriving at dealers by  late August 04 at the earliest.
Update June 26, 2004: Will be posting a photo of the Bronze color on a T-bird soon.  :-)   It's posted:
June 14, 2004: Rumored color for later introduction is called "cashmere" on the Lincoln LS line.  This'll be the special edition color.  It's a white color and can be found on Ford's Lincoln pages.
I'd still like a dark green or a rootbeer color or even a burnt orange  in the lineup... and a pink (but not bright pink,   the soft pink from 57 is beautiful especially teamed up with grey).  The 2005 needs something bright or different this year!!   A love it or hate it color!  So far for 2005,  the only "bright" color is the red which has been around since day one.

My Speculation didn't happen: Will Ford put a 50th anniversary logo in the porthole glass of the 2005 special edition?  It would be fitting. update: from the bronze t-bird photo above, I hope not, not using that logo! update: However, they do have another 50th anniversary logo that can be found in their Holiday merchandise for the Thunderbird, now that one would work.


If you've reached this page thru a search engine, be aware that this is a personal site, not affiliated with Ford M.C or it's dealers.  The information included here is to help you understand the ins and outs of the 2002 thru 2005 Thunderbird. 
To meet with other owners, visit the club page

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