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Neiman Marcus edition

See my 02 T-bird when it was delivered.
The New Thunderbird
Interior Colors

for  2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005

Ford Thunderbird

Full Accent Partial Accent Black Accent Standard Interior The Boots

03 Saddle Interior 03 007 Interior 04 / 05
Light Sand Interior package
Partial Steel 
05 Cashmere Interior package
click on photos to view larger

2002 = Midnight Black - Standard basic interior color - a grey color = NudoTM Leather on seating surfaces
2003 to 2005 = Black Ink: Standard basic interior color:  blacker than the 2002 color and  rougher texture to leather and vinyl = ImolaTM Leather on seating surfaces
Caution, the "Black Ink" interior of the 03 to 05s is much blacker than the "midnight black" interior of the 02 - be careful when buying a touch up paint for the interior. Test the color first to see if it matches your interior.  Just the seating surfaces are leather (except in the PCR).  The rest is a vinyl product so you will need leather and vinyl cleaning products.  See Care page

A warning - if you love light colored interiors, be aware that you have to do more cleaning care than ordinary.
 It's a fact of life, not something that Ford did wrong.  You're not dealing with an easily cleanable vinyl but a real, "live" leather. It will stain, it will wear.

Full Color Accents
Full Color Accent is noted by accent color on the doors, lower dash and console along with the seat inserts, shift knob and  top of steering wheel --Not available with deluxe, soft top only model in the USA - according to the  brochures - BUT was available premiums and on the Canadian 2002 models.
Photos clickable for larger views.
Full Color Accent in a Thunderbird Blue car - only for 2002 
. Colors available in 2002 are yellow, blue, and red.  Yellow and Blue were only available with same color exterior. .photo by RDH
Full color Accent in an Inspiration Yellow car - only for 2002 .photo by 00mustang .photo by 00mustang
. . . .
Red Full Accent interior is available for 2002 2003 for the red, black and white exteriors. .photo by Tbird Tim .photo by Glenn Miller photo by jt of Everett WA accessorized with custom floor mats
For 2004  it's available only with the red and black exteriors premium models. Full Color Red Accent in a Whisper White car. Full Color Red Accent in a Torch Red car. Full Color Red Accent in an Evening Black car  along with custom floor mats.
2005 Red Full Accent Interior:
Steering wheel fully covered in leather
Upper third of steering wheel is red perforated leather.
Shift knob is also covered in red leather.
Seat inserts and dash & doors are like the 2004
Special Limited Editions each have unique interiors - not found in the other models
Neiman Marcus edition (2002) has full silver/grey accent interior with NM badge on door, above glove box and on  floor mats. 007 Edition (2003) has full accent white interior plus seats are fully covered in white;  special aluminum trim with 007 logo trim above glove box
Pacific Coast Roadster edtion (2004) has 2-tone ash seats with light ash "preferred"* suede seat inserts. Steering wheel and shift knob are fully covered in leather with upper third of steering wheel and knob in light ash. *not leather 50th Anniversary Special Edition (2005)
has full "light stone" seats, visors, header, and dash inserts along with med stone soft top and boot and floor mats.
The roll pleats on the seats are horizontal, like the pleats on the 2002s.  Seat inserts are not perforated.
photo by Chris Wilson
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Partial Color Accent
Color is only on seat inserts, top of steering wheel and gear shift knob
Not available with deluxe, soft top only model
2002-2004 the upper third of steering wheel and the shift knob are glossy painted wood
2005 - the upper third of steering wheel and the shift knob are covered in colored leather
on a Thunderbird Blue Car

This color interior is only available for the 2002 model


on an Inspiration Yellow car

This color  interior is only available for the 2002 model

photo by Bill Green
Red partial interior is available on the 2002, 2003, 2004, and 2005 premium models with red or black exteriors or with the 2002 and 2003  white exteriors
2005 Red partial interior:
2003 Whisper White Partial  Interior*

Available with the Desert Sky Blue, Torch Red, Evening black, & Whisper White exteriors.

*not available if car has performance white top

2003 Saddle Interior

available with the Mtn. Shadow Grey,
 and Evening Black exteriors

2004 - 2005 Performance White Partial Interior

04s - available with Torch Red, Black, and Vintage Mint Green and light ice blue
Performance White hardtop is available with this interior color

05s - available with Inca Gold exterior only - Performance white hardtop  may come with this interior choice if hardtop ordered.
Shift Knob and top of steering wheel are laquered white. 
2005 Medium Steel Blue Partial Interior

includes the medium steel blue softtop with this color package.
Available with the 05 Silver and Steel Blue exterior colors.

Color applied to shift knob leather.
Color applied to seat inserts.
2004, 2005 Light Sand Interior Package

Available with Torch Red, Merlot, Platinum Silver, Light Ice Blue, Bronze, Med. Steel Blue and Evening Black exteriors. 

photo by Ronbon
on 04 Merlot

Light Sand Boot 

The Light Sand center stack and shifter plate is a brownish bronze/pewter color

Light Sand Soft Top

Please read Care page for Soft top care instructions.

Light Sand binding around the dark gray floor mats.

As packed when car is new.
Remember, boot is an option - it must be specifically ordered.
Seats are fully covered in the "light sand" with black accent stitching.
The instrument gauges have a cream background, not white like the other 03 and 04 gauges.
The shifter knob and steering wheel are fully covered in light sand leather. The upper third of steering wheel is perforated leather.
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Black Accent
Black accent only on top of steering wheel and gear shift knob
2002 = Midnight Black
2003, 2004, 2005 = Black Ink
btw - gear shift knob is supposedly wood with high gloss enamel paint.

Available with any standard* exterior color choice for 2002 and 2003

click on photo for larger view
2004 & 2005 - The center stack on the black accent interiors has a metallic finish, not noticeable until I used a flash and checked my digital photos when getting back home..  I'll be checking other 2004 models in the future to see how this is carried out through out the rest of the dash, such as the the shift plate and the arm rests and try to compare it with some 2003s.

Standard Interior
No accents; fully leather wrapped steering wheel and leather wrapped gear shift knob
Leather seating surfaces
Dash, Doors,  back of Seat Back, and Headrest are vinyl or plastic
Available with any standard* exterior color choice for 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005
click for larger view
Top third of steering wheel is perforated leather; lower portions, smooth leather.
2002 = Midnight Black
2003, 2004, 2005 = Black Ink

Standard on all 2002s and 2003, optional on all 2004s and 2005s except the limited editions.
Finally updated this section in 2018.

The Boot
click for larger view Top off or down Photos How to install the 2002 boot.
Install Tip for all years:  Lubricate the snaps for ease of snapping and unsnapping.  The snaps are tight and may pull from fabric if unlubricated.  Lubricate inside of female snap with one of the following: white grease, vaseline, color crayon(wax), bar of soap.  Any of these applications should be done 2 or 3 times a years or more often, depending on how often you use your boot.  DO NOT get grease, vaseline or wax on your boot fabric as it will stain.  Apply with very small artists paint brush or toothpick.  Once the snaps are lubricated, the boot goes on and off quickly with little effort.
Tip For unsnapping a balky snap:  If you haven't lubricated your snap and it appears too tight and might pull thru fabric, use a pocket knife to pry apart the male & female snap. 
Tip: Tool for unsnapping the snaps:  A couple of owners have fashioned  tools to use to unsnap the snaps.  Check in with TBN to learn about the tools.
The Boot 2003 This is a softer boot than the 2002 boot.  It replaces the 2002 if you must need a replacement.  This boot will fold and store in the small compartment in your trunk.  Owners say it's easier to install than the 2002 boot.  The snap covers show on the top side.

This is the "black" boot that is standard for the 03's and optional for the 04s and 05s. 

The procedure for installing the 03-05 boot is slightly different.  We have found with ours, that doing the snaps first is best, then tuck in the sides and back.  Do lubricate the snaps for a quicker install as stated above.
Folded correctly the black boots will  look like this:The Sand boot folds the same way.
and 2004
and 2005

This is the light sand color boot that may have  been ordered with the Sand package for 04 and 05.

* standard color choices do not include the Limited special edition models such as the Neiman Marcus and the 007 Bond edit
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