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The New Ford Thunderbird - Retrobird.

Ford Concept Thunderbird

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Inspiration Yellow Concept at Kansas
Pebble Beach 2001
Sport Roadster


Yellow Concept Diecast Model - 1/18th

Photos from various 

New Car  or Club Shows in 1999

This car was such a sensation at the 1999 Detroit Auto Show, Jan 3, 1999,  (  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eQy24pfVqcs  ) that Ford immediately contracted to have two more cars built for the show circuit ~ one in red and one in black. Both were ready by March 1999 for the show circuit in Europe.  Hoods and trunks were kept closed during shows.  Ford did not yet have an engine ready to show with these cars.  These 3 show cars were shown at various shows around the US, Canada, and Europe.  The "Inspiration Yellow" showcar was the first one. 
Though it used the same color name as the production 2002 Thunderbird yellow, it is a much lighter shade.  The black model is noted for the all red interior.  Ford did not carry that full color style into the production models but opted for the 2-tone or "full or partial accent" interior color choices along with the full black interior choices.  I miss the full color as it's so striking but the full accent is a beautiful replacement.  Ford did not officially approve the design for production until May 22, 2000.

There was a youtube video by Motor Week (video since removed ) of the NAIAS Detroit Show where the concept first appeared. 
An interview: at the 2000 Detroit Auto Show:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Oc9YPfMqRY

Click to see more photos of the Concept ThunderbirdThe yellow Concept Thunderbird was at the Wichita, Kansas CTCI Regional  over the 4th of July, 1999 weekend.  When talking with the design company personnel accompanying the yellow show car at the Kansas show that summer, they mentioned that the red and black were ready in 6 weeks.  All 3 are made of fiberglass and more fragile than a production car.

 I'm still looking in my boxes for photos of the Black Concept that I took in 2000 while at a CTCI International Convention in Chicago.  The black was sold at auction to a Museum/Dealership in Florida in 2003 where it still resides. The museum has not posted any current photos of the black concept Thunderbird, however visitors have spotted it there and have taken pictures.  UPDATE: June 2018.  It took me this long to find the missing box.  Only accidently as I wanted to reorganize the coat closet and found several unopened boxes from our move in 2006.  I will be adding those photos to this page.  Some are stereos.  If you have a stereo opticon or can "free view" them with your eyes alone, you will enjoy them.

  The fate of the yellow is still unknown.  Probably still with Ford?  The red became the Sport Roadster concept and has since been sold at auction by Ford (2010).  Whereabouts became known for the  Sport Roadster (Dallas). Update: was resold in 2015 and don't know where it went to.

Note the aluminum center stack in the red interior pictures.  Many owners have lamented the fact that Ford did not continue that treatment with the production cars, however, some owners have made use of aftermarket companies that cater to automotive interior decorating.

Click on photos for larger view:

Photo Links all work now including the red one.
the original Yellow Concept T-Bird, Red Concept T-Bird, photo by Dieter Mueller (31K) Black Concept T-Bird - Sept 99
 Wichita, Kansas Regional
July 1999
Wichita, Kansas Regional
 Geneva, Switzerland
Auto Show
March 1999
Geneva Switzerland
 Internationale Automobil Ausstellung 
Frankfurt, Germany
Sept. 1999
Some Views of the Black Concept Thunderbird at the Frankfurt Show:
View from the rear Rear end! Tail light
Windshield Wheel Interior
Interior up close Dash  -  Steering wheel Behind the seats
Future Jaguar engine & possible t-bird engine . Meet Dieter
Photos of Red & Black Concept T-Birds
by Dieter Mueller of Trier, Germany

More recent photos of the Black Concept including Engine compartment are at this link:
also a short article with photos at "Forgotten Fiberglass.com

A link to the Lincoln Mark X Concept

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The yellow Concept Thunderbird was at the 
Wichita, Kansas CTCI Regional 
over the 4th of July, 1999 weekend.
Click here for more photos of the Yellow concept thunderbird in Kansas
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