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Our Thunderbird
Accessories - Aftermarket
List of popular Aftermarket accessories
and replacement parts
available for your 
2002, 2003,  2004 and 2005 Ford Thunderbird 
Also,  Accessories for you
Clothing, jewelry, t-shirts, hats, embroidered and more.
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was PowerSportCars now Mytbird
Links ~ updated May 2009 - ?? means site may no longer exist
Highlight, copy, and paste unlinked  websites. 
Be sure to let these companies know where you found their links, 
You may find even more companies for the products you're looking for by searching the net.

Air Filter systems
http://www.kustomz.com  or 
             2002 = http://www.kustomz.com/203902.html

Air Filter, Cabin - see Cabin Air Filter below

Alarm Systems ~ LoJack seems to be the alarm system of choice if it's available in your area.  1-800-535-6522  http://www.lojack.com

Auto-dimming Rear View Mirror - see discussion on TBN

Beverage Cooler;  porthole emblem - 02birdman

Bra (front end, nose cover):
invisible bra:
http://www.carbras.com/ (makes color coordinated bras)

Brake Caliper Covers - http://www.powersportcars.com/

Brake Pads - Ceramic - check your local parts deealers.&nnbsp; Napa carries ceramic pads for both the front and back brakes.

Body Panel Trim:

see Upper Body Panel trim below

Boot Covers: see Tonneau covers below

Boot, Leather - crafted from original 2002 boot cover - vvisit ThunderbirdNest forum for information  and pictures. 

Cabin Air Filter:   MicroGuard filter from O'Reilly's, part #3045 for about $15 (in 2005)

Car Covers:  (A word of advice ~ sun is the worst enemy to your car's paint AND to a car cover.  Wind doesn't help either.  If at all possible and you're worried about it, garage your car, protect it from dust, and pad the sides if you store it with other cars and DON'T store anything on top of it. Dot).
~ www.calcarcover.com
~ Big Sky Covers, 1-800-221-4875; 
~ www.autoanything.com 
~ www.permabag.com/auto.htm 
~ www.tbirdsolutions.com 
~ http://www.carcoversdirect.com/
~ your local Ford Parts dealer

Care Products:

Ceramic Brake Pads: check your local parts dealers.  Napa carries ceramic pads for both the front and back brakes.

Chroming: http://paulschrome.com/

Cockpit Covers:

Coil (for coil on plug) - Auto parts stores

Continental Kits
http://www.mytbird.com  ~ two styles

Cooler by Rubbermaid "The Slim cooler" #1801 ~ fits on shelf behind seats.  Accessible from front seats. 
                                   Find on ebay and Rubbermaid's website
                                   Also found here:  U.S. Plastic Corp. (links updated 12/13)

Custom T-birds see also http://www.mytbird.com

Door Guard - http://www.autodoorguard.com/

Dash Covers / Mats:

Dash Trim Kits:
http://www.mytbird.com (formerly powersportcars)
http://www.woodtrim.com ??
http://www.exoticwooddash.com ??

Door Handle Covers, chrome

"Eject Button" http://www.mgwltd.com/mustang2005_power_outlet_plug.shtml

Exhaust Systems
see the TBN for compatible system.  Most are using a Borla system right now as theirs is on the market.
Borla installation on an 04/05 

Borla part numbers for the 2002 and 2003:
  • 2002 = 140008
  • 2003 = 140081 - this system will fit the 2004 to 2005 though a  slight modification of the heat shield may be needed.
  • The sounds of Borlas - on 03  -- on 04
  • Flowmasters ~ http://www.flowmastermufflers.com/
    Magnaflows ~ http://www.magnaflow.com/

    Exhaust Tips, Spinner ~ http://www.shoplaser.com/>

    Fender Grippers: use as fender cover or garage floor mats - with Thunderbird emblem on them. http://www.ssnake-oyl.com

    Fender Skirts ~ http://www.mytbird.com

    Floor Mats 
    embroidered - http://www.thedriversseat.com/
    Rubber~ http://www.powersportcars.com

    Fuzzy Dice:
    swap meet vendors
    Make your Own: http://sewing.about.com/library/weekly/aa031501a.htm

    GPS ~ Global Positioning System - many stores carry these navigating units.

    Graphics ~ http://www.decalfx.com/

    Grill ~

    Hardtop Carts 

    Hardtop lifts:
     ~www.eztop.com - manufacturer
    ~ www.topcaplift.com  - manufacturer
    ~ http://removabletops.com - manufacturer
    ~http://www.top-hoist.com/index.html - manufacturer

    Hardtop Cover (when stored) 

    Hardtop deck protection
    Precut Xpel strips ready to use (TBN) You may need to join to read thread
    "open cell weather stripping" - local parts stores

    Hard top Stand - see Hardtop Carts above

    Hardtop Tool ~ T40 Torx driver ~ available at most hardware stores, T-handle preferred but straight will work.

    Headlights:  http://www.monsterautoparts.com/FORD/THUNDERBIRD/ford_thunderbird_head_lights.htm
                   replacement headlights

    Headlight Protectors (Clear Protective Light Shields) -

    www.xpel.com 800-447-9928

    Head Rest Covers TBN discussion

    Hood Scoop: http://www.powersportcars.com

    Horsepower, adding ~ http://www.sctflash.com/index.php ;  Xcalibrator

    Leather Care Products:

    Also check the leather care section
    Leather Seat Replacements:  http://www.leatherseats.com/shop/

    License Plate Frame:

    http://www.autogold.com/thunderbird.htm (Thunderbird Concepts is their dealer) 

    Manuals, Owner ~  http://www.helminc.com/ 
    http://www.motorcraftservice.com/vdirs/retail/default.asp?pageid=&gutsid= (click on owners guides on left side of page)

    Manuals  Repair ~  Helm Manuals http://www.helminc.com/ 
       Ford Workshop Manuals   for the 2002-2005 Thunderbird 
        ebay.com is a good source for used OEM Ford Workshop manuals ~ the manuals used by your Ford dealer's mechanics.  2002 ~ is a 2 book set of manuals; 2003-2005 each are one book manuals.  There is also an electrical manual for each of the 4 years.

    Mirror Covers: http://www.z3solutions.com/

    Mounts for radios, CBs, GPS, cell phones  http://www.pro-fit-intl.com/

    Mud Flaps ~ see splash guards below

    Paint Care products 
    Zaino:  http://www.zainostore.com/
    Meguiars: http://www.meguiars.com/

    Paint, Touch up ~ http://www.paintscratch.com/ or http:///www.automotivetouchup.com/

    Paint cover, clear ~ see: bra, front end nose covers above.
    Porthole Emblem: 02birdman

    Porthole Light Strips:
    see the TBN for pics and installation

    Radio Accessories ~     http://www.scosche.com/ - radio double DIN installation kit  - offers in dash mount - see press room announcement for Lincoln - July 2008

    Radio info:  2004-2005 CD6 auxillary input adapter for Fords:  http://www.discountcarstereo.com/detail.aspx?ID=756

    Rocker Panel Trim

    Roll Bars ~

    Seat Covers, shoulder belt pads, steering wheel covers ~ 

    Seat Heater  for 02s and deluxe models for 03-05 - www.rostra.com/seat-heater.htm
    Seat Heater installation hints for 02s

    Soft tops:  Black stayfast and colored twillfast fabrics used:
        Convertible Top Guys:  http://www.convertibletopguys.com/convertible/1786/2000-05-Ford-Thunderbird

    Splash guards ~ http://www.craigwhitmoyer.com/index2.html

    Spinner Exhaust Tips ~

    Supercharger ~

     Tail Light Rings, Chrome ~


    Thunderbird Script ~ 50" script   http://www.qaausa.com


    White Wall Tires:
    wide whites: wide whites   http://www.widewhitewalltires.com/ =  http://www.dbtires.com/index.htm (Diamond Back Tires) 
    widewhites with gold line (Vogue Tyres) ~  http://www.voguetyre.com/ 
    redlines: Diamond Back Tires - http://www.dbtires.com/

    Tonneau Cover, soft ~ stores in your trunk in smaller space than the OEM boot & still lets you have room to pack -
      http://www.z3solutions.com/   (maker of the above softboot carried by Thunderbird concepts)

    Tonneau Cover, Hard (sport roadster style)  ~ direct from manufacturers -  4 styles

  • http://www.mytbird.com also has skirts, different nose, ground effects; custom wheels
  • http://www.tbirdroadster.com/ ~ 2-piece hard tonneau - 2 styles
  • http://www.pressbrakeproducts.com/    2 styles
  • http://www.kaminari.com/ford-thunderbird-tonneau-cover-frp
  •    www.hotchariots.com  ~ flat tonneau (2-piece) also has fender skirts, continental kit, 57 style fins, trailer in design stage -  now carried exclusively by powersportcars.com above

    Touch-Up Paint ~http://www.paintscratch.com/ or http://www.automotivetouchup.com/

    Trailer Hitch: http://www.hitchweb.com/product/88/24705/Class-1-Hitch-Ford-Thunderbird

    Trunk Organizer
     02birdman (you may also contact him on thunderbirdnest.com, a forum for owners)

    Trunk Rack ~ http://www.mytbird.com

    Upper Body Panel Trim:

    Valve stem covers/caps with Thunderbird logo:

    Vertical Doors: http://verticaldoors.com/

    Wheels, chromed:  email address is OEMRIMSCOMPANY@aol.com Contact is:

    2120E. HOWELL AVE STE#502
    ANAHEIM, CA 92806
    Wheels, Custom
    (1) www.tirerack.com 
    (2) www.tire.com

    Wheels ~ OEM ~ http://www.wheelcollision.com/

    Wheels ~ OEM Chromed http://www.wheelcreationsplus.com/
    inquire ~ http://www.oemrims.com/

    Wire Wheels:

    or http://www.daytonwirewheels.com/ 
    http://arianiwheels.com/manufacturing.htm - Roadster/Zenith - ??

    Wheel Wax ~ helps keep your wheels clean - it does work! - find at Discount Tires

    Wheel Well "chrome" :

    WindScreen ~ Wind Baffle ~ Wind Blocker ~ windstop

    http://www.mrstitch.com/57_t-bird.htm  (scroll down the page to find  the windscreen 

    Windshield Shades:


    Winter or long term Storage:  enclosed bags:

    Accessories for You

    Personalized Accessories:  Members  of the Thunderbirdnest.com  site may order personalized accessories from: http://www.thunderbirdemporium.com/

    Blanket:  2002-2005 woven blanket in red/black was at http://www.tbirdroadster.com/  N.A. No longer available

    Clocks:  www.mytbird.com

    Diecast Models: 
    http://www.gotbird.com/  ??

    Dishes:  Frankoma has a series of plates, mugs, & bowls with an Indian Thunderbird logo.  Colors are mint green, teal green, black, merlot, and white.  Can be found on ebay.  Black is my favorite.

    Earrings: Thunderbird - American Indian style T-bird emblems - tbbirdldy at quik.com

    Laser Engraving
    Custom name tags on wood/plastic/metal~  contact criscrete on Thunderbirdnest.com

    www.carshirtsandstuff.com ~  several shirts with classic tbirdds 
    www.mytbird.com ~ some T-shirts

    USA Photo Postage Stamps

    Wall Mural:  2005 Bronze Bird ~ http://www.muralsforkids.com/products/2005-Ford-Thunderbird-Wall-Mural.html


    www.mytbird.com : Turquoise or black faced watches from 2001.

    Watches, Custom:
     http://hassonsjewelers.com/: classic tbird watches, charms, ear rings has closed

    Wrapping Paper, custom

    Note that there are many other collectible merchandise available - a good source is www.ebay.com 
    Check my collectible pages for what there may be on the market.

    This is not an endorsement of  any  companies listed above. 

    They are listed here for your convenience.

    Use at your own risk.
    But please tell them where you found their link.  Thank You,

    Dot Lang


    Caution: Not one of the sites listed above,  but beware of
    fordgeniuneaccessory.com part of internet domain is GoToAutoAccessories.com
    remark from TBN thread: 



    Ad space available




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