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Hood Scoop Bezel
2002  2003  2004  2005 Ford Thunderbird

photo by Dot - inspiration yellow
All 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005 Ford Thunderbird models (with the exception of the Neiman Marcus edition and the 50th Anniversary Special Edtion - cashmere) come with a self-color hood scoop bezel. 

Any Bezel from 2002-2005 will fit any Thunderbird 2002-2005

A chrome one - just like the one on the N.M. and the 50th Anniversary Special Editon models
is available from your Ford parts department 

Chrome Hoodscoop Bezel Ford part number:  1W6Z16C630BAA "Satin Silver"  or
the better priced one: 5W6Z-16C630-AAA  :)

How to replace the bezel:

 Remove the hood liner, being careful not to disturb the antenna strap and carefully pinch the retainer clips holding the bezel with needlenose pliers and remove.  Remove old bezel.  Snap in new bezel from on top.

Caution: The bezel can be pulled off from the top but in doing so, you risk breaking the tabs that hold the bezel on.  Replacement parts are getting scarce thru Ford if you decide you want the original back on.  Save any parts you remove as there is a resale market for them in case you don't want to store the part.

photo by Dot
Here's how it looks on the Thunderbird blue  hood.
photo by J. Fitzpatrick



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