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2004 T-bird Information
Colors for 2004
Limited Edition 
Pacific Coast Roadster
Colors 2002-2005
  Platinum Silver
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Interior Styles 
Soft Top
Wheels Styles
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Owners' Stories
2004 owners photos

2004 Ford Thunderbird 
Colors and new Options
Merlot with sand interior - this is an option
power sport cars
You'll find the 2004 Ford Thunderbird in these colors: 
Torch Red, Evening Black, Platinum Silver, Merlot, Vintage Mint Green, Ice Blue, and Monterey Mist
. .
(pearl like)
Limited Production - 12,757 for the 2004 
VIN # decoder
Are you buying a Used Thunderbird?
Check this page for the loose items that came with the 2004 T-bird.
Check this page to learn some of the differences between the 2002, 2003, 2004 & 2005.
Check this page for "Original Equipment Manufacturer" - OEM
Check this page for the differences between Canadian T-birds and US T-birds
No Owner's Manual? A FREE download is available from Motorcraft 
pdf file color stats
Click on photos for larger views
photo by 02birdman taken at Desert Thunder 2004 top switch time
play time - look what you can do on your own by switching top colors!  photo by JP
Totals *
Merlot CC

Merlot with Black Hardtop
and custom wheels

with Merlot Hardtop and optional premium wheels

photo by Ronbon
with sand softtop and optional premium wheels
photo by Ron B 3991
Platinum silver
CC metallic 
(replaces the whisper white from 02/03)

premium with Platinum Silver Hardtop and standard premium wheels
Thank you, Sam Pack Country Ford, for hosting an All Ford Show
premium with standard premium wheels
Evening Black 

Black with sand top and custom Dayton Wheels
Photos taken at Payton Wright Ford in Grapevine Texas
with sand interior
Torch Red

customized with Vogue tires

stolen T-bird - do you know it's whereabouts?
Special Edition
Pacific Coast Roadster
. 1000
probably a little darker than the real thing
Light Ice Blue Metallic
spring 04 color


Trivia - 1 shipped to FL in February, the rest apparently not shipped until late April

photo by S. Woodfin
Interior colors available with Light Ice Blue Metallic ---Black, White partial, or Sand
photo by Skip 730
Vintage Mint Green CC
(a pearl type color)*
summer/fall 03 color
this photo is closest I've come to duplicating the real color - hope your monitor shows it.
with Vintage Mint Green Hardtop - standard premium wheels (note the wheel flash on the ground - neat effect carried on from the 02/03 wheels)
.photo by Joe G.
with performance white top and standard premium wheels
photos by Joe G.
Dealer bulletin: Dealers were not able to order the VMG color after  Oct 24, 2003.  They were produced into December though to complete dealer orders.
For more photos visit the owners page

*These are the Final production Totals as of August 4, 2006 - known about but unable to verify until  2006.  These numbers supercede any previously published stats for the 2004 Thunderbird.

Final Production Total
12, 757
Here's what you have been waiting for: 
a detailed breakdown of the color stats in a pdf file:
Statistics complied by Harry Sharp aka Quickdraw

Trivia about the 2004

Recall or Customer Satisfaction Program issued January 2005 - This is a transmission fluid problem.  Read the TBN for details.  Program was extended thru December 31, 2005. It includes ALL 2004 T-birds.
Remember that metallics change color with light.

Vintage Mint Green (EI) - Built July to January 2004] 
Light Ice Blue Metallic (LS) - one spotted at a dealer in mid-February, the rest started showing up late April and May, 2004.
Job 1 for the 2004 was July 14, 2003 with 2004 production ending July 2, 2004
Deluxe Model - Convertible style only.  Removable Hardtop is not available; painted 16 spoke wheels; no heated seats
Premium Model - Convertible ; removable hardtop is optional; 7 spoke chrome wheels; optional micro-machined 16 spoke wheels; heated seats are standard

Traction control,  standard on all.  Select Shift automatic was an option on all (deluxe and premium)

Here's a summary of the above color information:

Interior Colors


Body Color

Standard Black Ink Black Accent Partial Red* Full Red* Partial Performance
Light Sand Package* . Black Hardtop
Premium only
Body Color hardtop
Premium only
Performance White Hardtop
Premium only
. Soft Top 
. s o o o o o . o o o . merlot** black***
. s o o o o o . o o o . black***
Vintage Mint Green s o no no o no . o o o . black
Platinum silver s o no no no o . o o no . black***
Merlot s o no no no o . o o no . merlot** black***
Light Ice Blue s o no no o o . no o no -- oops!  Ford allowed it!  Made 51 . black***
Monterey Mist Green Special Interior Color no no no no no . no Ash Metallic no . Light Ash
* these interiors are only available on the premium models
**merlot soft top color available mid-model year. dealers are able to place orders now. Also available with partial white interior on black exterior models.Merlot soft top is not available with the Sand package. (I'd rather have a merlot colored partial interior though - update: a partial white interior black car with merlot soft top never made it to production.)
***Standard color softtop is black unless light sand interior is ordered, then softtop color is sand

Interior Colors are as follows:
Black Ink (BW) - Caution- be careful when buying a touch up paint for the interior. Test the color first to see if it matches your interior.
Torch Red (BR) Requires Interior Color Accent Packages (68C or 68D)
Performance White (BZ) Requires Interior Accent Package (68D)
Light Sand (BQ) Requires Interior Color Accent Package (68F)

Interior Colors:
Door Sill plate on the sand interior
Light Sand appearance package:  Available with Torch Red, Merlot, Platinum silver. Light Ice Blue,  and Evening Black ONLY (not available with mint green)
  Light Sand color - convertible soft top; soft boot*, full color on seats with black stitching, steering wheel is full sand color (not partial color), shift knob is also sand, floor mats are edged with sand color.  Bronze Metallic tinted appliques on instrument panel, center stack, shifter bezel and scuff plates.
Instrument guages are cream colored.
*odd - soft boot is listed as optional for 2004 yet Ford expects 100% to be ordered with soft boot.  I would definitely make sure the soft boot is ordered to cut down on road dirt getting to the inside of the convertible top when it is in the down position.  Besides, it makes a clean appearance to the rear of the vehicle when you're driving down the road.  Note - some dealers did not pay attention to this when they ordered their cars.
NOTE - Only the black ink standard and the black accent are available with the Deluxe models.  If you want one of the accent colors, you'll need to order the premium model.

Hardtop Colors:
  • Torch Red body color may be ordered with Evening Black, Torch Red or Performance White top & with any interior color (including white this year); ie, partial white interior and white top may be ordered together.
  • Light Ice Blue - only available with the light ice blue body color.  Update - the performance white hardtop was available with the partial white interion on the light Ice Blue.  A total of 51 Light Ice blues with performance white hardtops were built.
  • Vintage Mint body color could be ordered with Evening Black, Vintage Mint (RP) or Performance White top & with black Ink or partial White interior
  • Merlot may be ordered with Evening Black or Merlot top & with Black Ink or light Sand interior (white is not available in top or interior)
  • Platinum Silver may be ordered with Evening Black or Platinum silver top & Black Ink or light Sand interior
  • Evening Black may be ordered with Evening Black or Performance White top & with any interior color (including white this year); ie, partial white interior and white top may be ordered together.
  • Performance White - available on the black, red, vintage mint, and light ice blue

  • the V8 badge is the same as the 2003 and in the same location.  The hash marks are the same for 2002, 2003, and 2004.
  • Supplemental parking lights are still listed as a no- cost OPTION.
  • Heated seats are still standard on the Premium, not available on the Deluxe.
  • Improved map lighting - moved from mirror to header.
  • Seats have been restyled - vertical roll pleats now instead of horizontal.
  • Aluminum applique trim restyled.
  • AND Homelink  3 button garage door opener.
  • Soft top is black unless the sand interior package has been ordered.
  • New Wheels:
    • Deluxe - 17" wheel with 16 spokes - painted - style
    • Premium - standard - 17" 7 spoke chrome wheel - new style. 
    • no-cost optional wheels - 17" with 16 spokes, "micro-machined" wheels. 
  • Block Heater is standard for models sold in Alaska, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Wisconsin and Wyoming and Canada. 
  • Soft Boot Cover is listed as an OPTION - Ask if it's with the car you are trying to buy!!  The standard color is black but it must be specifically ordered.  It's Sand color if ordered with the Sand interior.

  • The Deluxe was not available with a hardtop.
  • A Merlot soft top became available mid year (January/February) with the Merlot and Black exterior and black standard/black accent interiors plus partial white interior with black exterior ONLY.  Trivia - no partial white interiors were ordered wwwith the Merlot softtop according to the stats.

These are preproduction photos, graphically enhanced (changed backround):
black with sand package; vintage mint behind, photo by leisha, graphics by dot Merlot with sand package, platinum silver behind, photo by leisha, graphics by Dot Vintage mint with black behind, photo by leisha, graphics by Dot

News Feb 29, '04 - Last day to order a 2004 was May 28, 2004 


If you're looking for top speed with this car, it's 140mph - computer seems to govern  you from aaaccelerating any faster. All 3 years are able to reach this "top speed." This has been tested by several people on the TBN forum.  Some report a "light" front end when they reach speeds over 100 but should you be going that fast? Note - the speedometer is not all that accurate - it usually reads 3 or 4 mph faster than you're actually going so you may see a higher reading on your speedometer if you try it out.    Tires are not rated for much higher than that speed anyway.  Please drive safely.
Backing up is also "governed" to 3000rpm - any faster and your car will start jerking and cutting out.

MSRP prices as of July 2003 were on the standard models:  These msrp prices may have changed since.
$36,925 = Deluxe 
$37,970 = Premium.
$605 = Delivery
Select shift Trans - $130. 
Hard Top (Premium only) $2,500.
Soft boot $125.
Black accent $295.
Partial  interior $595.
Full interior pkg. $800 and Sand package at $1,000.

Would you like to view the order sheets? I will eventually post them, or you may contact me if you want to see them

btw - I may not have mentioned this.  The 2004 model is like the 2003 model for power and transmission - nothing has changed in that area

June 27 - 2004 Ford Thunderbird production ends this week - July 2.
March 8,  2004 - The new light ice blue color has been spotted in the parking lot at the Wixom plant.  It has been reported at a dealer's lot as early as mid - February but most shipments won't reach delaers until April.  2004 Thunderbird production ends at the end of June.  2005 Thunderbird production starts July 19.

Trivia News: February 2004 - The 2004 Thunderbird has now been moved off of it's separate line at Wixom (think the Ford GT  is taking it's  place there?) and will be produced in line with the Lincoln LS.  Word has it that it will be produced at the rate of 6/hour or 1 of every 8 cars.  That raises some other questions so will get back to you on that as I check them out..
Trivia info:  As listed in a news release on Ford's media site   (May/June '03):
Note that the only thing that didn't happen is the change to the chevron with V8 emblem.

Universal three-button garage door opener
Chrome chevron with integrated V-8 badge in front fenders (not shown)
16-spoke 17-inch painted cast aluminum and 7-spoke 17-inch chrome wheels as well as an optional 16-spoke 17-inch micro-machined wheel
Improved map lighting
Colors: Merlot, Vintage Mint Green, Platinum Silver (replacing Desert Sky Blue, Mountain Shadow Grey, Whisper White)
Light Sand interior appearance package
Newly styled seats with leather seating surfaces
Info from updated dealer's order sheets from October 15, 2003. Painted 16 spoke wheels may also be available on the premium models. Of interest is the strong rumor that the dedicated Thunderbird production line will cease to exist by the end of January and the Thunderbirds will then be built on the same line as the Lincoln LS.
The Vintage Mint Green(VMG) may only be produced into December. There is word out that the Thunderbird line will be shut down  in December for the holiday so that correlates with another rumor that it may be very difficult to place a VMG order now if at all as it takes about 6 weeks for an order to go from start to finish.  After that, the special edition color will take it's place thru March.  It may not come back online again after March but may be replaced with a light blue metallic according to a Ford dealer memo sent out this past week (Oct 28, 03).  If you're interested in the VMG, press your dealer for one or search the net for a dealer with one.

Interesting to find on the order sheets.  A suede insert for the seats is listed but not available on either the Deluxe or the Premium.  I wonder if the special edition for 2004 will have suede inserts in the seats?  Think there would be a wear issue with suede?

If you've reached this page thru a search engine, be aware that this is a personal site, not affiliated with Ford M.C.  The information included here is to help you understand the ins and outs of the 2002 thru 2005 Thunderbird.  To visit with other owners, check the TBN forums

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