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 After 4 years of the PortholeAuthority sponsoring a free website for owners of the new Thunderbird, it's time to ask the vendors for their support.  The accessory pages will keep the same format as in the past with the addition of active links and  linked small, color banner ads for those vendors wishing to support the site. Small banner ads will also be allowed on some of the other pages, to be determined as needed.   Banner Ads will be restricted to Thunderbird related products or services. 

The banner ads may be contracted on a monthly basis or yearly basis. 

Active links for accessories will be on a yearly fee.

Inactive links will be left as inactive as before unless you want to upgrade your link..

The Accessory pages receive between 20 and 50 "hits" per day from people directly seeking accessories for their T-birds, averaging about 900 to 1000 hits per month.  The Porthole Authority website receives well over 20,000 hits monthly, from people seeking information.  An active link will increase your chances of those people checking out your products for possible purchase.  A banner ad will make your accessory(s) even more visible to potential buyers. 

Please fill out the form below and submit if you are interested in upgrading your link or advertising on the site.


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You will be sent a fee schedule and a choice of payment methods along with any instructions for a banner ad and/or active link if that is your interest.
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Thank You for considering advertising with the Porthole Authority Website.

Dot Lang,
owner and webmaster of the Porthole Authority Website.

You  may contact me directly at the following email address with the above information:
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