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2002 Thunderbird, click here to learn about my own Thunderbird
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 Thunderbird Forums
Weblog - a place to ask questions about your Thunderbird and get statistics about your own T-bird
The New Thunderbird
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A place to find the Thunderbird Forums, Newslists,  Message Board, Bulletin Board, Retro Bird Forum, T-bird Discussions,  Retrobird Email Groups; Thunderbird Clubs

Some Links below open in a new page.

Thunderbird Forum: (Newslists, bulletin boards, message boards, groups, clubs - email or web based) 
that welcome the 2002, 2003, 2004 & 2005 Ford Thunderbirds.
Join in the discussions with other new Retro T-bird owners and learn more about your 2002 to 2005 T-bird
 I do not own or run any Thunderbird forum on the net! 
I frequent the following Thunderbird forum as 5bird7 -
It is separate from this website - Porthole Authority
 FREE to join and participate in it.
Local events discussed and Technical Thunderbird Forums for help or commisseration or just plain fun.
Thunderbird Nest - around for over 5 years - wealth of searchable info about your t-bird
also known as TBN
Thunderbird Clubs - International:
VTCI Vintage Thunderbird Club International - open to all years - includes forum
ITC International Thunderbird Club - open to all years
CTCI Classic Thunderbird Club International - 1955-1957 (only) Thunderbird Club though anyone may join.
SquareBirds 1958-1960 owners Club
Internet groups and Local Clubs
I do run these 2 email groups:
Do You OWN an Inca Gold 2005 T-bird? 
Exclusive Registry &  email Club
and 2002 T-bird Data
(above is inactive but does have early info)
Las Vegas Thunderbirds 
 locsoc at embarqmail.com

We currently have 33 cars in our club, and 
we welcome all owners of 2002-2005  Birds willing to drive to our meetings in 
Sacramento, California
Below are active, localized groups- Join and have fun with your new Thunderbirds.
High Plains Thunderbirds,
Amarillo, Texas
garyfields at c1ama.net


largest Thunderbird registry 

local email group:
DFW new Thunderbirds
or contact me direct
Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX area owners
 Southern Ontario Thunderbird Club in Canada, all years of T-birds welcome
New England's Vintage Thunderbirds  
All T-birds welcome
Pacific NorthWest
semi active
check in with the TBN 
Pacific NorthWest forums
Florida West Thunderbird Club
VTCI affiliated. All Thunderbirds welcome
, local email group
Maryland area owners - inactive group
check TBN for North Eastern activities
local email group
Tampa Bay, Florida
inactive - check TBN for more activity
Email Newsletter for Collectors of classic & 2002-2005 Ford Thunderbird Diecast & Memorabilia
"Diecast Tbird News
Need other alternatives?
try this new email group:  Retro Birds
Email Newslist
for new & future owners at
to subscribe, click on  "subscribe to TCN mailing list icon"  on his main page, follow links & sign up  for Retrobirds.
For more information about local clubs in your area,
visit the Thunderbird Cybernest 
Looking for T-bird articles? Try this group:


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