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2003 Ford Tbird
Comparisons 02-04
Engine 03 - 04
Hood Bezel 02 - 04
Interior Colors 02 - 04
Options - 02-04
Special Edition
Trunk - 02-04
Your 03 Rides
Wheels - 02 - 04
the 007 Special Edition - Ford photo
The New Thunderbird
Compare the 02,  the 03  the 04 and the 05
Ford Thunderbird


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The Visible Changes between the 2002,  2003,  2004, & 2005
Front Fenders:
Only Visible difference on the outside besides some colors

photo by L. Harvey
V8 emblem added to lower front fender in front of doors


V8 emblem in the same place as the 03, same style.

 Fender V8 emblem is NOT on the 2005.
Hash Marks
on upper front fenders
same same Hash marks replaced by 50th Anniversary bullet/blade/sabre
All other differences are on the inside or underneath:
Instrument Cluster:
USA Speedometer

Canadian Speedometer - photo by Claude

03 USA Speedometer

03 Canadian speedometer - photo by Martin Brugmans

Same as the 03
Except for the "light sand"  and "ash" interiors which have a cream background for the guages
Same as the 04
Digital readout font same for odometer and the "trip odometer"
Digital readout font different between odometer and the "trip odometer"
Visors    vinyl fabric fabric .fabric
Center Console
photo by L. Harvey
Note the seat heater controls in curve
These are on all 03 Premium models
Delux model is same as the 2002 as there is no seat heater option
Same as the 03 Except for the "light sand" interior which has a "bronzy" finish to the "center stack" and the
Special Edition has a "dark ash" center stack.
Ash Tray Cups
Same style for all 4 years but
color of 2002 matches interior of 2002, ie, it's a lighter grey than the black 2003-2005 Cup
2002 cup has been sprayed the lighter grey so that can be done to one if you can not find an oem 2002 cup and need one to match.
Header new header with homelink, courtesy lights same as 2004
Transmission Shifter

All 2002s and standard for 2003, 2004, 2005.

Optional Select Shift pattern for 2003s
Ditto for the 04
Ditto for the 05
Engine Compartment
photo by L. Harvey...
Many visual changes here
...with increased hp..
. .
Leather texture:
Nudo leather
"Nudo" Leather 

"Imola" Leather
leather texture is "rougher" than the 02
Leather texture is like the 03.  Stitching pattern changed - vertical rolled pleats on the seats instead of horizotal. Leather texture is like the 03.  Stitching pattern is like the 04 with vertical rolled pleats on the seats except for the special edition which has horizontal rolled pleats like the first year.
Vinyl texture:

vinyl texture is "rougher" than the 02 
.Like the 03 Like the 03

Have found a 2005 Inca Gold with what appears to be an 02 interior - horizontal pleats, lighter grey, smoother texture vinyl and leather.

Aluminum Trim:
Trim pattern found on the doors, dash, and door sill aluminum trim pieces of all Thunderbirds varies with the year.  All years & special editions - the dash trim has the Thunderbird script.

The above is for the regular trim,
The sand trim has the same stripes with a bronze color
2002 2003 2004 2005
Aluminum Trim
Special Editions:

The Neiman Marcus is the same pattern as the regular models for the 2002 as far as I know.  I will be double checking this. Dash trim has an embossed NM  logo.

dash trim
Dash trim embossed with 007 logo/gun
door trim
Pacific Coast Roadster
[love the "Dot" pattern :-) ]
door sill trim
50th Anniversary 
Dash trim is imprinted with 50th Anniversary below the Thunderbird script.
Standard Interior Color
Midnight Black 2002                                    Black Ink 2003, 2004 and 2005
and 2004 and 2005
Air Bag passenger side dash
no outline of area for airbag no outline of area for airbag. no outline of area for airbag.
Top Removal Tool
2002 - about 6 inches long with red handle
2003 - about 4 inches long with red or black handle 2004 - about 4 inches long with black handle, with or without t-bird emblem 2005 - 4 inches long shaft with black handle, t-bird emblem.
Storage Cart
2002 - comes with straps
some with and some without straps to hold hardtop on cart.
2004 - no straps with cart 2005 - same as 2004
Boot Cover
Considered a "hard" softboot - it folds in half but with a curve at the fold.  Cumbersome and a little difficult to install.  Looks good when installed properly.  How to Install
Boot changed.  softer and folds in quarters for easy storage in trunk.  Comes with a Velcro strap for closing
same as 03 boot same as 03/04 boot
Hub Caps

2002/2003 "painted" Delux hubcap

2002/2003 Chrome premium hubcap.
Also found on the NM/007 chrome wheels.
2004/2005 "painted" Delux Hubcap
It's also found on the optional Premium micro-machined wheels.
The 2004/05 hubcaps will not fit the 2002/2003 wheels
P.C.R. hubcaps painted to match body color
2004/2005 Chrome Premium Hubcap
Special Edtion hubcaps painted to match the cashmere color.
Spare Tire
Firestone -
Spare Tire should be inflated to 60# for use
Read Spare Tire page cautions
MAXXIS, T185/60R17
Spare Tire should be inflated to 60# for use
.Spare Tire should be inflated to 60# for use .Spare Tire should be inflated to 60# for use
Tire pressure Sticker
On passenger side door jamb
2003 2004 2005

On driver's side door jamb
Wheels see Wheels page . .
Windshield Wiper Heated Park
On all 2002s.  Driver control on center panel comes on at temps below 43 degrees Fahrenheit. Requires windshield with heater elements in base..
Mentioned in Manual but no manual control on dash. It is in the 2003 Electrical manual.
 Requires windshield with heater elements in base
Not mentioned in manual but is in the 04 Electrical manual.  No manual control.
 Requires windshield with heater elements in base.
Not Available
2002 2003 2004 2005
Click on photos for larger views

engine HP rating changed from 252 for the 2002 to 280 for the 2003-2005.


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