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2003 Ford T'bird Information
Colors for 2003
Special Edition -007 - James Bond
Colors 2002 - 2005

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2003 Ford Thunderbird
 Colors and Options
Coral tbird


power sport cars
You'll find the 2003 Ford Thunderbird in these colors:
Torch Red, Mountain Shadow GreyEvening Black, Whisper White, Desert Sky Blue, Coral,
. ..
Limited Production - 14,678 for the 2003!
VIN # decoder
Are you buying a Used Thunderbird?
Check this page for the loose items that came with the 2003 T-bird.
Check this page to learn some of the differences between the 2002, 2003, 2004 & 2005.
Check this page for "Original Equipment Manufacturer" - OEM
Check this page for the differences between Canadian T-birds and US T-birds
No Owner's Manual?  A FREE pdf file download is available from Motorcraft
stat pdf file
click on photos for larger views:
Totals * 

Torch Red
with Premium wheels
With custom Wheels
with custom wheels
# built


Mountain Shadow Grey

2003 fashion color

photo by Rory F. partial red interior installed by owner 3165
Evening Black

With Evening Black hardtop

with performance white top
. 3093
Whisper White
click here to see more 2003 owner T-birds 2460
Desert Sky Blue
2003 fashion color
desert sky blue with performance white top
With performance White Top
Desert Sky Blue 2003 thunderbird - in the shade so a little darker than it really is. 1744
007 Special edtion "Coral"
 built from Dec. 02 thru March 03 . 700
*These are the Final Production Totals as of August 4, 2006 - known about but unable to verify until 2006.  These numbers supercede any previously published stats for the 2003 Thunderbird. 
Here's what you have been waiting for, 
the updated, detailed breakdown of the color stats in a pdf file:
2003 Color Stats

 Trivia Information for the 2003
Job 1 for the 2003 was November 18, 2002 due to delays caused by upgrading engine.  The 2003 model year ended June 27, 2003.  Dealers last day to order was May 30, 2003.  The last day for scheduled production of the 2003 was June 27, 2003.  Job 1 for  the 2004 started week of July 14, 2003 though some were in the production line before that time.

Exterior Colors:

  1. Torch red, Evening black & Whisper white are carry over from 2002 - same colors/names as 2002
  2. 007 limited edition Thunderbird - (James Bond edition) limited to 700 vehicles - Coral (red-orange)
  3. new colors replacing the yellow and Thunderbird blue are: Mountain Shadow Gray - metallic (Gunmetal Gray) & Desert Sky Blue ( Robin's Egg Blue or pale blue). The show car from 2001 Pebble Beach show had the dark grey on a Thunderbird.
  • BW = Black Ink standard interior with black accent optional - available with all exterior colors - Caution - be careful when buying a touch up paint for the interior. Test the color first to see if it matches your interior.
  • BR = Torch Red interior - available as full accent or partial accent - only available with the black, white, and red exterior
  • BC = Whisper White seat inserts - only available as a partial interior option for all - includes top of steering wheel and shift knob and only available with the white, red, black and blue exterior colors.  Grey is excluded.
  • BS = Saddle color accent interior  - saddle color applied to full seat, leather covered shift knob and leather covered insert at top of steering wheel - only available with black or grey exteriors
  • Heated seats - standard on Premium and not available on Deluxe
  • cloth covered visor - only change to visor from last year
  • instrument cluster redesigned, same features
  • see interior page for photos
Engine/Transmission, etc...:
  • 280 hp - 3.9L engine
  • two automatic transmissions are available - Select Shift is optional for all models
  • traction control is standard on all
  • 2-speed variable interval wipers with heated wiper park.
  • Wheels are the same as last year for both the Deluxe and Premium models.
  • Supplemental parking lamps are a no-cost option.  These are not available in Canada except as "Ford aftermarket."   See  2002 Options page for pictures with and without lights.
  • V8 badge on lower rear of front fenders.
  • 6 CD changer is still standard.
Hardtop Colors*:
  • Evening Black (RA) - available for all body colors
  • Performance White (R2) - available only on the red, black, desert sky blue t-birds
  • Whisper White (R1) - available ONLY on the whisper white t-birds
  • Torch Red (RR) - available only on the red t-birds
  • Mountain Shadow Grey (RT)- available only on the Grey t-birds
  • Desert Sky Blue (RC)- available only on the blue t-birds
Found something really odd about hardtop colors and interior colors - If you order a black, red, or blue with the Whisper White interior, there is NO option to order a white top with the car.  Guess Ford thinks the whisper white interior won't look good with the performance white top.  Haven't they heard people saying the colored cars with white hardtops should have white interiors available?
* - codes listed were ordering codes for the hardtops - they do not correspond with the actual color code for the paint.

Differences between the Premium and Deluxe are again minimal:
The Premium has heated seats and the 7 blade chrome wheels.  The Deluxe does not have heated seats and has the 21 spoke painted wheels.
Both could be ordered with or without hardtop

Here's a summary of the above color information:

Interior Colors

Body Color

Standard Black Ink Black Accent Partial Red* Full Red* Partial Whisper
Saddle* . Black Hardtop Body Color hardtop Performance White Hardtop . Soft Top 
. s o o o o o . o o o** . S
. s o o o o no . o o o** . S
s o o o o no . o o no . S
s o no no no o . o o no . S
s o no no o no . o o o** . S
Coral Special Interior Color no no no no no . no no S . S
* these interiors are only available on the Deluxe ordered with hardtop & all premium models
** Performance white hardtop not available with whisper white accent interior

Interior Colors are as follows:
Black Ink (BW)
Black Ink Accent - 68B
Torch Red (BR) Requires Interior Color Accent Packages 68C or 68D
Whisper White - 68D
Saddle - 68E

  • Facts:
    1. Other than the changes noted above and on the new comparison page, the 2003 is essentially just like the 2002 - visit the 2002 pages for photos and other information about options, etc...
    2. The 2003 Brochure was at the dealers.
    3. Ford of Canada - only the Premium edition was available for 2003. .  See link page
    4. Ford of Canada - the 007 Edition is available for Canadians to buy and possibly for some European countries.

    More Photos are on the Owner's pages

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