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2002 - 2005 Model
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Differences between the Canadian Ford Thunderbird and the USA Ford Thunderbird
Canadian Info supplied by E. T. of Canada:
Trivia - ALL Ford Thunderbirds are built at the Wixom plant in Michigan.  The Canadian models are built on the same line and probably in large batches as that is how it appeared last year when we were keeping track of the VIN#s.  There were a few additional changes for the 03s to 05s - not listed here.
Models: Deluxe = note wheel style - 21 spoke painted
 Premium = note wheel style - 7 blade chrome
Models: Standard = no hardtop
Popular = hardtop model
Color: - all 5 colors available Color: - all 5 colors available
Top colors: body color  available for all
or Performance White available for all except Whisper White 
or Evening Black available for all
Top Colors:  same as USA models
Tops:  Black cloth soft top standard on all; removable hardtop optional on both Deluxe and Premium ; hardtop comes with top rack & cover Tops: Black Soft top standard on all;  removable hardtop only on Popular; hardtop comes with top rack & cover
Interior: Leather seating surfaces, Standard black*  (no other option for Deluxe softtop), optional partial accent, optional full accent; optional black accent Interior: Standard black*  - optional full color accents
Wheels: grey painted 21 spoke on Deluxe; chrome 7 spoke on Premium Wheels: grey painted 21 spoke on all
Steering: All-speed traction control not available on Deluxe softtop; optional on Deluxe hardtop & standard on Premium Steering: All-speed traction control standard on both models
Engine: block heater optional (standard in some northern states for the 03s to 05s) Engine: block heater standard
The rest of the features seem to be the same for both countries
Engine: 3.9L 32V DOHC V-8
Transmission: 5-speed automatic 
Brakes: Ventilated Disc. - all 4 wheels with anti-lock 
Steering: variable assist rack & pinion
Check Ford's specs for more details (no longer available on Ford's website but can be found by doing web searches)
MSRP: $35,495 to $39,795 $40,245 MSRP as of May 1, 01 (this may  fluctuate with the dollar)
52,540 - 57,540
Air conditioning; auto temp control, dual zone
Front and side impact air bags
Power Seats
Power Door Locks
Power Windows
Power Soft top
Steering column - tilts & telescopes
Hardtop Stand (comes with hardtop) with cover
Remote trunk release
lined soft top, lined in black
Rear Window defroster on both hard & soft tops
Airbag deactivation switch for passenger seat
Anti theft system
automatic on/off headlights
AM/FM stereo 6-CD changer; audio speed sensitive
Wipers, speed sensitive
Options to choose from on the 02s:
some of these are part of  "packages" so Ford may not consider them options.  See additional changes on the color pages for the later years.

Not many to choose from so I've separated them out from the above list so you can see
Hardtop: removable with porthole top; comes with storage cart,  cover, and Hardtop tool for removal/replacing ditto
Colors:  Whisper White, Evening Black, Torch Red, Inspiration Yellow, Thunderbird Blue;  ditto
All - speed Traction Control optional on deluxe with hardtop (standard on premium)  not available on deluxe without hardtop according to the literature. standard in Canada
Interior Colors:
  • all black - standard* gear shift knob is leather wrapped
  • Black Accent package - gloss black applied to steering wheel top and gear shift handle - only available with black interior
  • Partial Accent package - no white available - includes seat insert; steering wheel & shift knob in color - yellow, blue & red - accent matches body color
  • Full Accent color - no white available - color applied to seat inserts, top of steering wheel, shift handle, lower instrument panel, lower console, door trim insert - yellow, blue, & red - accent matches body color
  • Red accent is also available with Whisper White,  & Evening Black
All black, with or without black accent;  or Full- Accent package only (no partial accent available)
Block heater  standard in Canada
Wheels - see list above for details no options - delux wheels are part of 
Supplemental Parking Lights: lights are a no-cost option;  If this is not deliberately ordered, body color inserts are the standard as in Canada.

These are NOT fog lights by Ford's definition - they are low intensity parking lights that just happen be a white light.
Body Color Inserts:
Parking lights are not available when you order the car in Canada but may be ordered from your Ford dealer's parts dept.; 
Body color plastic inserts are in the bezels as shown below:

Road Test Data - also see the links page for web articles covering road tests of the new Thunderbird or check out the magazines that have come on the market for July, 2001.

*Comment on all-black interiors - If you plan to drive this car and park it in the sun with the top down, be aware that black absorbs heat the most of any color.  Drive prepared - cover those seats & steering wheel & shift knob when you're not in the car.- they'll get super hot if you don't.  Get creative and find or make something that looks good while doing you a service..  This also applies to the 2-tone interiors though they won't get quite as hot but still can be unbearable to touch.

 From the black interiors that I've seen at shows this year(2001/2002), it is not a true black but more of a dark charcoal gray or you could call it a soft black color.

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