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VIN# Decoder
Our 2002 Ford Thunderbird

Data Plate Decoder

.2002 2003 2004 2005
 Ford Thunderbird

thanks to RTBRD, RDH & AlphaSigOU from the B.O.N. Thunderbird message board - for some of the info appearing on this page.

2002 sample: 1FAHP60A32Y109999
More Code breakdown:
1 = USA
FA = Thunderbird production line
H = Passenger restraint
P = Passenger car
60  or 64 or 62 or 63 or 69 = Model #
A = Engine
9th digit = VIN check digit (varies)
2 = 2002 Model year 3=2003 Model year 4=2004 Model Year 5= 2005 Model year
Y = Wixom Plant - ALL 2002 to 2005 production Thunderbirds were built at Wixom
 Last 6 = Consecutive Unit order # *

H = side & front air bags

60 = normal production Thunderbird 02 to 05
64 = Neiman Marcus edition for 2002
62 = 007 Limited Edition for 2003
63 = Pacific Coast Roadster for 2004
69 = 50th Anniversary Limited Edition
 A = 3.9L EFI-DOHC V8

* Order # is the number assigned the dealer's order  when Ford received the order, not the order that the car was built in.  Thus you will find the order #s slightly out of order from the date they were actually built and with other units ordered.  Do note that all 2002 to 2005 Thunderbirds were built with consecutive order #s.  The highest "order #" for any of the 4 years will be greater than the actual # built due to several factors.  For example, the last 05 vin# is 9337 but only 9295 05s were actually built.
Thunderbird Registry. You may still register your Thunderbird with Thunderbird Registry.

How to tell if a car was built for Canada - door tag says it all.
USA Door Tag Canadian Door Tag

Door Tag Codes
EXT PNT = exterior paint RC=
Region Code
special order codes
Exterior Paint Codes
C5= Inspiration Yellow (2002)
D3= Torch Red (Colorado Red) 02-05
LY= Thunderbird Blue (2002)
UA= Evening Black (ebony) 02-05
TL=Satin Silver (NM edition hardtop)
W5=Whisper White (ceramic white solid) 02-03
CQ=Coral (007 Edition) (2003)
CZ=Desert Sky Blue (Robin Egg Blue) (2003)
CX=Mountain Shadow Grey (Dark Shadow Grey) (2003)
EI=Vintage Mint Green (2004)
FX=Merlot (2004)
JP-Platinum Silver (Silver Birch)(2004- 2005) 
DV - Monterey Mist (Light Tundra)(2004 Pacific Coast Roadster Special Edition)
LS=Light Ice Blue (2004)
T2=Bronze (2005)
SB=Medium Steel Blue (2005)
G4=Cashmere (2005 special edition)
BI=Inca Gold - spring 05 color
. .
To find out more information about your 2002 to 2005 Thunderbird, visit my WebLog
BRK=brakes* INT TR=Interior Trim TP/PS=Tape &
paint stripes
R=Radio AXLE TR=transmission SPR=spring codes Power Train Codes

Color Codes
W=Midnight Black
R=Torch Red(Colorado Red)
B=Thunderbird Blue
Y=Inspiration Yellow
S=Light Satin Silver (NMedition)


Color Codes:
W=black ink
R=Torch Red
C=Whisper White
Z=Performance White (007edtion)


Color Codes:
Z=Performance White
Q=Light Sand
W=black ink
R=torch red


Color Codes:
B=med.steel blue
Q=Light Sand
W=Black Ink
R=Torch Red
Z=Performance White
PI=special edition -Stone
X = AM/FM stereo (CDX6) with in-dash six disc CD changer 53= 3.58
A =5-speed, automatic (5R55N), Sharonville

S=5speed Select Shift Automatic

no codes on this tag but these are the springs on the car:
[Front spring modules base part number 5310]
[Rear spring base part number 5560]
2=2002 year


1=auto. transmission

2M=emissions calibration coding

Fleet code:
0=certified for sale
Certification Region
5=in the US 50 states

[C=in Canada]
[J=in Japan]

Build Sequence Number:
4 digit  number on left front fender
This is the factory build sequence number that has been found on the  front fenders, under the hood, on the doors, or on the trunk lid.
The top, 4-digit number is the actual sequence # as it's built in the factory and the 17 digit # is the VIN#
There is not much meaning to this sequence code once it has left the factory.

Other Codes that might come in handy some day

 Hard Top  order codes (these are NOT paint codes - Use paint codes for body color unless otherwise noted at right):
RA- Evening Black
R1=Whisper  White
R2=Performance White ------------------------------->
RR=Torch Red
RB=Thunderbird Blue (2002)
RY=Inspiration Yellow
RS =Satin Silver (NM edition) ----------------------->
RC=Desert Sky Blue
RQ=Ash Metallic(PCR edition)---------------------->
RT=Mountain Shadow Grey
RZ= Bronze
RG =Inca Gold
RL= Light Ice Blue
RP=Vintage Mint Green
RS= Medium Steel Blue (2005 only)
RB = Platinum Silver (2004 & 2005) 
Hard Top Paint Codes:

WT=Vibrant White = Performance White

TL=Satin Silver

GRWE~ Ash Metallic. - from TBN:
"For anyone who wants to touch up a PCR hardtop, the Code is GRWE. The formula is 82474. Anyway, its a direct match." Not sure if touch up can get you to "repaint", but I tried:) 

More from Rory F as to how he got the PCR Formula: 
"Dot, took a three day full time quest. My PCR arrived with some scratches on the bottom of the hardtop. The 'airbrush' touch up company I use had no code, nor did Dupont, Sherwinn Williams or 3M, not even Ford who said 'paint to match'. I finaly went to a distributor who sells paint to body shops and car dealers on the East Coast. They were great. They used microfiche, computers, phone calls, sample books and finally a 'camera' to shoot the hardtop and download the formula into a computer. Even could see how close the metallic particles were. Actually it was pretty interesting. 

Finally though, the proof was in the painting. I had the bottom edge painted of my hardtop and it is an exact match. The Basecoat used was Standox Var AF01 CC; Code GRWE; Color Silver Matt (M) Metallic; Formula 82474
Not sure how much of that info is critical, but any auto paint retailer should be able to mix up a pint. Cost about $25. While I was there, I also bought a pint of the original DV Dupont paint for the body (better for stone chips then the touch up kit) and even the original silver metallic for the wheels."  ~ Rory F.

have also been given the code: 3GKEWHA

Trim package codes:
68B= Black Accent
68C=Full Color Accent
68D=Partial Color Accent
68E=Saddle interior (full color seats) for 2003

Paint Codes:
2005 IG = Inca Gold = Ford Code BI 
Deltron 2000 basecoat - DBC910590  - trivia info - new color as of January 25, 2005

Thunderbird Registry. You may still register your Thunderbird with Thunderbird Registry.

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