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The New Ford thunderbird
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Ford Thunderbird
My Goal for this site: To keep a record of all information pertinent to the release of the 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005 Ford Thunderbird; therefore, you will find nothing for sale on this site.  If you are looking for things to buy related to the T-bird, try eBay.com, book stores, toy stores & Ford's  catalog on their website.  For tbird accessories, there is a list on this site of Thunderbird accessories that were  and may still be available from suppliers .  Also, try any retail store with an automotive section or an auto parts store.  Don't forget the internet sources & your Ford parts dealer and check the ThunderBirdNest.com  classifieds sub-forums. 

Hint for updates - you may need to "hit" your "reload" or "refresh" button to view the updates if you frequent these pages.

Date Page
07/9/14 added 2 more license plates
06/22/14 finally updated events for 2014 (my apologies for posting so late in the year that you may have missed events.)
 updated spare tire page with new info
added new photos to 2002 owner's page and License plate
04/20/14 added new photos to 2002 owner's page & License plate
03/11/14 added new photo to 2005 owners page  & to License plates
11/16/13 added new Maisto model to diecast page 1/64th
11/3/13 added new photo to 2004 owners page
10/10/13 added new license plate
added to custom wheels
Date Page
03/23/13 added new photo to 2004 owners page
10/30/12 added new license plate
10/10/12 added new photo to 2004 owners page
09/16/12  added 2004 Ford parts calendar and 2012 Road Warriors Calendar
09/6/12 updated Supercharged page with more photos.
09/5/12 updated ads page.
09/2/12 updated ads page.
08/17/12 added photo link to 2002 on new car? page
06/29/12 Added new photo to Platinum Silver page
06/04/12 updated Wheel Well page with spindle cap info
05/22/12  added new page Spare Tire
05/10/12 added to May events
04/14/12 updated Problems page
04/09/12 added to plate page
03/13/12 added to plate page
03/11/12 added to 03 Owners page and plate page
01/30/12 added photo to bronze page
01/23/12 added to events page for January/February
01/12/12 added new owner's video link on the other websites page
added video link to Concept page
01/09/12 added to memorabilia - calendars
12/12/11 updated Route 66 page with new link to Paula's Journey & Journal
added model to diecast page (Motormax with PPG markings)
12/06/11 added new article
11/26/11 added new BRONZE page
11/04/11 added new page Diecast  (consolidated the 3 old diecast pages to one page including Concept Diecast page)
09/15/11 added to How To page
09/2/11 Added to events page
Added to Song list
08/22/11 added new magazine to list
08/09/11 Added new link in personal links section 
07/23/11  News:  Ford is putting the Thunderbird Sport Roadster Concept up for Auction
07/11/11 Updated contact page
07/8/11 updated Events List
06/29/11 added 05 owner's pic;  Updated Events page events02.html  for Pacific Northwest events in July
6/28/11 updated Web Links page
5/27/11 updated Events list
4/5/11 added new magazine
3/7/11 added two new article links (link fixed)
3/6/11 added new license plate.
02/21/11 updated my 57's page.
01/23/11 added new license plate
12/20/10 added new license plate; new photo to 03 page
11/05/10 updated spare tire information  IMPORTANT TO READ
10/20/10 added new photo to 02 owner's page
10/18/10 added new photo to 05 owner's page & Platinum Silver page
10/12/10 added new photo to 04 owner's page
9/24/10 added new song title to trivia page; 
9/8/10 added license plate
8/27/10 added photo to 2005 owners page
8/23/10 added photo to 2004 owners page
8/13/10 added book to memorabilia pages
8/12/10 Added new license plate
7/30/10 Added to Problems page 
added photos to 2005 owners and 2004 owners pages
added to wheels page
7/20/10 Updated Supercharged Thunderbird page
7/19/10 Added new license plate
5/31/10 Updated Ad page
Updated pair page
5/10/10 Added new info to Sport Roadster Concept page
4/15/10 added 3  owner's photos to 2003 and one to 2004
3/10/10 Updated Events page - 55th Anniversary  in June
2/18/10 Updated Events page
2/4/10 added two new plates
1/28/10 added new wheels to custom wheels page
added new ride to 03 owners page
01/13/10 added 2 new owner's 05 tbirds
12/17/09 added new diecast model
11/04/09 added new event for Nov.
11/02/09 added new owner's photo
added new license plate
10/20/09 added new magazine find
10/16/09 added 2005 poster find to memorabilia
10/14/09 added 2 new models to diecast - Frits Creations and High Speed for Schuco
9/11/09 added new plates
9/7/09 updated concept diecast list
8/31/09 added new magazine ad
8/25/09 added new photos to 2002 retro pair page
8/15/09 added new page - Memorabilia designers
8/11/09 added new plates
8/5/09 added Washington State event
7/27/09 updated Events page
6/28/09 updated Trivia page - added to celebrities and contests
6/12/09 added new page - Comparing the retro colors with classic & vintage colors on Thunderbirds
6/11/09 added Platinum Silver Stats
updated Platinum Silver color page
updated 2004 color page
6/09/09 updated FAQs page; Interior page;
added new entry to weBLOG
5/26/09 added new article
5/22/09 updated aftermarket accessory page - removed bad link addresses
5/21/09 added  mug from 1999 to collectibles
5/05/09 added new magazine and new calendar
4/21/09 added new photo to your rides 2002
4/12/09 added new plate
4/8/09 updated customs page - removed outdated links
3/31/09 added new photo to your rides 2002
3/30/09 added video link to Borla sounds on Tbird links and aftermarket accessory pages
3/27/09 added new photos to your rides 2002 and 2003
3/24/09 added new magazine ad
3/21/09 added new How to's
2/24/09 added new commercial to trivia page
02/11/09 added new owner's photo
added new magazines
added new license plate
02/10/09 added new product to aftermarket accessory page
01/29/09 updated events calendar - NY and TX
01/28/09 added new "snapshot" video link
01/27/09 Updates below pictures on 04 Silverpage
01/24/09 Added Soft Top Facts and updated Hard Top Facts pages
01/11/09 added new posters to memorabilia page
added new ad to ad  page
Date page
01/07/09 added new calendars
01/05/09 added new plates
01/01/09 updated events page
12/28/08 added new 05 owner photo
added new license plate
12/27/08 split the Diecast pages. By Brand Name or Manufacturer A-L and M-Z
12/02/08 added new personal accessory
11/30/08 added new plate
added new owner's photo
11/27/08 added new plate
11/21/08 Updated link page with refound link to the Rumor Mill - this is an archived website so nothing new has been added for 8 years
11/14/08 added new calendar
11/13/08 added new plate
11/12/08 added magazine to list
Added color chart to all colors page
11/11/08 updated care of your car with an important tip that you should be aware of
11/09/08 updated events
11/06/08 added new article
11/02/08 added new plates
10/29/08 added new photo to 03 owners
added new article
10/23/08 custom wheel added
10/19/08 Flat Tire Storage page updated
Aftermarket Accessories page updated
10/12/08 Added new page - Flat Tire Storage - a MUST READ before you have a flat
Updated How To... page
Updated Trunk page
Updated aftermarket accessories - trunk rack coming soon at Thunderbird Concepts
08/12/08 Updated Problems page
added Windshield page
08/11/08 Finally, spotted new AD car
07/01/08 added new photo to owners' rides 03
06/23/08 updated memorabilia pages - split into 3 pages so I may add more photo links
06/22/08 updated last T-bird page with new link to more photos of car
06/17/08 added new plate
06/16/08 updated problems page
6/02/08 PINK page
5/26/08 Updated the red, black and 02blue color  pages with updated stats.
5/23/08 added new diecast model - High Speed.
05/21/08 Added the detailed Color Stats to the 2002, 2003, 2004, and 2005 pages
The stats cover how many were made with a particular interior color & color of hardtop.  This is the updated version from the previously published stats that I removed a couple of years ago.
05/17/08 added new  04 owner's photo
added new license plate
04/02/08 added new 02 owner's photo
added new 04 owner's photo
3/30/08 added new plate
03/29/08 updated Pacific Coast Roadster page with care of seat inserts
03/07/08 added new photos to  2002 owners, 2004 owners2005 owners
added new plates
02/27/08 added new Article on the web
02/16/08 added new license plate
added new photo to 05 rides
added new photos to diecast 1/43 maisto list
02/15/08 added photos to diecast & concept diecast pages
02/14/08 updated Trunk page
updated Wheel page
02/05/08 updated events for April
Updated trivia - TV shows
01/22/08 updated events for Feb.
01/21/08 added new license plates
01/18/08 updated diecasts and added new Hongwell diecast
01/10/08 new events 4 2008
01/06/08  updated postcards on memorabilia page
12/28/07 updated calendars on memorabilia page
12/18/07 added historical Christmas tree ornament tomemorabilia
added 2008 calendar to memorabilia
12/15/07  added new model by Universal Hobbies
12/09/07 updated memorabilia page - poster thumbnails now showing; art category updated with thumbnails too.
11/25/07 updated memorabilia pages - should be easier to find things now
11/24/07 added new photo to 02 owners
11/19/07 added new plate
11/12/07 added new owner's website
11/9/07 updated Concept Memorabilia page
10/14/07 added new plate
added new event
10/13/07 updated creative page
10/05/07 added new plate
09/27/07 added new song lyrics
09/21/07 added new page - Owners' Stories
09/7/07 updated events page
09/06/07 updated interior page with boot installation tip
08/28/07 added new owner's photos to 2004 and 2005
08/20/07 added new memorabilia
added new custom to custom page
08/17/07 updated events page for August
08/04/07 added new photos to Silver page
07/31/07 added August event
07/24/07 added new pics to your rides 2005 and license plate
07/19/07 added pics to diecast 2002
07 16 07 added new entry to webBLOG
updated problems page
06/17/07 redid the 2002 diecast page - alphabetical order by manufacturer
06/08/07 added new old pages - more pictures of the concept Thunderbiird that I used to have on another website.
06/03/07 added to ads
05/25/07 added to memorabilia and magazines
05/21/07 added to Aftermarket accessories
05/19/07 updated how to's and hardtop pages
Archived old updates of interest
05/16/07  added more article links
05/07/07 Last chance for ordering an OEM window sticker thru this website
05/06/07 added new event 
04/11/07 Added  page - Technical Service Bulletin list
04/03/07 Added page - Soft Tops
12/29/06 updated sales chart
10/13/06 video link to view a clip with Oprah driving a red Thunderbird "Oprah and Bono Seeing Red"
09/08/06 updated production stats for all 2002-2005 tbirds with the Final Production stats.  Individual year pages have been updated too.  Old color stat files have been removed until new color stat files can be built from the latest data..
08/05/06 Have entered the official  BLOG world. Check it out ~ new information surfacing.
new page - The Last Thunderbird ~ built this page and then forgot to post it.
07/10/06 updated How To page - window drop feature
07/07/06 added new "how To" - rearview Mirror with compass installation link
02/26/06 Finally - moved netscape site to here
02/13/06 added new how to - hashmark replacement
01/02/06 updated "how to" page with supplemental parking light installation instructions.
12/19/05 Thunderbird song Lyrics -addition to Classic T-bird links page
06/24/05 added new page - our Inca Gold
06/07/05 updated inca gold color  --again
05/20/05 added inca gold photo to 2005 page
03/14/05 updated 2005 with Inca Gold info
added to article links - more to come with more news of the end of this Thunderbird era.
03/10/05 updated 2006 page - The thunderbird ends with the 2005
02/17/04 No Saleen model coming
11/07/03 upgraded site to a "dot com" and added more space;  alas, I goofed and didn't allow for a redirect.  This new site will have other porthole cars included so the "homepage" that you're used to looking at will change, you'll just need to make some bookmark changes when  I load the new homepage sometime in the next 2 weeks
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