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b.t.w. - this is a figment of my imagination.  A retro done in a pink pearl with a white pearl top.
Ford never intended to do the car in this color but this page is still dedicated to PINK!

Lyrics below

     Though Ford never intended to have this color on the retro, it does exist on several 02 and 03 models customized by Galpin Ford of California as one of their Galpinized (offsite link) Thunderbirds. Galpin used a 1957 color called Dusk Rose, a color used on the 1957 Ford Thunderbird.  You might call the Galpinized Tbirds "Code 2 or code 3" in diecast lingo.   There have also been some owners that have custom painted their Thunderbird "pink".

     Later, in 2004, the movie Thunderbirds, came out based on a series featuring puppets popular in England and Japan.  Ford supplied the cars used in or to promote the movie including a bright pink Thunderbird and the Bright PINK FAB 1 vehicle, the leading lady's choice of automobile.

     JC Penny's aired a commercial during the 2009 Academy Awards in February that used  a pink Thunderbird. (off site link)

There are also a couple of Pink Thunderbird songs you may find on the net.  One is from 1957 and there is the current one below by the Lazy Poker, a group in England.

Pink Thunderbird
Sung by Gene Vincent and The Blue Caps (1957) 

( Gene owned a T-Bird. He bought it with his first 1956 royality check) 

I got a pink Thunderbird with a red fur seat 
Well, a-baby it's mine 
I got a new brick house with a two car port 
Well, a-baby that's mine too 
I got a bank account, well baby, filled with green 
Well, a-baby it's all mine 

There ain't nothing I got baby you don't need 
Well, anything I got baby, you can have it 
Anything I got baby, you can use 
Anything I got baby, you can have it 
If you'll only say; I do, I do, I do, I do 

I got a big white yacht at the edge of the lake 
Well, a-baby that's mine 
I got a million cows, lowing all the time 
Well, a-baby they're mine too 
I got a factory and an airplane too 
Well, a-baby they're all mine 



Pink Thunderbird 
sung by Lazy Poker on youtube - an English group.
You'll find more Thunderbird lyrics here


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