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Limited Editions:
Neiman Marcus 2002 Ford T-bird
James Bond 2003 Ford Thunderbird
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2002 Owners Photos
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Neiman Marcus  Diecast Model - 1/18th
The New Thunderbird

Neiman Marcus Edition

photo by P. Casey
On August 18, 2000 Ford presented a very special limited edition of the new Thunderbird to the public at the Pebble Beach Concours - the Neiman Marcus Edition.  This model is Evening Black (UA) with a Satin Silver (TL) metallic top; interior is black with silver accents including the seat insert sections.  Thunderbird logo is on seat backs.  Special vehicle ID # (64) and unique model logos. Floor mats & instrument panel  have the NM logo.  Portholes have Thunderbird logo etched in center. Hood scoop has a chrome bezel. Wheels are the chromed version of the standard delux wheel style - 21 spoke.

Orders for the limited edition model (200) were taken on September 25, 2000 thru the Neiman Marcus Christmas catalog and were sold out in 2 hours and 15 minutes - a record for any auto sold thru the Neiman Marcus catalog.  Cost to lucky owners was the catalog price of $41,995.  Cars were shipped to the dealer of their choice.

This edition was finally delivered to owners in late September, early October, 2001.

VIN#'s are in the block series 100026 to 100225  body style code 64  These are the only N.M. editions made and sold.

This is the only model that has had etched Thunderbird emblems in the portholes.

 Memorabilia that has been released for this Edition:
Click on links to view photos
1 Neiman Marcus Christmas 
Catalog 2000
Only a couple of pages, showing car on red background.
2. AMI Auto Weekly Neiman Marcus edition on cover.  2 page article with photos  August 29, 2000 edition
3 1/18 scale model Made by Maisto; limited to 1000; Sold only thru the Ford Collection Catalog & Neiman Marcus.  Hood & trunk open, detailed interior; removable hardtop; in silver color box
4 Ford Collection Catalogs Several Ford catalogs have the diecast model pictured & available - Fall 2000,  Winter, Spring,  Summer & Fall  2001 editions; Winter & Spring 2002
5 Leather Driving gloves With Thunderbird logo; Christmas 2000 gift from Neiman Marcus & Ford  to new owners of the Neiman Marcus edition
6 Cashmere Scarf With Thunderbird logo; Christmas 2000 gift from Neiman Marcus & Ford  to new owners of the Neiman Marcus edition
7 Ford Press Kit The press kit for the  2001 Los Angeles Auto Show  has the January 4, 2001  press release plus slides of the NM model. in blue folder.
8 Photo Photo of Neiman Marcus edition included in Milwaukee Auto Show Media Kit ~ February, 2001
9 Book - Thunderbird Chronicles Last Chapter in book has several photos of the N.M. edition including interior shots plus description
10 1/43 Scale model This model does exist with up to 100 built by MotorCity, USA.  Apparently given out at a dinner party for the unveiling of the N.M edition at Pebble Beach, August, 2000 by Jack Nassar himself.  A 1/43rd version by Maisto was reported seen at the N.Y. Toy Fair on display. 
11 1/72 Scale model Produced in 2006 by Cararama - silver hardtop and black body and interior ~ so could be called  a 2005 T-bird ~ has 7 spoke wheels.
12 Book ~ 100 Years of Ford A Centennial Celebration of F.M.C by David Lewis and the auto editors of Consumer Guide ~ A picture of a topless N.M in front of the N.M store in Dallas, TX, page 469.

Be sure to check the Links page to find press releases and photos on this model.

Logo on floor mat logo on porthole window - click to view larger


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