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2002 Ford Thunderbird

Owner's Photos

Now that some of the 2002 Thunderbirds are getting to their owners, it's time for an Owner's Pride page.  If you would like your new 2002 Thunderbird's picture on the web, just email a digital photo of  your T-bird to me.  Include your name, city and/or state that you & your car reside in.  Include any other information you'd like to post with your car (except "for sale" info)   I will be limiting photos to one per owner.
There are also pages for your specialized License Plates.  I will put your plate on it if you send me a digital photo.

Click on any image to view larger

Ron & Karen  on
photographer unknown
LA Mystery Drive 
at La Canada Flintridge
Delivery to the Millers
Natalie receiving keys for her car, photo by Glenn
August 15, 2001
Marv's blackbird in Florida
photo by Marv
Nov. 8, 2001`
Bill's Red and White Bird
photo by Bill Green
Sight Seeing tour in Oklahoma
Dec, 2001
William S.

David J's in
photo by David J. car delivered Oct 25, 01
Fort Saskatchewan, 
Alberta, Canada
Tbird Tim
photographer unknown, vin 5099
Atlanta, Georgia
photo by Mark Ray
Lake Monticello in Arkansas
looking for more garage pictures - photo by Cal
by Lon, Amarillo Texas
photo by Dot
in Texas
Lady Barber's
photo by Dot
Port Townsend, WA
Patrick L's
photo by Patrick
Hackensack, New Jersey
Hobobob's car
See the Thunderbird  2002 Calendar January car by BrownTrout Publishers
at the historical 
Teapot Dome Gas Station 
 Zillah,  Washington
Roy & Katie 
photo by Roy
Newport Coast, CA
Jimmy and Kathy 
from Austin Texas  photo by Jimmy
Bolivar Lighthouse, near Galveston, TX 
photo by Lon O'Connell
Amarillo, TX
Randy & Lynnette's
Randy and Lynnette's of Amarillo - photo by Lon
Welcome sign to Adrian, TX
Mid Point - Route 66

with friend's 57 -  photo by Joy
Wyomissing, Pa
photo by his Dad
Larry & Paula's
visiting us in their new 'bird
in NRH, TX
Ralph & Charlotte 
photo by the Westovers  - WHAT?? no snow??
Anchorage, Alaska 
May 1, 2002
Shirley & David 

Freehold, New Jersey
C. Crawford's 02 & friend's 55
Kurt H's 
.my favorite color combo
Whippany, NJ
LiAnn & Jon 
my favorite color combo - photo by Jon
orienting with his new car
Neiman Marcus edition
Bob H's
photo by Bob, note the NM wheels
from Greeley, Colorado
from ohwuutt

Paul T's
photo by Paul
from Tulsa, OK
Joe (jodrod - RTBRD)
by Joe, from Florida
in the Grand Tetons
photo from Chris Wilson

was Jerry's
photo by Jerry
at Wildwood Lake 
Raytown, Missouri
Jim & Betty's

near Burnet, TX
Phil & Judy's

Skyline Drive, Virginia

from  Frankfort, Illinois

from Maine
More 02 owner pictures 03 owner photos 04 owner pictures License Plates pg 1 | pg 2
2005 owners pictures
. .
Photographs by owners unless otherwise noted    Click on any photo to view larger 

Want to see the different specialized plates that people are using on their new Thunderbirds?
Click here!

1:  Try the large All Thunderbird Registry
2.  There was a registry set up for keeping track of 2002 Vin #s on newtbirddata
There are over 1000 cars listed there.  Data has been gathered since May of 2001.
This data was gathered with the intention of helping those waiting for their cars to know approximately when their VIN # might show up and when their car might be delivered.
It helped quite a few owners manage the wait during 2001 and 2002.
It is not an active site anymore.
3.  There used to be a registry on thunderbirdnest but it's registry is not available anymore however, you can find original information about your retrobird on that forum.


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