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It's Thunderbird  Blog time! 

Guestbook has been replaced
with an interactive weblog.

The New Thunderbird



"The world's most complete site for "Retrobird" Thunderbird information and stats just got better with the addition of this blog. This message is one of the first baby steps in what promises to be an interesting and informative addition to the PortHoleAuthority."
--Harry (aka Quickdraw)

Enjoy the fad that has swept  the Internet these past few years- the Blog as it's popularly known or web log in reality. 

Topics will be started by 5bird7 or Quickdraw and you may respond to the ones that fit your interest.   Quickdraw will be able to provide you with Stats for your own "Retrobird" and general questions will be answered by either of us.  There's even a column for just saying hello.

Update - Quickdraw is no longer active on the blog but may be found on thunderbirdforum.com.  I, though, am still active on the blog and on Thunderbirdnest.com

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