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Web Articles on the New 2002  2003  2004  2005 Ford  Thunderbird
Modern collectibles revealed: 11th Generation 2002-2005 Ford Thunderbird
by Andre Smirnov 
Nice article on our T-birds. posted Nov. 5, 2011. (A+ in my ho)
Motoring Memories, by  Bill Vance on Auto.ca Discussion of the 2002 to 2005 Ford Thunderbird, July 8, 2011
Used Auto Review on Auto.ca Review of 2005 Ford Thunderbird, May 5, 2005
First Drive by Greg Wilson on Auto.ca Review of 2002 Thunderbird, June 11, 2001
The 11th Generation Thunderbird by GLEN WOODCOCK on autonet.ca Review February 2011
The Weekly Driver.com -  by Dan Jedlicka Review of the 55-57 Thunderbird
The Ford Thunderbird--Classic Car Turns 55  About the 55th Thunderbird Anniversary June 2010
Classy convertible - LA Examiner May 25, 09  Nice review of the Retrobird by Tom Anderson
Living - The OverInfluencers Short Reviews of various people of past and present who have affected our lives - One is of J. Mays
Retro-Design - 2002 to 2007 Thunderbird by Del Coates Essay on Thunderbird design
ThunderbirdConcepts.com Thunderbird Dead?  editorial and reader's comments
Edmunds.com 2002 review of the Thunderbird  +
Geneology site Last Thunderbird - scans of newspaper articles
WoodTV.com Wixom closing after 50 years of production
Myrtle Beach Convertible Drivers say cars are the Tops
peoples choice awards about the award - 2002 winner photo
RideDrive.com 2004 review
AutoMuse.com 2004 review of black with sand interior
FordMuscleCar - article on 2002 Thunderbird updated a very old link
Time Magazine old article from 1999
IDSA website Thurnderbird article from 2001
New Tech Spy.com tbird mentioned in this article on retractable hardtops - not favorable but I & most owners don't agree with hardtop being a disaster.
Car TV . com - Steve Hamas video of 2005 Thunderbird
Car TV .com - Steve Hamas video of 2004 Thunderbird
Edmunds.com old test article on the 2002 Thunderbird
Wikipedia.com All Thunderbird article
The Globe Article on the end of the Thunderbird
The Auto Channel - Andrew Frankl  Article on Men and the Thunderbird
Bangor Daily News.com Article on who has the last Thunderbird
WLBZ news AP wire storey on the last Thunderbird
Boston Globe picked up the Bangor news story Repeat of Bangor Daily News article
Cayman Island News July article on last Thunderbird
On the Blue Oval News 50 years of Thunderbirds
From MSN Autos 2005 dependability study
From USA TODAY article on JD Powers study
From JD Powers 2005 review
From CNN article on JD Powers 2005 dependability study
and the list
from Canadian Driver - Jil MacIntosh 2004 review
from Canadian Driver  -Grant Yoxon   2002 review
Case study of a journalist following the Thunderbird.

Is he truthful or is he just trying to attract your attention?

Here's some owner's comments:
on the TBN


Oct 15, 2001 - first review
2003 review
July 5, 2004
latest article - March 21 2005
CNN News Thunderbird retiring
Yahoo News Tbird retiring
BON News Tbird retiring
BON News Thunderbird retiring
Ford News Thunderbird memories again
ABC News Last Thunderbird 
KFMB radio station Last Thunderbird
FindLaw Last Thunderbird
CBS News Last Thunderbird
PalmBeach Post Last Thunderbird by Dee Ann Durbin*
*  This AP report by DeeAnn Durbin is all over the net so I've only listed the top google finds.
Automotive Advertising 2002 IAAA gold award for Thunderbird Collection Set
Automotive,mytelus.com 2005 Anniversary Edition review
Design Museum show exhibit of J. Mays designs
from Edmunds.com review of automotive designs
carconnection history of Thunderbird with photos - Feb 2004
T-bird Winner Cigar Afficiando Mag contest last spring 2004
AAA award T-bird gets 2004 Cool car of the Year award from AAA
2001 Galpin Auction Very old webpage but can't seem to find it in my article links - about one of the first t-birds on the market
AARP Retro article with mention of the 05 special edition
The Auto Channel unveiling of the special edition at Miami
MacLeans.ca 50th anniversary edition - 3 page article about Wixom unveiling.
CarTest Canada old article by Bill Roebuck
Detroit News - week of Nov 15, 2004 2 articles on Wixom plant during 50th anniversary special edition unveiling. 1st & 3rd articles on that page.  short term page so read it while you can.
Edmunds.com Instant Classics (old article) by  John DiPietro
Automotive Intelligence News 50th Anniversary Edition
WFC Courier website article by Jon Erickson Man Stamps Passion For T-bird
on Ford's website 50th Anniversary of the 1955 Thunderbird
on the auto channel 50th Anniversary of the 1955 T-bird
on Canadian Driver A little Creativity for your Garage
Chicago Sun Times by  DAN JEDLICKA 
Ford Media New Stamp issue to come out next summer
Bloomberg.com Mustang article with Thunderbird references
Star Tribune 2004 Review by Ken Chester - June 16, 2004
The Indian Express Bond car test drive in India
Gizmo.com 2003 concept supercharged article - old news
Chippewa Herald 2004 article with PCR photo
Woman Motorist very short 04 review by Sandra Kinsler
Holland Sentinel 2003 convertible sales - Thunderbird dropped a couple notches.
Miami New Times  review  of 04 by Ric Green and Joe Castello
Nebraska State lottery article about Nebraska lottery summer 2003
Movie Trivia Fab 1 Thunderbird article
from Ford's media Pacific Coast Roadster
Hardtop Maker - Venture Article in Automotive Engineering about the making of the hardtop - old but still on the net
INCODE article about their involvement in the Valmet concept retractable hardtop Thunderbird
by Joe Campbell for the Houston Press 2002 review - this is an old article but worth bringing back up.  :)
theautochannel 2003 review by Des Toups  :)
auto.consumerguide.com 2004 review - interesting prediction
by Jim McCraw on New Car Test Drive.com review of 2004 T-bird, very long article
Ford news release for the 2004 thunderbird overview of features - no pics of the 04s though.
Ford's site James Bond edtion
Automotive News Used to be able to get the  weekly production figures from this page.  With Thunderbird out of production, don't need anymore
Ford's Centennial Event
Ford's Centennial celebration 2003 - no longer available
Ford's Corporate media center
 http://media.ford.com/newsroom/index.cfm -  link has changed
News from Ford Motor Company - search their archives for Thunderbird articles - no longer available.
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