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2001 to 2003
(some old, some new)
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Web Articles on the New 2002 & 2003 & 2004  Ford  Thunderbird
Top Gear on BBC Here's an old review but by journalist from Great Britain - another :)
by Jim McCraw on Ford's Thunderbird site same review as below
by Jim McCraw on New Car Test Drive.com review of 2004 T-bird, very long article
by Jim Meachen,  Motorway.com  review of 2003 T-bird, very nice article
from Canada article on driving music
by Jim Motavalli, New York Times article about Ford brand loyalty
From Car and Driver review of 03 - 2 pages
From Detroit News review of top convertibles
Softball News photo story
On Carlisle's website review by Bob Hall
From Auto Revista review by Aaron Esslinger
Ford news release for the 2004 thunderbird overview of features - no pics of the 04s though.
update - may not happen  Hardtop Deck Protective strip for 2004s rumor now - up in the air
fun news from Spring Valley Tribune just a picture about a dealer's anniversary
Going Topless - convertible fun
Sirius Radio from Automotive news
Sirius Radio offering for 2004
Sirius Radio offered by Ford
from auto design . com review of 2003
Lansing State Journal on Ford retiring the Thunderbird article
[I'm impressed - my trivia page was used as a resource for part of this page!]
Polk's Report on 2002 convertible Sales report with list
Motor Trend - 2002 convertible Sales article and list (source Polk release above)
TechnoFile article by Jim Bray article about convertibles in general "Drop-Top Dead Gorgeous"
Car & Driver's roadtest from 2001 good review - 2 pages worth
Ford to Retire T-bird Detroit Free Press - short news synopsis
Ford Axes Thunderbird - in Forbes  article by Jerry Flint
Ford suspends Thunderbird news release on CarConnection
Ford to Retire Retro Vehicle article in MSN
Retrofuturism is Past? very critical article by Mickey Kaus on MSN
Thunderbird Production will end in 2005 or 2006 news release from Detroit News - article by Mark Turby
Thunderbird Production will end in 2005 or 2006 news release from Auto News - article by Mark Turby - first report
Concept Car from Focus Tuning Photos
Concept Car from Focus Tuning, Langley BC News release
Concept Car from Valmet Automotive, Finland news release about retractable glass top
Guitar Mania - Cleveland Ohio 2002 art work
New Haven Registrar Saleen Custom T-bird
Motor Trend Bond edition
Automobile Magazine slow sales (seems to be a wide spread article)
MLive.com  or on Motor Trend slow sales
personal site history of the Thunderbird
from New Cars.com 2003 review, stats, photos
2002 review, stats, photos
from Edmonds stereo system review of 2002
from Edmonds comparison tests with 3 other 2002 cars
from Canadian Driver about Bond cars
from Echo Online about product endorsement in movies
From Sports Car Testing very short review plus pictures of 02
Ford of Canada 007  James Bond edition IS available in Canada
at the NAIAS Show Detroit comments about the Ford line
from Motor Trend Bon Speed - Saleen review
yahoo review short review of 2003
by Nauman Farooq updated review for 2003
by Art Gould Bond Thunderbird
from Amercan Women Thunderbird ranked as one of the most appealing new cars
From NBC 03 thunderbird in top 10 vehicles that will hold their value better than others
from Auto Week Bond and supercharged Thunderbirds at LA show - photos and articles
from www.motorcities.com Supercharged Thunderbird at LA show - several pictures
from Ford's media site Media news from Ford about supercharged Thunderbird
from Ford's media site: Bond editions at LA show
Detroit News Supercharged Thunderbird at LA show
Motor Week Review updated
from The Car Place by Robert Bowden Review of 2002, photos, 3-Dphoto and video
Motor Trend Driver's Choice Award
CNN Money Marketng the 007 Bond movie and cars
Car Connection road test of the 2003  - thumbs up review
Oakland Press Marketing the 007 Bond movie and cars
from USA Today Marketing the 007 Bond movie and cars
from automotive news price increases on the 2003
From J.D. Powers new award for Thunderbird
from American Woman by Denise McCluggage review
from Breaking Examiner Bond cars to show in Britain
from The Kansan Kansas lottery winner
from Biz on yahoo Jiffy Lube winner
contWriter review of James Bond diecast model
www.theglobeandmail.com Canadian pricing
www.s-t.com/road article about modern colors
www.leocigar.com review
epinions 6 Reviews
from Evisteon carlite windshilds and other glass - old emblem - new windows
Canadian Driver about custom thunderbird
www.forbes.com by Michael Frank review
from www.newark.com about sweepstakes winner
by Mark Savage review
www.usnews.com review :(
www.curbside.com Review of White Thunderbird
www.familycar.com Review
Heart of Texas News  by James Stewart article Nov 6 2001
From Canadian Driver Sport Roadster - 2001
www.bizjournals.com March 1999 editorial
Popular Mechanics  Award
www.detnews.com Review Aug. 8. 2001
 from carbuytip.com Review
Golden Quill Awards from International Association of Business Communicators  Thunderbird Media Kit Receives Excellence in Design award in Division 15
LA Times article
Focus Daily News by Marlong Hanson article, "The Bird has Landed"
Get Jax Wheels . com by Dan Scanlon article and video - An American Beauty
Holland Sentinel article July 25, 2002
Alien Shore personal article
from Detroit News by Anita Lienert review article - June 6 2001 this may be a repeat 
from SouthCoast Today article Dec 01, 1999


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