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The New Thunderbird

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up to Jan 6, 2002

Links below go to offsite websites.  They are old and may no longer exist.

New links last added   01/06/02

Web Articles on the New Thunderbird

by Tim Spell for Houston Chronicle T-bird Touring: 2-seater built for cruising.
Motor Trend Motor Trend Car of the Year
Ford media Motor Trend Car of the Year
Motor Trend #2107 road test 
by Earle Eldridge, USA TODAY Ford wants T-bird buyers to sign no-sale pact
by Mark Turby for Detroit New Ford on brokers
by Jim Motavalli for NY Times The Glorious, The Gaudy: 5 decades of T-Birds
[ed. note - production figures incorrect for 55-57 tbirds so I don't know if any of the production figures he gives are correct - otherwise artice is good]
Ford Press release 10-29-01 New TV ad debut
by Kevin Balentine old is new again - Dallas Morning News
by Lara Mossa for Oakland Press Neiman Marcus Car delivered
by Joseph Szczesny for Oakland Press article on shipping delay
by Terril Yue Jones LA Times launch needs
By Mark Truby for Detroit News production resumes Aug 30
by Gregory L. White for Wall Street Journal production ready to resume
on Ford's Media site The Dark Shadow Gray Custom
Fashion Designs Media Event for Sept 13 2001 New York
(I would love pictures from this event! particularly the designs)  CANCELLED due to WTC attacks - actually postponed to Feb. 15, 2002.
Living Legends Tour Summary of tour
BlueOvalNews articles from 1999 to present
on Yahoo News production stoppage (short term) (week of Aug 13)
 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance Thunderbird custom for future years
August 17, 2001
by Mary Connelly for Automoitive News production stoppage news for week of Aug13
by Mike Truby for Detroit News "T-bird Collector Fights price"
[ed. note - there is a similar controversy outlined on the BON between another buyer and dealer]
by Richard Truett prediction - will this become reality?
by Richard Truett for Automotive News "Ford takes extra care with T-Birds "
Ann Job for MSN Impressions of her drive
By Tim Spell for Houston Chronicle "Digging up past yields treasures"
by Jerry Edgerton on money.com Impressions
by Michael Frank for Forbes Road test - lengthy article
From Ford Media Comment: Shipping started week of July 23 BUT seems to be on again / off again
by Julie Cantell 0n Automotive News Mailings & delivery of "Manage The Wait" program
by  Matt Neuman on Auto.com Good article on prices of the various, current ragtops on the market
Auto Intel Sport Roadster
by Anita Leinert old article from Detroit News
 by Alex Taylor III Fortune Magazine article - test drive
by by Michelle Krebs test drive - NY Times article - you may need to register to read
by Micheline Maynard test drive - NY Times article - you may need to register to read
by Ann Job MSN Car point article with streaming video
by John Davis Motor Week Car of the Month - very positive review
by Kevin Balintine test drive - for Dallas Morning News
Rod Show article -  click on "what's new" 
Ford Haven Ford Haven site - appears to be same as on ford's media site
Contest winners from March contest
by Brent Romans for big step.com
by James Healey test drive - USA Today
by Tim Spell Houston Chronicle -- road test article
by Anita Lienert Detroit News - women, design & the Thunderbird
by Rick Kranz autonews.com - couple of articles on tbird including new promotional plan
by Paul A. Eisenstein The Car Connection.com road test article plus picture of red tbird with white top (clickable for larger view)
by Matt Neuman  San Jose Mercury News road test article
by Erin Mahoney Edmunds.com - road test article
by Mark Vaughn Auto Week article - May 28, 2001  with pictures   Cover Story
From Cardesign News article on Sport Roadster - several pictures 
Motor Trend Report on Detroit Auto Show NAIAS
How Stuff Works  article on Detroit auto show  NAIAS
Video Ford broadcast at Naida 2001 
some computer systems may not be able to view 
Video from Country Wheels May be  same as above - I didn't check it out.
Slide show  some photos
Motorcities.com sport roadster photos
From "my train" Sport roadster (good interior shot)
Auto Rev Sport Roadster
by Alex Law covering the Thunderbird at Canadian auto show
By Charles Ofria Really nice pictures!  I suspect his favorite was the T-bird blue - Detroit auto show 2001 - (pictures the cchrome wheels.
Photos of the Inspiration Yellow at Detroit auto show 2001
Mustang Weekly report on the Sport Roadster
by Mark Truby - from Detroit News: 01/09/01 Detroit Auto show - use their search to find more articles on the 2002 Thunderbird
from automotive Technology overview
by Derek Willis  10/02/00 short article
by Jean Scheidnes 09/26/00   -  NM sold out  - 
From Statesman Classifieds orders being taken on Neiman Marcus
From Speedvision Neiman Marcus Edition
Detroit News
Pebble Beach - Neiman Marcus Edition
from MediaLink.com debut at Pebble Beach - Neiman Marcus Edition
by Aaron Gold "What's new at Ford"
by Ken Juran
for Popular Mechanics
Neiman Marcus Edition
from AP by Justin Hyde Neiman Marcus Edition
auto show - Anaheim photos of Neiman Marcus
from Garage Wengler Neiman Marcus Edition
woodward dream cruise 2000 08/19/00 Event article: 
by James M. Flammang picture of Mickey d'Armi with Concept Thunderbird at CTCI international 2000 convention (geesh, I didn't even pay attention to that and I was there and have lots of photos of that convention and the concept - was probably even in the tent when his picture was being taken)
from USA today by James R. Healey 05/24/00 Ford confirmed production
Canadian Driver News 05/23/00 Ford Confirmed
Dearborn press release 05/22/00 Confirmation of return of the Thunderbird - about American Dream Tour
from Automotive News Dream Cruise and special edition coming
Special Car.com  article from 1999
from arifleet short article but page is really long on articles so takes a bit to download


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