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2002 to 2005 Thunderbird Memorabilia
1999  to 2011
N.F.S. --  No item listed on this page is for sale - this is for your information only.

Be on the lookout for any new items.  Start watching the magazines for ads using the car.  Please let me know when you have found something new related to this car. 

Click on highlighted text below to view photos of items.    This page may take some time to download all of the thumbnails - I will be splitting up this page eventually because of the # of photos.  Some items listed may not be Ford endorsed.
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CALENDARS top . . .
. Ford 2000 Millennium Calendar 1999 2000 Calendar - Red Concept car on cover; yellow Concept is the December car
Ford 2000 Calendar Poster 1999 2000 Poster Calendar of yellow concept Tbird.  11"x17"
Ford 2000 Calendar Poster 1999 2000 calendar poster of black concept T-bird  11"x17"
. .Ford 2001 Calendar 2000 Showcasing the different Ford lines
. Thunderbird Calendar 2001 2000 Photos of different T-birds thru the years plus 4 of the  2002 Thunderbird promo pics; produced by Galpin Ford
. Motor Trend 16 Month Calendar - 2001 2000 Yellow Concept for one of the months
. Car & Driver Day by Day Calendar 2001 2000 . Color photos of 365 different cars. Yellow Thunderbird on July 3, 2001; by Workman Publishing, New York
. 2001 Calendar Poster 2000 11"x17" - printed by Ford's WHQ graphics dept., glossy  - 2002 Blue Tbird
. 2001 Calendar 2000 2001 Calendar by Model Cars Magazine with art work of new 'bird for July by Jairus Watson
. 2001 Calendar 2001 . Red sport Roadster - giveaway at a Las Vegas convention for Ford employees.
. 2002 Calendar  2001 . .Prototype Concept Cars; photos by Ron Kimball; published by Browntrout Publishing - t-bird on planner page 12x12
. 2002 Calendar 2001 Galpin Calendar - dusk Rose  for February
. 2002 Poster Calendar 2002 Blue 2002 Calendar printed by Ford - 
.. 2002 Poster Calendar 2002 Red 2002 Calendar printed by Ford - Motor Trend award
. 2003 Calendar 2002 Ford's 100 Anniversary "Living Legends" 2003 calendar -2003 desert sky blue is the January car
. 2003 Calendar 2002. 2003 Sports Cars Calendar by Plato - red 2002 as March car - photos by Dan Lyons
. 2003 Monthly Calendar 2002 Galpin Ford's 2003 calendar - meadow mist green T-bird - March
. 2003 Calendar 2002 2003 Model Cars Magazine Calendar - April Page has artwork by John McBride of new t-bird
. 2003 poster calendar 2002 2003 from Ford showing the 5  colors of the 2003 models plus the grey supercharged concept T-bird
. 2003 Chinese/Canadian Calendar 2002 . 2003 Calendar produced by Ford of Canada; in Chinese - Black 02 on July page (There's probably an English and French version too.)
2004 Calendar 2003 2004 Ford Parts Calendar by Ford;  2002 Blue tbird for March 2004 with 1955 Tbird in background.
. 2004 Calendar 2003 2004 Calendar by BrownTrout Publishing Company - cover, inside cover and "May" have 2002 T-birds. the rest are 55-57 T-birds.
. 2004 Calendar 2003 2004 Calendar - limited edition for the TBN - 12 different color new Thunderbirds from 2002 - 2004 - each color represented.
. 2004 Galpin Calendar 2003 Galpin Ford's 2004 Calendar - March has customized "Barris" Thunderbird and also on cover
. 2005 Dream Cars Calendar 2004 2005 Dream Cars; red on cover and  December page. All photos in calendar with lovely female models.  #1853 by Norwood - Triumph Calendars
. 2005 Sports car calendar 2004 .  VMG for one month
. 2005 Calendar 2004 yellow 02 for the month of April - "Dream Cars" 2005 calendar by DateWorks, American Greetings Corp.
. 2005 calendar 2004 . Ford dealer 2005 calendar - October shows 2005 Bronze t-bird; cover shows white Ford GT
2005 calendar 2004 2004 Calendar: with 2002 to 2003 Thunderbird of the Month photos from ThunderbirdNest.com - to print by members
2005 calendar 2004 2004 Calendar: with 2003 to 2004 Thunderbird of the Month photos from ThunderbirdNest.com - to print by members
. 2006 calendar 2005 2006 Calendar with lots of Ford photos of the new Thunderbird; 02 yellow is on the cover. by theTimeFactory
2006 calendar 2005 What are the odds of 2 VMG 04 Tbirds in the same Ford club in North Dakota?  This calendar features one on the cover & April month and another for August.
2006 Calendar 2005 2006 ThunderbirdNest gallery calendar
2006 Calendar 2005 2006 ThunderbirdNest Thunderbird of the Month (TOTM) calendar
. 2007 Calendar 2006 Produced in British Columbia - features the classic but a couple of the months, April, August, do have the retrobird included.
2008 Calendar 2007 2008 Retrobird calendar made from photos by owners- all months feature a 2002-2005 Thunderbird plus the Ford supercharged prototype.
. 2008 Calendar 2008 2008 Retrobird calendar - with 2007 Thunderbird of the Month photos from ThunderbirdNest.com - to print by members
2008 Calendar 2007 2008 Thunderbird calendar - features 1955-2005 Thunderbirds -   limited editon of 100by Rocky Mountain Thunderbird Club.
. 2009 Calender 2008 2009 Thunder calendar - features 1955-2005 Thunderbirds - limited - 
. 2009 Calendar 2008 2009 Retrobird calendar made from photos by ThunderbirdNest owners - all months feature 2002 to 2005 Thundeerbbirds. limited to 100
. 2009 Calendar 2008 2009 Retrobird calendar for customers of ThunderbirdConcepts.com - to print by customer
. 2009 Calendar 2009 2009 Retrobird calendar with 2008 Thunderbird of the Month photos from ThunderbirdNest.com - to print by members
2010 Calendar 2009 2010 Retrobird calendar for customers of ThunderbirdConcepts.com
2010 Calendar 2010 2010 Retrobird calendar with 2009 Thunderbird of the Month photos from ThunderbirdNest.com. Printable by ThunderbirdNest members.
2011 Calendar 2010 2011 Retrobird calendar for customers of ThunderbirdConcepts.com
2011 Calendar 2011 2011 Retrobird calendar with 2010 Thunderbird of the Month photos from ThunderbirdNest.com. Printable by ThunderbirdNest members.
2012 Calendar 2011 2012 Retrobird Calendar with parts of the cars featured.  Made for Florida event by Tom A.
2012 Calendar 2011 . 2012 Chip Foose calendar with his Speedbird featured for one month.
2012 Calendar 2011 2012 Exotic Sports Cars, Inspiration Yellow 2002  for the month of December 2011.
. 2012 Calendar 2011 photo by Paul Thomas Gift Set  Ford officially licensed set contained a coffee mug with blue racing stripes and a Ford Blue Oval, a package of hot chocolate and a small 2012 calendar featuring the new Boss 302 on the cover with the words DRIVING THROUGH THE DECADES on the top and FROM 1950 - PRESENT at the bottom  02 Thunderbird blue is Pictured on the September month; submitted by Paul Thomas
2012 Calendar 2011 2012 Thunderbird Concepts calendar with photos of customers' T-birds
2012 Calendar 2012 2012 Retrobird calendar with 2011 Thunderbird of the Month photos from ThunderbirdNest.com. Printable by ThunderbirdNest members.
2012 Calendar 2011 "Road Warriors"'; Red customized 2003 Thunderbird  with non-porthole hardtop; styled wheels; for month of November; by Comda.com; submitted by Steve Legel
2013 Calendar 2013 2013 Retrobird calendar with 2012 Thunderbird of the Month photos from ThunderbirdNest.com. Printable by ThunderbirdNest members.
Editor's Note:  Sorry, have not been keeping up with the current calendars.  Will try to update and fill in missing calendars.
2013 Calendar 2012 2013 Thunderbird Concepts calendar with photos of customers' T-birds
2014 Calendar 2014 2014 Retrobird calendar with 2013 Thunderbird of the Month photos from ThunderbirdNest.com. Printable by ThunderbirdNest members.
2014 Calendar 2013 2014 Thunderbird Concepts calendar with photos of customers' T-bird
2015 Calendar 2015 2015 Retrobird calendar with 2014 Thunderbird of the Month photos from ThunderbirdNest.com. Printable by ThunderbirdNest members.
2015 Calendar 2014 .
2016 Calendar 2015 2016 Retrobird calendar with 2015 Thunderbird of the Month photos from ThunderbirdNest.com. Printable by ThunderbirdNest members.
2016 Calendar 2015 2016 Thunderbird Concepts calendar with photos of customers' T-birds. Officially Ford Licensed
top . . .
. * 2001 . Wall clock, plastic, "2001 Ford Thunderbird" with  picture of yellow concept Tbird and black '56 Tbird on face. - computer printed face.
. * 2001 . all clock, plastic,  with picture of "Neiman Marcus" tbird on face - computer printed face
. * 2001 . Wall clock, plastic, computer printed face, Thunderbird blue car
* 2001-now . Wall clocks - various promotional graphics of the 2002-2005 Thunderbird
. Watch 2001 . thunderbird logo - was available from Ford
. Watch 2001 Ikepod - available to 2002 owners with tbirds on order - $4600.00 /watch - his and hers.  Designed by Marc Newsom
. watches 2002 . his and hers sizes, Thunderbird blue face or black(dark grey) face, Japan mov't; dial is speedometer numerals with new Thunderbird emblem; band is brushed stainless; made by Taxor; packed in blue oval Ford tin.  update 2008 January - Check your Ford parts dept. to see if they still have any in a backroom or on display - they can still be found at Powersportcars.com as of 2012
. Ladies Watch 2003 was available from the Ford Collection - wing logo above and script below, black leather wrist band
. Desk Clock 2002 . round with flat bottom, dial represents speedometer - Thunderbird logo
Desk Clock 2004 from the Ford Collection
. Desk Clock 2004/5 . round with flat bottom, dial represents speedometer - 50th anniversary logo
. Watch 2005 . 50th Anniversary watch
* - appear to be unlicensed clock faces.
CLOTHING top . .
. Hat 2000 Dream Car Tour baseball cap - not on retail market - promo from Dream Car tour - July/August 2000
. T-shirts 2001. . two different ones were available from Ford; pictures of new  Thunderbird.
. Hats 2001 . Three different ones were available from Ford; tbird logo
. Sweater 2001 . Was available from Ford
. Ladies Top 2001 . was availalbe from Ford
. Polo Shirts 2001 . was available from Ford
. Shirt 2001 by Reyn Spooner; Hawaiian style; 1955-2002 Thunderbirds on blue background. Tiki-Bird
. Shirt 2002 Reyn Spooner Hawaiian style shirt - two 02's(red and yellow) and a yellow 55.  Was available from Ford's Collection and from Reyn Spooner's site. T-bird Rebirth. http://www.bigkahuna.com/ might still have some?(5/2014)
. NeckTie 2001 Ralph Marlin Tie - various Thunderbirds, including 2002 red and Neiman Marcus
. NeckTie 2001 Ralph Marlin Tie - various Thunderbirds, including 2002 blue and yellow
. T-Shirt 2002/2003? Ford dealer give away t-shirt with yellow 02
Hat 2003 Ford Hat - from Ford Collection
T-shirt 2003 Ford T-shirt - from Ford Collection
T-shirt 2004 Chip Foose design - his custom t-bird built for SEMA show - sold out.
. T-shirt 2004 T-shirt with flag and red 02/03 from Burnoutgear T-shirts on ebay copyright Bud Bagdasarian
. T-shirt 2004 . T-shirt with red concept T-bird stylized, or silver 04 T-bird stylized.  speednation.com
. Shirt 2004 partial "nose" of bronze 05 T-bird on red and black background with 2 other cars.
. 50th Anniversay Clothing 2004 . From Ford - Polo shirt and sweatshirt - cream with 50th anniversary logo; T-shirt with Teal 02 and 1955 graphics; cap
50th Anniversary Necktie 2004 Overall Thunderbird Script on light brown (Stone) background (colors of the Cashmere limited edtion 2005). with logo in background color "stone".
Shirt 2004 Grey with wing logo on left side
. Jacket 2004 Black jacket with logo on left side.
. T-shirt 2004 Black and white drawing of 02 T-bird with hydraulics
T-shirt 2004 promoting casino prize - Blue Ridge Casino
T-shirt 2005 from "Burnoutgear T-shirts" on ebay. copyright Bud Bagdasarian   http://www.burnoutgear.com/
Hat 2004/05 tan hat with Thunderbird script; 50th anniversary hat from Ford to go with Cashmere special edition and sweatshirt and men's pull-over.
Hawaiian style shirt 2005/6 Hawaiian short sleeve style shirt; microfiber; featuring classic and retrobirds in blue, white, red
. T-shirt & matching hat 200? . black tshirt and hat with Thunderbird script and new logo- marketed at a parts store
. Socks 2007 .  white socks with the 55-57 Thunderbird emblem AND the 2002-2005 Thunderbird emblem woven into the design of the cuff. - Sizes Medium (fit women up to shoe size 9) and Large (fit women shoe sizes 10 and up AND Men sizes)  contact Rocky Mountain Thunderbird Club 
T-shirt 2008 T-shirt from Wimpy's in Michigan; summer 2008 (submitted by Steve Legel); features yellow retro.
COINS top . . .
. Coin, Silver 1999/2000 . part of set of 5;  new emblem on back of all in series, including 1955,  3 other years of Thunderbirds plus Concept
top . . .
. .Contest 2001 . first known contest offering new Thunderbird as Grand prize. Ended March 24, 2001.
. contest, radio 2001 . National radio contest for month of May - 4 Thunderbirds  given away. Flyers have tbird in background. [are there contests appearing in your area? plmk - watch for posters & artwork with tbird on them]
. Contest 2001 . ZIMA, red 2002 printed on carton with entry blank
. ZIMA Plastic Inflatible 2001 . Black with red inside, large, from ZIMA, promotional for their contest listed above; store display
. ZIMA banner 2001 . Store banner with black 2002 Thunderbird advertising the ZIMA contest, 5'x3'
. Contest 2002 . Grocery Store ad & contest: 2-year lease on 2002 Thunderbird
. Contest 2002 . Grocery Store ad & insert - from Food City
. lottery tickets 2002 . Kansas State Lottery - just ended - May to Sept 15, 2002 - black 02 on tickets
. Poster 2002 . Kansas State Lottery - small double sided posters with black 02
. phone card 2002 Texas Special Children's Foundation Raffle entry & Phone Card http://www.winanewthunderbird.com/ with red 02 on card
. Model 2002 Box with blue 02 printed on top;  Box contains a diecast white 1955 Thunderbird, 1/43 scale;  From Melrose Hotel in New York advertising their remodeling of the hotel and a chance to lease a 2002 Thunderbird for a year.  contest is over
. Card 2002 . for Rolling Thunder Event in Canada - entry # for Sweepstakes on back
. Brochure 2002 . For lottery by Sacred Heart Academy, Bloomfield Hills, MI - drawing for an 03
. Lottery tickets 2003 . Scratch -off Tickets, Kansas State Lottery, 007 on ticket face
. Lottery Posters 2003 . Michigan State Lottery posters, various sizes, advertizing brochures,  large banner - used in promotion of an August 2003 lottery game "Fall Days of Thunder"
. Lottery Poster 2003 . Kansas State Lottery - small poster, scratch cards for game - May 2003 to Sept 2003.  Had 2nd chance drawing for 007 Thunderbird at Kansas State Fair 
DIECASTS .see Concept Diecast list 1999-2000 . Concept Diecasts do not have rear brake light, turn signals or side marker lights
. The NEW Thunderbird Diecast list 2000 & UP . Production Thunderbird - Concept mold updated with rear brake light, turn signals & side marker lights - may also use the concept mold
. Diecast Graphics 2005 . Getty & LuxOil Truck & trailer sets including a 55 T-bird diecast with 2005 50th Anniversary graphics printed on truck, trailer and inside of trailer sides, including a red 2005 T-bird.  Promo at Getty and LuxOil locations in the north eastern USA
JEWELRY top . . .
. Pin 2002 Motor Trend Car of the Year pin - Passed out at Living Legends tours summer 2002
Pin 2003 100th anniversary set of pins - 6 different Thunderbird logos from the past including the new logo. Were available from the FordCollection
Lapel Pin 2004 From FordCollection  - 50th anniversary logo in circle
Lapel Pin 2009 . pins in shape of retrobird, 18 colors representing each of the colors the retrobird came in.  Available  to members of  Thunderbirdnest forum
. Bar Stool 2001 Thunderbird logo - was available from Ford.
. Bar Stool 2005 50th Anniversary logo on black vinyl seat - was available from Ford
. Blanket 2007 . 2002-2005 Blanket in Red/Black - exclusive to http://www.tbirdroadster.com/  This is the company that had a poll last fall to decide on designs to use
Blanket 2007 . Sample blankets in yellow or blue with black contrast - only 3 made of various shades of these 2 colors before red was decided to be used.
. Car Cookies 2007? Cookies in Box with Thunderbird and Mustang graphics;  Retrobird has been added to this cookie box that has been around since the mid-90s
. Car Polish 2004 Duraglos - black 55 on label 
. Car Wax & Car Wash 2003 Mother's brand bottles have blue 02 on labels
. Coffee Mug 1999 Yellow concept on mug, given out by GardenSpot Auto and Truck Auction of Ephrata, Pennsylvania - 35th year in business 
. Coffee Mug 2004 All black ceramic coffee mug from Ford Collection
. Coffee Mug 2004/5 . black ceramic with 50th anniversary logo - Ford Collection
. Coffee Mug 2005 . black ceramic outside, white inside - with 50th anniversary logo - Ford Collection
. Collector Card with Diecast 2004 . FAB1 1/64th diecast, collector card, distributed in England
. Computer Game 2003 . Ford Racing 2 - racing game with various Ford icon models including the 1955 tbird and the 2003 T-bird.  Issued for the 100th anniversary of Ford.  Also includes the Ford GT concept and the Mustang GT concept.  Game comes in several formats - pc compatible,  PlayStation 2, XBox.
. Decal 2002 Porthole Window emblem decal - see accessories  for info
. Decal 2002 Stylized tbird emblem by birdman02 (Jeff Poole)
. Fender Cover 2003 Fender Cover - "Fender Gripper" - Black or Red with Thunderbird logo and script - 3'x2' for use to protect fender while working on car or use decoratively on floor or wall; made by http://www.ssnake-oyl.com/
. Game 2003 . Monopoly - 100th Anniversary of Ford Motor Company
. Game 2005 . Monopoly - 50th Anniversary of the Thunderbird with new tbird pictured on board and money
. Ink Pen 2006 . Rosewood pen with engraved Thunderbird emblem  found on Thunderbird Concepts website http://www.thunderbirdconcepts.com/pen.htm
. Ink Pen 2004/5 . 50th anniversary ink pen
. Key Chain 2001 keychain - see Diecasts - TC Toys
. Keychain 2001 . thunderbird logo was available from Ford
Key ring 2003 with thunderbird script
. Key Chain 2004/5 . 50th anniversary logo
. Knife 2005 . a knife celebrating 50th Anniversary of the Thunderbird with blue 55 on one side of handle and yellow 02 or 05? on the other side. comes in tin with two T-bird emblem hat pins.  manufactured by United Cutlery Brands
. License Plate frame 2001 . thunderbird logo was available from Ford
. License Plate Frame 2002 . Thunderbird script at bottom edge
. License Plate Frame 2004/5 . 50th Anniversary frame
Lighter - see Zippo
. Mailbox Topper 2008 Steel Thunderbird silhouette. laser cut.
. Menu 2004 Silver Diner menus with red tbird - Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, Dinner - different color covers with red tbird on each

Career Brochure cover

. Menu 2006 Silver Diner menus with red tbird
Menu 2007 ... Silver Diner menus with other color tbirds - lunch, breakfast, etc..
Menu 2008 ... Silver Diner menus with red tbirds
. mousepads 2001 . various prints - custom printed pads - various vendors
. ornament 2001 Custom ornament with your color Thunderbird on cream porcelain round disk
. ornament 2005 Christmas ornament set of 55 red tbird  and 05 Cashmere tbird diecasts - in black 50th anniversary box. by Hallmark
. Pencil Topper 2004 . Fab1 pencil topper - from cereal box, distributed England - approx 3" long
. phone card 2002 . Texas Special Children's Foundation Raffle entry & Phone Card http://www.winanewthunderbird.com/ with red 02 on card
. Plastic Cup 2004 Small picture of 2004 red t-bird for Jack In the Box fast food chain promotional contest - January -February 2004
. Radio/CD player 2004 . Radio/CD player - from Neiman Marcus Christmas Catalog - "Thunderbird" script on top; radio in colors of "Thunderbird Blue" -- also found in JC Penny's catalog in colors of sage green, silver, fiesta red, sunset coral, merlot, and black (colors of the 1956 Thunderbird); a 50th Anniversary product
. Radio/CD/Record Player 2004 . Thunderbird script and logos; Radio/phonograph/CD player - in JC Penny's catalog - tan and cream; wood grain in cherry or oak; cd player had a tendency to not work; a 50th Anniversary product
. Rubber Stamp 2002 2002 ~ hardtop ~ 3/4 view ~  3.5"x1.25"
. Rubber Stamp 2007 2002-2005 convertible rubber stamp 
. Soft Sculpture Model 2001 8 inches, red - made by energypromotions.com 
. Stuffed Teddy Bear 2004/5 . small brown bear in black jacket with 50th anniversary logo on back
. Telephone 2006 black phone with neon light - old style - Thunderbird script molded in, New Thunderbird emblem in center of dial; a 50th Anniversary product
. Thunderbird Platter 1999 Metal tray  by Wilton Armetale, with "the American Legend" and new Thunderbird logo ~ offered in the Ford "Collection" catalog for 2 years ~ retail price was $88.00 size ~ 12.75" x 8"
. Umbrella 2004 black umbrella with stylized thunderbird emblem and script
. Welcome Sign 2008 Steel Thunderbird silhouette, 10.75", with "Welcome" below tbird. laser cut.
. Zippo Lighter - 50th Anniversary 2004 with black 2005 Thunderbird and red 55 and "50th Anniversary Ford Thunderbird graphic
. Christmas Ornament 1998 Red glass concept Thunderbird  tree ornament. 3 1/2"  - gift from Jacque Nasser  to special friends & certain Ford employees.  This was just days before the unveiling of the Concept Thunderbird to the public. Designed by Chelsia Lau, Ford designer.  May be other colors.
. Hat 07/00 to
Dream Car Tour tan baseball cap with Dream car logo
.. Leather Driving Gloves Dec 2000 Black leather, with Thunderbird logo; Christmas 2000 gift from Neiman Marcus & Ford  to new owners of the Neiman Marcus edition
. Cashmere Scarf Dec 2000 With Thunderbird logo; Christmas 2000 gift from Neiman Marcus & Ford  to new owners of the Neiman Marcus edition
. Detroit Auto Show Program Jan 2001 Show Talk 2001" Newsletter format; Thunderbird on cover
. Thunderbird Collection . Set of 5 "book's" with various memorabilia - only available to customers with T-birrd orders. This was a dealer ordered item.  . Limited time offer from Ford.
- set of brushed stainless steel bookends with Chrome trimmed porthole window with Thunderbird logo in window
-  Hardcover red book with symbolic pictures
- Personalized Letter "signed" by your dealer
- All enclosed in compartmented black presentation  box
   with graphics - partial Thunderbird emblem
-Set of vinyl clings matching your ordered car
-Yellow hardcover book about car's development
-personalized letter "signed" by your dealer
-brochure for  Thunderbird watch
-black presentation box with graphics
-touchy, feely  blue book - includes sample of Thunderbird blue leeatther,
-personalized letter "signed" by your dealer
-black presentation box with graphics
.White book entitled "Thunderbird Celebrity Survival Guide: Coping With Stardom". It has two chapters: 
  1 - In the Spotlight 2 - Incognito; Each chapter has seven "tongue in cheek" suggestions on surviving your new found celebrity status in owning a Bird. It is silly, but has some nice pics and and funny hints like "When turning over your keys to the valet, take the time to introduce him to Mr. Odometer". On the opposite side it shows a picture of two valets joyriding in a black Bird, top down, through the city streets.
It also came with a model in the color of your car. Mine is blue, but unfortunately the model only has the concept 24 spoke wheels, and a standard black interior.  It also does not include the optional removable hardtop, but is top-down only. scale is 1/25 (description & photo courtesy of ECWilson aka birdbrain)
The Neiman Marcus owners did not receive a car model but  received a photo frame instead.
- Black hardbound blank book for writing about your t-bird experiences
- postcard to order personalized plaque 
(being delivered to those who have received their cars)
Note:when set is complete, presentation boxes arranged in order form a complete graphic !!
Trivia - Someone asked about #'s produced of this collection - unknown to me but would be less than 18,000. Since it could also be divided by color of your car:
less that 200 for the NM owners (why less? - Most owners never got them)
approx 1/3 went to  owners of black cars
approx 1/10 went to owners of white cars
approx 1/9 went to owners of yellow cars
The rest would have gone to owners of blue or red cars.
If there are any stat. experts that have access to the actual #'s produced, I would appreciate knowing
This Set continued to be offered as Door Prizes at various Ford and Thunderbird events thru 2005.
This set was produced by the Walter J Thompson advertising agency and won the IAAA gold for 2001.
. Living Legends T-Shirt 2001 . Black with Thunderbird logo on front and Living Legends logo on back with Thunderbird Blue car.
. Living Legends CDs/Mystery Drive CDs 2001 .. set of 2 CDs from Ford; one with  music, one with photos; in small folder; passed out at Living Legend media tour stops at various Ford dealers or other spots around the country & Canada.  Also passed out on Mystery Drives
. Living Legends Shirt 2001 . Thunderbird blue;  logo. issued to personnel on the LL Tour
. Living Legends NotePad 2001 . Blue Car on front & back  cover, stats on inside plus note paper
. ZIMA Plastic Inflatible 2001 Black with red inside, large, from ZIMA, promotional for their contest listed above; store display
. Launch Notepad 2001 . Launch notepad with stats
. Business Card Holder 2001 pewter with t-bird, from Ford of Canada - sales incentive - hard to find
Drinking glass set
2001 .
Set of 4 drinking glasses with gold outlines of  T-Birds.  They were given as a combination thank you and Christmas gift(2001) to employees at Wixom.  They have a gold outline T-Bird on one side and the names of the UAW President and the Plant Chairman along with the names of the Plant Manager and HR Manager on the other.  They came in a white cardboard box with two cutouts to preview the glasses.  The box is covered with the word "thanks" in English and three other languages printed in various size black letters.  [thanks for the description Cal]
. Bag with Harmonica 2001 Harmonica presented in bag with Thunderbird emblem embellishment - given out at party at House of Blues iin Chicago
. Designer Fashions 2002 . Ford sponsored designer fashions.  See ads in March 2002 magazines.  Clothing, & accessories plus sketches of some of the items were up for auction March thru May.  Accessories included luggage, handbags, sunglasses, belts, & scarves all designed with the Thunderbird in mind. Clothing ranged from casual to evening wear.
. Deck of Cards 1999?
Double deck of cards given to Ford employees.  0ne deck has view of 55 T-bird, other deck has view of Concept black T-bird. Backside has reason for existence
. Baseball 2003 Balitmore Orioles game giveaway June 12, 2003 - black 55 on one side, whisper white 2003 on other side; in clear display cube with card.   part of a series of 4 baseballs given out at that game - Only one was given to each spectator at the ball game.


Memorabilia  - 3 pages to view - Art, Media, and Merchandise
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Data on this page was found by watching ebay, visiting and participating in Thunderbird forums, emails from friends,  and just luck running across an item in the store.

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