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The New Thunderbird
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Listing of Magazines
and books about the Ford T-bird
& Catalogs with covers &/or Articles on the
 NEW  Ford Thunderbird
 If you find a magazine with a cover, article or just pictures of the new Thunderbird, please let me know so I may add to list.
New additions -highlighted with lite blue background

- Alphabetical Listing of  magazines:
MS Word Document -  printer friendly - last updated Nov 25, 02( I don't have time to keep everything up to date)

Texas Highways Feb 2012 no 8 Photo of black retro n front of restaurant in Texas  in "Postcards" column.
Automobile Dec 2011 no 126 Review of RM auction with the sport roadster.
Auto Week June 27, 2011 no 34 Article on Chip Foose mentions his Speedbird
Auto Week August 22, 2011 no 6 photo of sport roadster in article about upcoming R&M auction
Classic Cars & Parts, AutoTraderClassics.com April 2011 yes 12-17 Article by Rick Jensen "Ravelco's Revenge, Installing the Un-defeated Theft Deterrent"  Uses a Torch Red 2002 Thunderbird to illustrate article
(thanks for the magazine, Joe!)
video link related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eLFzM3Ehy1c
MT Management Team Sept 2009 no 49 Photo of a PCR in the Netherlands with it's Dutch owner - magazine is in Dutch
The James Bond Collection 007 - #27 2008 yes 1-16 Magazine issued with 1/43 scale diecast 2002 Ford Thunderbird of car used in the movie Die Another Day
MyFORD Winter 2009 no 2; 27 photo of merlot 04 rear end with trailer hitch and letter from owner, Chuck Chapman;  porthole graphic
Frontline Dec 04/Jan 05 no 8-9 Two page spread on the Cashmere special edition for 05.
Arizona Republic newspaper June 22, 2008 no Car section, Sunday paper article on private owner's Inca Gold tbird with pictureclick on thumbnail to read
Hemmings Classic Car July 2007 no - 56 T-bird 14-33 stock new tbird photos on 23 several articles on the thunderbird thru the years
Diecast X Spring 2007 no 18-19 2-page photo of 02 Blue in article Ragtops and Roadsters
Hertz Hawaii Maps Drive Guide March-June 2005 YES cover photo of red 03  on the beach prominently on cover.
Hemmings Classic Car June 2006 no . Flying High: How Ford's Thunderbird was Born"
Collectible Automobile August 2006 no 83-85, 95 article on the cashmere edition and last year of production
Automobile Oct 2005 no ? part of a one page review of Cars you won't see in 2006
Automotive News Sept 26, 2005 no ? article with picture of Nancy Gioia;
article title was the "100 Leading Women In The North American Auto Industry". 
Draper's & Damon's Summer Catalog thru Sept 2005 yes 2, 3, and 7 Yellow 02 used as backdrop for clothing in catalog
Car Collector June 2005 yes 10-19, 20-24; 33;36-40, Red 05 with 57 bronze  and white 62 SR on cover, 3 Thunderbird articles; ads using early or late T-birds.
Automobile Magazine June 2005 no 24 Small paragraph and photo of YELLOW Thunderbird,
Announcement of discontinued production.
Consumer Reports Best 2005 cars april 2005 no 53   photo with 50th ann color (bronze)
CAR COLLECTOR March 2005 no 46   Ad for Charlotte auto fair, artwork 57 tbird  and ARTICLE "Pillow talk"  picutures of yellow 02, pg 46 
AUTOMOTIVE NEWS  Mar 14, 2005 yes Front page
Front page small paragraph leader about auto suppliers, has picture of Cashmere Tbird front end.  Not carried forward in article
STRUT  . no . local Detroit upscale woman's magazine) Article on women in traditionally men's occupations, photo of woman mechanic in Ford dealership leaning on yellow 02 Thunderbird ...free magazine 
CHROME and FLAME  . no 13 auto enthusiast magazine from Germany , small photo and paragraph about Thunderbird 50th anniversary
Cars & Parts  February 2005 no/yes
1955 on cover
6, 10-11, 20-22, 24-28, 32-37,70-73,76,78,80, 132 Several articles on the Thunderbird including 2 for the 2005, (in bold)
Ford Frontline Dec 04/Jan 05 no 2 page spread on the Cashmere special edition
@ Ford @ Ford - article on Thunderbirds movie vehicle FAB 1 - page 11 plus poster
"Buying and Leasing 2005" by Automobile Magazine  2004 special issue no 95     2 pics  Merlot exterior and of sand interior
Thunderbird Fifty Years  2004 yes by Alan Tast - history of the Thunderbird from 1955 to 2005 - released Sept 2004
Southern Living October 2004 no 99 photo of rear of white 02/03 T-bird on a country road in the fall.
Super Rod June 2004 no centerfold poster of Chip Foose custom 2002 T-bird
Car & Driver "New Car Guide 2004 to June 2004 no 51 photo and description
Consumer Reports
Used Car yearbook
Spring 2004 no 65 suggested price range 2002 @ $ 26 - 28,000, 2003 $30,000 +
Consumer Reports April 2004 no 47 Small photo and paragraph in section listing all 2004 cars and trucks.  Listed as "Recommended".  "Report is mixed though I think inaccurate in topic of body flex, and reliability." quote from Steve Legel
Automotive News Jan 2004 yes cover small photo of 007 edition plus article
Ford Frontline Dec03/Jan 2004 no 20-21 2 page spread on the 04 PCR
Motor Trend Jan 2004 no 126-130 2002 road test verdict with pictures
Ford Frontline Oct/Nov 2003 no 2004 Thunderbird info
Collectible Automobile Feb 2003 no 82-84 2002-2003 Ford Thunderbird: A Sure Thing

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