For Inca Gold Owners

Hi Inca Gold Owners,

An email group has been formed so that you may keep in touch with other owners of this  color edition of the 2005 Ford thunderbird. 

The Color Inca Gold should not be confused with the 2005 color Bronze

Inca Gold is a NON Metallic light yellow color.  Bronze is a metallic light brown color.

Does your 2005 match the color in this picture, 
Inca Gold?
This is INCA GOLD - a YELLOW color
Door Dataplate paint code is BI
or does it match this color, the 2005 Bronze?
This color is called BRONZE
Door Dataplate paint code is T2

You'll find the group at this address:

This is a "private" group, in other words, you must own an Inca Gold Thunderbird to join it.  The site has a small registry just for the owners and a place to load photos of your own Inca Gold and you'll be able to correspond with other Inca Gold owners.   They are so rare that you may be able to  find something on yours that most other Inca Gold owners do not have.  Membership must be approved to join - vin# verification is required

I also encourage you to join Thunderbird Nest (TBN) at  to find out about other new T-bird Owners in your neck of the woods. 

I also encourage you to participate in local and national events that get posted on the TBN. You'll find event information on the Events page

Inca Gold Yahoo Group

A Line of Dots

Known Facts about the Inca Gold 2005 color. Only 82 were built.  Approximately 1/3 have the partial white interior but only 7 have it with the white hardtop. Two IGs were built in February 2005, the rest were built from late April thru the 1st of July.

We've had several comments from people about how much they like this color.