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The New Thunderbird.

Our 2002 in Thunderbird Blue with Performance White Top
The New Thunderbird


C.T.C.I. Convention

June 27-July2

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A highlight of any convention are the tours that the host club sets up for the participants.  However, this time there was a tour set up outside of the convention, the day before the convention started.  As so many people were traveling at the same time and converging on the same area of the country at the same time, a special tour of the Harley Davidson factory & museum in York, Pennsylvania became part of the experience for a number of those driving their Thunderbirds.  We were not able to participate but Joy, aka yellowwing1 on the 02 forums was able to hook up with the group for a photo session at the motel as they were preparing to leave for the tour.  She sent along these 3 photos:

We arrived at the convention on Thursday.  Friday was set up to be a full day of touring.  Tours were also scheduled for Saturday, Sunday & Monday.  A driving tour was set up for Sunday afternoon, the day of the Concours. 

Places to tour were the Thomas Edison Mansion and Lab; New York City Sightseeing; Radio City Music Hall; Atlantic City Casino/Beach trip; Washington's Headquarters, Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island,  and a couple of shopping trips (always popular with the women).  Buses provided the transportation for all except the driving tour.  We only participated in a Saturday tour and opted to do the driving tour on Monday since we didn't need the extra points for the judged touring cars.

  Thomas Edison Tour - Saturday  - at the Mansion

View of house
off the bus Bedroom upstairs Scott McGilvrey, Les, Don, George Another bedroom Library
Tiffany Window in Staircase Several plaques are around the estate explaining the different structures so you may take an unguided tour.
Part II of tour - The Edison Labs
Beginning of tour [note how close everyone is standing - it's mid morning and still cool] Thomas Edison's Lab Library - 3 stories surrounding room Thomas Edison's Desk - as he left it - our guide behind the desk Machine Shop Machine Shop
Chemistry Lab Replica of Movie Studio built in late 1890's Turn Table for movie studio so it could follow the sun during a day's shooting. End of tour [note how far apart the crowd is now - it's hot out] Leaving the Edison Labs

George Lang, Kathi McGilvray, 

   Driving Tour:  took place on Sunday, the day of the Concours.  All of the "Touring" class cars needed to participate to earn the extra 10 points that is added to their judging score.  It really makes a difference in the placement for any touring cars that don't complete the tour.  As our car was for display only, we opted to take the tour the following day - however, one of the main attractions on the tour was closed on Monday so we didn't get the full benefit of the 30 mile driving tour.  The following are pictures taken on our tour:
Swap meet going on in parking lot as we left for tour Several deer were spotted along the route, yet this was a highly residential area Old log cabins at Jockey Hollow Canon at Fort Nonsense
at Fort Nonsense at Fort Nonsense at Fort Nonsense Steam train exhibit near the hotel

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