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The New Thunderbird.


Our 2002 in Thunderbird Blue with Performance White Top
The New Thunderbird


C.T.C.I. Convention

June 27-July2

All photos are clickable for larger views

Some of the 02s

Note:  Never did tell you where we started from on this trip.  We're from the southwest - DFW area or Dallas/Ft. Worth, TEXAS if you don't recognize the initials.  The odometer reading was 31349 the morning we left the Ft. Worth area.  Our odometer has a 10% error factor so must add 10% more miles to the total shown on the odometer.  I'll go thru this again on the last page in the series when I give the total driven miles on the trip.
After arrival, we were "spotted" on the show field, i.e., given our designated spot to display our car.  I don't know if it was coincidence or not, but the two cars behind ours were also "willow green".  The blue 57 in the background is Patrick's - on the day of the concours.
The rest of the time he drove his  02 black . 
Then I went about my business - tracking the 02's that came in.  When the owners were around, I'd get their picture.  Below are 10 more out of the 22 that showed up in the first four days of the show.
Allan & Jane Brier from Massachusetts Lucille & Ken Harvey from New Jersey  David Trucksess from Minnesota Gary Blake from New Jersey
Jay is talking with Sal
Bob Walker's from North Carolina Sal Parisi from New Jersey Zambon from Illinois

Has had car since Aug. 7 2001; built in June

Jay Favia from New Jersey with his Neiman Marcus
  Bob & Phyllis Leach's -  driven all the way from Washington State Ford's New York Region  display car  
This is how quite a few of the 55-57 Thunderbirds arrive at a show like this.  The area our car was parked in though was for driven cars.  Some were driven from as far as California, Oregon & Washington
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