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Carlisle 2001
Launch Party
More Red
Mystery Drive
Pebble Beach
Thunderbird blue
Your Rides
Yellow Concept Diecast Model - 1/18th
The New Thunderbird

Mystery Drives

During late July, August and September, 2001, Ford allowed owners waiting for delivery a chance to test drive these cars.  Test drives were set up in several major cities around the states. Future owners were called to set up appointments to drive the cars.    Five cars were at each location - 1 of each color.   Drivers & navigators were given a set of directions to follow aided by the trip odometer on the dash.  Length of drives varied from 10 to 20 miles depending on location.  Times were set so drives could be completed within an hour so the next group of drivers could start.  Woe to the drivers that came in late!

Drives were coordinated by the Carlson Marketing Group.

Check Link page
for photos/videos of drives that have been completed

Chicago - July
Wellesley, Massachusetts - August
New York - 8/22-9/2
Philadelphia - 9/6-9/9
Washington DC - 9/20-9/23  CANCELLED - 
                  events of 09/11/01 forced cancellation
Bloomfield Open Hunt Club, Michigan - July
Pt. Reyes, CA - August
Los Angeles - 8/15-8/26
Dallas - 8/29-9/9
Miami - 9/19-9/25 - SHORTENED!!
If you are ever in a nostalgic mood to take one of these drives with your new Thunderbird, I have received the written directions for all but the Washington DC drives and will be happy to email whichever set you would like to try out.

  Photos from the Drive in Dallas - September, 2001

thunderbird blue display screen all lined up ready to go truck hauler tour coordinator Lisa
on the route evening black inspiration yellow with white hardtop
My Favorite Picture
Our 57 in the background and a new one in the foreground
torch red whisper white

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