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Carlisle 2002
Launch Party
More Red
Mystery Drive
Pebble Beach - Custom
Thunderbird blue
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The New Thunderbird

Pebble Beach
August 17-19, 2001
 Photos by RDH
New York Auto Show

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photo by RDH photo by RDH
Ford's Custom Thunderbird 
in Dark Shadow Gray metallic 
Halibrand wheels
Interior in "Sienna & ebony"
. .
photo by RDH
Thunderbird blue drawing a crowd

New York Auto Show 2002
photos by Steve Chirico

Is this the Gun Metal Grey
we will see in 2003?
The custom color above is named Dark Shadow Grey in the press releases.

The 2003 colors have been announced and Mountain Shadow Gray - a metallic, is one of the new colors
This is a color that would really look outstanding with the 2002 dark grey interior and red accents.

Owners of 57 gunmetal grey Thunderbirds, typically do their interiors in red making a very striking color combination.

This is the "Custom" Interior.
Color (Sienna)
Don't you just love rumors?!  A "saddle" leather has definitely been added for the 2003 interior choices 


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