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The New  Ford Thunderbird
Retro Colors
Classic 55
Classic 56
Classic 57
Classic & Retro Colors
2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 
Ford Thunderbird
If you have photographed a pair of retro and vintage or classic Thunderbirds of the same or similar color together, please send me a photo.  My email address shows up if you scroll down that page.
The Concepts
Yellow Stereo view for X-eyed viewing - photos By Dot 1999
1955 Golden Rod
Red photo by Martin Brugmans 1999
1959 Brandy Wine Red
photo by Skip Panowitz 1999
1955 Torch Red
Black X

2002 Colors
Torch Red* by Paul Thomas
1955 Torch Red
1957 Torch Red
Evening Black*
1957 Raven Black
photo by Geoff from Calgary, Alberta
1959 White
Graphic by Nat Santamaria
1957 Colonial White

1955 Snowshoe White

1956 Golden Glow
by Dot
1956 Golden Glow
photo by Wes
1957 Sun Gold
Jim Campbell photographer at Thunder Fever 2005
1955 Thunderbird Blue
photo by Dot
1956 Peacock Blue
photo by Geoff from Calgary
1962 Acapulco blue 

1957 Azure Blue

2003 Colors
Torch Red* X
Photo by Luis M Arguelles , Puebla, Mexico
1955 Raven Black
photo by Joe Moore
1956 Raven Black

1957 Raven Black
photo by Thomas Hiller
1957 Colonial White
03 rustyfrye - photo by Dot
1957 Gunmetal Grey
photo by Skip
1957 Gunmetal Grey
Desert Sky Blue photo by Dot
1957 Starmist blue
007 Coral photo by Brian Metzger
1956 Fiesta Red

2004 Colors
Torch Red*
1961 Red with Sand soft tops
with Sand soft tops - photo by Dot
1957 Raven Black
with sand/tan soft tops
Platinum Silver* X
photo by Vickie Neville aka Dizzbe
1955 custom paint
Vintage Mint Green X
Ice Blue X
Monterey Mist X

2005 Colors
Torch Red* photo by Paul Thomas
1955 Torch Red
Evening Black* X
Platinum Silver* X
Med. Steel Blue X
Bronze X
Inca Gold
by Dot
1957 Inca Gold
Exact same cars in both photos
These 2 pictures are of the same 2 cars under different lights - amazing how light changes colors photo by James Perry
1957 Inca Gold
Two 57s from Amos Minter's collection
front to back: 
1957 Inca Gold (original paint)
1957 Sun Gold
2005 Inca Gold
Cashmere X

* denotes same color used in other years.

Diecast Model Pairs (just for fun)
Adventures of SAFFRON
2009 Saffron tour
Saffron and Mel o'Yello
2002 and 1956


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