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The Classic 1957 Ford Thunderbird
Body Colors 

Interior Colors
Real cars in their real colors

BUT your monitor color settings may be different than mine.  What does this mean?  The colors may appear different on your monitor. 
Also, lighting affects the colors as you will see on many of the photos.
Do not use this site to match a color paint.

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Flame Red (V)
Raven Black (A) aftermarket Kelsey Hayes wheels
Colonial White (E)
Starmist Blue (F)
Starmist next to Azure Blue
Willow Green (J)

note - all 3 photos are the same car, same paint job

taken late afternoon
NON-stock color softtop
taken on cloudy day
NON-stock color softtop
taken in bright sunlight
Gunmetal Gray Iridescent(N
from Sept 1956
photo by L. Root - non-stock cont'l kit and headlight brows Do you have a stock grey T-bird?  I need more photos.  Thanks.
Inca Gold (Y)
Coral Sand (Z)  
Thunderbird Bronze Iridescent (Q)

note, bronze car in foreground of enlarged 2nd photo is the same car as the 1st photo - lighting makes a difference.  Note how lighting really affects this metallic color in photos.  
ps - contrary to my previous statement on this page, there is another metallic color for the 57s, Gunmetal Gray is a metallic color.

Dusk Rose (X) photo by Dr John, radio talk show host at
Mid Year Introduction
Gunmetal Gray Iridescent(H)
earliest known- May 1957*
photo by Tony D photo by Tony D - non-stock continental kit - aftermarket photo by Justin Minter of
Late 1957 Colors - September to December 1957
Sun Gold (G)
Torch Red (R)
Azure Blue (L)
after Oct 14, 1957

This is the same car as on the 
right side of photo to your right.

Starmist on left, Azure Blue on right
Seaspray Green (N)
after Oct 14, 1957
  Note - Hardtops could be either porthole or non-porthole.  Non-Porthole had the new-for-1957,  Thunderbird emblem:

There were also "primer" and "special" colors.
* After conversation with Gil Baumgartner, CTCI concours chairman and authenticity guide auther, who has been studying the various colors thru data plate & factory invoice information.  (Bet he would have loved to have had internet info from the 50's that we have now for the new Thunderbirds)

Interior Colors - 1957

Raven Black/Colonial White (XA)
Flame Red (XH)

Note non-porthole hardtop

Thunderbird Bronze (XJ)  
Colonial White (XK)
Cumberland Green/Willow Green (XM)
Dresden Blue / Starmist Blue (XL)
Note on door panels of the 57s - Lower part of panel has the Thunderbird emblem embossed throughout.
Note on seat back: Middle of seat back on the very early 57s (thru Dec 56) have an embossed emblem matching the emblem in the middle of the steering wheel.  This is a popular emblem and you may find it on just about any 57 that has had seat covers replaced if it's not being shown in the "original concours" class at CTCI events.  More trivia on this embossed emblem: When originally done, this emblem was heat set into the vinyl and tore out quickly which is why FMC had it replaced with seat covers bearing no emblem for the rest of the 57 production.  A new method for embossing the emblem into vinyl appeared in the late 70s, early 80s thus this treatment to the seats became the popular choice for restorers. 

C.T.C.I.'s Early Bird Magazine, January/February issue 2005 has an excellent article on the color combinations available on the 55-57 T-birds.  These include hardtop color choices & interior color choices available with the different body colors. 


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