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The Classic 1955 Ford Thunderbird
Body Colors 

Interior Colors
Real cars in their real colors

BUT your monitor color settings may be different than mine.  What does this mean?  The colors may appear different on your monitor. 
Also, lighting affects the colors as you will see on many of the photos.
Do not use this site to match a paint color.

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Torch Red (R)

Same color as the 2002-2005 Torch Red Thunderbird

Raven Black (A)
Thunderbird Blue (T)

This color shares the same name but not the same color as the 2002 Ford Thunderbird Blue

Mid Year Introduction
Snowshoe White (E)
Earliest known date: Feb. 1955
Goldenrod Yellow (V)
Earliest known date: April 1955
  Note - All hardtops, as they came from the factory, on 1955 Ford Thunderbirds, were NON-porthole.  The hardtop color matched the body color. There were also "primer" and "special" colors for the body - noted on the VIN # plate by special codes.
All 1955 softtops were black canvas. 

Interior Colors - 1955

In the photos below, you will find seat belts however, they were not available even as an option on the '55, just a necessary adjustment the owners have made to feel comfortable driving their '55s.
Black/White (XA)
Red/White (XB)
Turquoise/White (XC)
Black/Yellow (XD)

Dash Comparisons
Seat Comparisons

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