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 2008 2009  events - places to cruise your  new Ford Thunderbird to, such as a Route 66 tour, TBN,  ITC or VTCI event or local events
Your Input  wanted & needed - contact Dot -
Date Type Location - City, State, address Contacts, Time, costs, etc.
. . Saffron's Travels continue Follow on TBN
29 evening event Richardson, TX Tour of  Auto Museum
. . Saffron's Travels continue Follow on TBN
6 evening event Biff Buzzby's, San Antonio, TX Follow on TBN
7 day event Pappasito's, Richardson, TX follow on TBN
8 day event Pappasito's, Marietta, GA Annual event since 2002 - #9
. . Saffron's Travels continue Follow on TBN
20-23 weekend event Hot Springs, Arkansas See TBN - you may have to register to view details<
Saffron's Travels continue Follow on TBN
4/29-5/03 long Weekend event Wilmington, NC Carolinas Battleship Thunderbird - see TBN for details
4/29-5/03 long Weekend event Wilmington, NC Carolinas Battleship Thunder - See TBN for details - you may have to register to view details if you're not a TBN member
. . Saffron's Travels continue Follow on TBN
8-10 weekend event CapeCod, MA New England Chapter of TBN
5/09 day event Ottawa, Ontario, Canada follow on TBN
. . Saffron's Travels continue follow on TBN
4-7 long Weekend event Oklahoma City, OK VTCI regional event .  It is the same time as the Red Earth Festival; Soonertbird club has been asked to have 'Birds in the R.E.F. parade.
5-7 long weekend event Carlisle, PA All Ford Nationals
14 Day Event Shaker Villiage, Canterbury, NH Thunderama 2009 - TBN info here postponed to October 18
19-21 long Weekend event Portland, CT Portholes in Portland, see TBN for details
25 Weekend event
8-9 weekend event Ft. Worth, TX Yellow Rose Classic all Ford show
9 Day event Shrewsbury, MA MCCNE
23-30 week event Lockport-Niagra Falls, NY ITC International Convention
30 day event Eatonville, WA 30th ANNUAL T’BIRD PICNIC
3rd ANNUAL “Tour dé Picníc”
Sunday, Au gus t 30, 2009
Time: 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM
The tradition continues! This year’s All T’bird Picnic will again be held at Glacier View Park in Eatonville. The panoramic view of Mt. Rainier is a great feature of this park, and it offers a neat backdrop as we display our classic and vintage cars on the spacious grounds. This is an open invitation to all T’bird clubs, members, and guests. We enjoy the group that travels up from Oregon, as well as members from the “Big Bird” clubs who attend. Welcome, one and all! It will be potluck style. Bring a favorite dish, salad, or dessert, along with your own table service. There are picnic tables, electrical services, and accommodations for keeping food
warm or cold. Bottled water and coffee will be provided. This year our driving tour starts out in Renton
and takes a scenic back-roads route through Buckley and Orting and then on to Eatonville for our picnic. See all the details on the left. Directions: Upon entering the town of Eatonville, on Hwy 161, look for Carter Street. Turn right on Carter and go five blocks to Fir Street. This will be the entrance to Glacier View Park.
PLEASE NOTE: There are some picnic tables for seating, but we’re in need of extra portable chairs.
Let us know if you have any we can use that day. Thank You!
8-11 long weekend event Chatanooga, TN Choo-Choo Thunder - TBN
18 Day Event Canterbury, New Hampshire  Thunderama  message 96 on TBN
 for the 16th Annual Thunderama. The Canterbury Shaker Museum will again host this premiere event for Thunderbirds in the Northeast that will attract over 150 T-Birds from all the New England states, NY, NJ, NC, VA and the Canadian provinces. The event is open to ALL Thunderbirds, regardless of year. The show is a judged show with the emphasis on fun rather than a serious nut and bolt inspection. Cars will assemble on the village green for display and judging.
4-10 Hardtop Relay #15 Michigan to Alabama TBN - white hardtop
7 day event central Florida Florida cruise - TBN

Read the Thunderbird Nest Forum, VTCI events, or ITC events, or CTCI events  for more information on coming events and get involved in some of the events being planned there.
off topic but interesting to know:  List of "New Car" Auto Shows for 2009

Past Years Events:2004   |  2005 | 2006 (sorry didn't keep tabs on the 02 and 03 events)

Drive-In Movies anyone?  Here's a link for you.  http://www.drive-ins.com/

For PA and NY area general car show events, check this website: show dates in the north east.

For TX events, check out the Texas Chapter on the TBN
New North Texas club forming in the Lake Texoma area

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