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The New Thunderbird
 Color pages
2005 T-bird
All Colors
Inca Gold
   Platinum Silver
2005 Golden Anniversary (50 years) for the Ford Thunderbird
Celebrating it with views of the Bronze 2005 Thunderbird.

 2005 Ford

Bronze Metallic
T2 color code

Bronze is a 2005 year only color, built during the entire 2005 model year production time from July 2004 to July 2005. 

There were 1396 built. 

Color code (it's on the driver's door tag) is T2. 

Featured car on the 2005 Thunderbird Brochure.

This color should never be confused with the Inca Gold 2005 Thunderbird color

Cover of 2005 Ford Thunderbird brochure
click 4 detailed pdf file of color statistics

Note that the Bronze with a sand interior is the most popular conbination for the Bronze color.  Be aware though, the softtop requires special and constant cleaning care.

Interior Colors  2005 Softtop Colors  2005 Hardtop Colors  2005
  • Midnight Black standard: all leather,  Deluxe & Premium* 
  • Black accent: lacquer painted shift knob and upper 3rd of steering wheel: Deluxe & Premium 
  • Midnight black 
  • Bronze
  • Light Sand Package includes sand Softtop, sand leather covered steering wheel, black mats trimmed in sand color, black stitching on the fully colored sand seats; Premium only.  Dash trim is  bronze tones over the tiny triangles in the trim.  Painted flat parts of doors & center console are bronze toned. Sand boot is optional.
  • Sand
  • Bronze
            * Premium: 7 blade chrome wheels OR machined 16 spoke wheels; heated seats, with or without hardtop.
              Deluxe: painted 16 spoke wheels; no heated seats, no hardtop.
If you would like your new Thunderbird's picture on the web, just email a digital photo of  your T-bird to me.  Include your name, city and/or state that you & your car reside in.  Include any other information you'd like to post with your photo (except "for sale" info)   I will be limiting photos to one per owner.
There are also pages for your specialized License Plates (3 pages worth).  I will put your plate on one if you send me a digital photo.
Photos by owners. Click on photos for larger views:
Greg's from Knoxville, TN

Lucian's in Santa Fe, NM
TBN Thunderbird of the Month for October 2011
Jim's at the Atlantic Ocean, Ponce Inlet, Florida 
Rick's at Ford's World Headquarters in 2010
Trophied at Car Shows
Randy's on Parade
with Veteran
Top down view
2005 Ford Thunderbird bronze with bronze hardtop
Elle's from Virginia
Goldie with Sand Softup up
Randy & Cindy's 
from Minnesota
Bronze - note the added chrome to taillights and wheel wells
Bronze with added black hardtop
Marilyn's with Black Hardtop**
Bronze convertible
Don's from Louisiana
No telling where you'll find a Bronze Thunderbird
In a salvage yard
Preproduction Car
Preproduction 2005 T'bird

**Black hardtop is not stock color for the Bronze but hardtops can be repainted or bought from another owner.

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