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  The following are all OEM or accessories that were available when the TC was new. 
OEM Tool Kit - loose in spare tire compartment behind seats; contains:
Bandaids, tape, gloves, pliers, screwdriver, Victorinox double bladed pocket knife

OEM Umbrella - attached by clips on the underside of the spare tire compartment.  Intended to be in all 3 years but many were never there when new. 1989 owners had the most probability of finding them in their car when new.  Umbrellas and tool kits were placed in the cars during prep after overseas shipment from Italy.

Umbrella was made in Italy, is black in black leather case.

OEM Long shafted key is the trunk key - for all 3 years.
Normal shafted key  is the one sided key for the 1989 TCs
OEM 1990-1991 key - double sided
Accessory - Crystal Keys - for 1989(single sided) & 1990-1991(double sided) - part of a new warranty program for Chrysler at the time - Many owners bought the key for their TCs.

Promotional - 1/43 scale TC pewter model given to some customers by dealers.  Many were not given out, and were later given to TCA to pass on as club saw fit.  This is the only known official model of the TC.
Promotional - TC dash plaque - available to new owners for free - # indicates order the engraver received the request for the plaque from the dealer after car was sold.Gold plated.
No picture Resin Model Kit by Alezan - 1/43 scale - AZ234K "Maserati Chrysler TC 1987" ; - Maade in France - prototype (concept) model
this particular sign was displayed at a Dallas dealership Dealer's Lighted Sign for dealership sales display room.  Double sided. size 36" high x 28"wide x 6" deep.  Hung by chain

Brochures and Manuals
Photo Year Description
Magazine Date Photo Description
Hemmings Sports & Exotic Cars Magazine September 2011 International Luxury in a Turbo Coupe by Mike Bumbeck,
Special Interest Autos Magazine #184 July/August 2001 Sleeper Vehicle
Other Collectibles
Photo Description
Wine glass with TC on glass from TCA event.  I don't remember the year!  1995? 1997?
Coffee mug from TCA in black with gold trim and TC 
Coffee mug from TCA in white with gold trim and TC 

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