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Chrysler's TC by Maserati

Model Descriptions & Photos

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..Garland, Texas
1991 Exotic Red  (30KB)
Exotic Red Clear Coat

available with black or ginger interior

 A unique 2-passenger auto commissioned in 1984 by Chrysler for Maserati of Italy to build,  but didn't make it to market until 1989.  Only five years, but autos changed quite a bit in styling during that period.
Garland, Texas
Light Yellow (16KB)
Light Yellow Clear Coat
Available with ginger or black interior
What had looked like a unique, new model in 1984 came out looking like copies of the 1987 Chrysler LeBaron.  Both are beautiful cars and fill their own niche in automotive history.  The model had been scheduled to be in customer hands for the 1987 model year but problems arose, delaying it's introduction by 2 more years.
Southlake, Texas
Royal Cabernet (17KB)
Royal Cabernet Clear Coat
1989 only
Available with ginger or Bordeaux interior
Only 7300 of the TC's were actually built.  They  were available in 5 body colors and 3 interior colors and 2 choices of soft top color. 

500 of the autos came with a special Maserati built engine and Getrag 5-speed transmission and they are a blast to drive

the ginger interior has a gold pin stripe along the body side,
the burgandy interior has a "pink" metallic pin stripe on the body

. In 1988 Chrysler sold it's interest in Maserati and limited their order for the cars to the original contract -  7300.  The cars were doomed ttto end before they ever reached the customer.
White Sands, New Mexico:
Black (11KB)
Black Clear Coat
1990 and 1991
available with black or ginger interior
Every car comes standard with a removeable hardtop and an attached softtop which folds back into a small well - True convertibles.
Little Elm, Texas
Artic White (17KB)
Artic White Clear Coat
1990 and 1991
available with black or ginger interior
The hardtop also has round portholes reminescent of Ford's early classic Thunderbird.  But where are the hardtops you ask?!!
Around Texas we run with the hardtop off so we can take advantage of the sun whenever possible.


Snohomish, Washington
Ginger Interior (25KB)
Ginger interior 
Royal Cabernet exterior
Pure luxuary autos, they have all-leather interiors in colors of black, ginger, or bordeaux.  Bordeaux interiors are only found in Royal Cabernet cars which were only available in 1989 except for ONE, a  Chrysler executive special order - a 1991 artic white with bordeaux interior and Maserati engine. - last car built.
The soft tops come in either black or tan.  The hardtops match the body color.

There are only 5 body colors. See the OEM list for details.  There was a 6th color contemplated but pulled due to paint quality issues.

Zillah, Washington - Apple & Wine country
Black & ginger Soft tops (18KB)
Both cars are actually the same color with different color soft tops.  Royal Cabernet is a very dark color and photographs black depending on angle of light
near Fredricksburg, Texas
Porthole Hardtop (11KB)
 another winery
Hardtop at left is from Texas and the hardtop at right is from Florida.  Not often that you find the hardtops on the cars in Sunshine States.
Florida car  with porthole hardtop on (11kb)
In 1996 we had a National Convention in Dallas and gathered all the participants at the Texas Stadium (home of the Cowboys) for a group photo.  Below we are setting up for the final shot.
Texas Stadium Parking Lot (30KB)

Above for Stereo Viewing - Parallel method - 
Click on image to view with X-eye method
wine tour - (12KB)
Italian cars must take wine tours
Yakima Valley - Washington State
View (9KB)
A view from Carlsbad, New Mexico
Blue Bonnets - the Texas State Flower
Steer in pasture of blubonnets (40KB)
Strictly TEXAS
A drive down a country road in Texas in April
Blubonnets (22KB)

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