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1989 Royal Cabernet - Click on pic to view larger image 110K
Chrysler's TC by Maserati
Updated Jan 2020  Over the last few years, sites have disappeared or changed addresses.
Many of the below may no longer work.  I'm in process of cleaning them up..
My Favorite Related Links:
Club & Forums
TC America THE National Club for the Chrysler TC by Maserati: newsletter, yearly convention, parts help,  discussion forum, etc...

Chrysler'sTCbyMaserat email newsgroup semi active.



Personal  & Photo Sites

White 91 TC Photos
Red TC Photos on Tabblo
Last TC built
Cars: White TC
My TC Toy: yellow TC - contribute your photos and own personal story about your TC and it may be added to his contributor pages.
Custom: Chyrsler owner
Comparison with Ford's 2002 Thunderbird

Join TCA and  the  Discussions or  email groups above

The TC Pages Technical, cosmetic care & history pages. - Site no longer actively exists but can be found on an archive website

For Mechanical/Tech. questions, contact "Hemi"

Turbo Mopar


Chrysler TC Parts Used, new and NOS parts 

Arizona Parts

Odometer Gears: place to get them


http://tc-maserati.info/   leather replacements for seats, don't know anything about the source.

Chief Program Engineer Interview 2013

AutoWeek article - not particularly flattering

International Luxury in a Turbo Coupe by Mike Bumbeck, Sept. 2011 Hemmings Sports and Exotic Car Magazine; 6 pages with photos

On CNN Money: Chrysler's TC by Maserati  Photo and caption Sept 2011
Chrysler TC by Maserati by Jeff Koch, May 2010 Hemmings Sports & Exotics Magazine
Allpar.com - Some more history of the TC & extensssive Chrysler site

The Writings of Len Frank early article on the TC 
 De Tomaso 
Review of USA/Italian joint ventures
From Canadian Driver article:  Motoring Memories: Chrysler TC by Maserati, 1988-1990, April 3, 2009
From ConceptCarz  article
From Automotive Traveler: Chrysler's Italian Diversions, May 14, 2009
Ferrari enthusiast viewpoint "Ferrari's Little Brother: Tracing Maserati to Today" Interesting comments about Chrysler/Maserati relationship in the late 80s.
 From Canadian Driver: Feature: Were They Really Duds?
The Chrysler TC Convertibles Roadster article Sept. 2003
Wikipedia entry

Cars on Ebayebay (Wikipedia) info for buyers

TC on How Stuff Works
Classic Maserati Exhibition
New York Times Article November 17 1989: end of TC announced
Chryslerati ~ photos & comments
New York Times Article Dec 10, 1987: plans to release TC 

Misc. Info

Alldata's Service Bulletin Information 
This is a listing of Technical Service Bullitens to help the mechanic fix a problem on a TC. There were NO recalls on any of the 3 years of the TC according to NHTSAThe closest to a recall is on  ONE aftermarket repair product  in 2007/2008. "AFTERMARKET BALL JOINT ASSEMBLIES SHIPPED BETWEEN NOVEMBER 9, 2007 AND MARCH 26, 2008" 

MSN/ Kelley Blue Book value guide

Maserati Links: opzijnbest.nl   foreign link site

Book -Comeback: The Fall and Rise of the American Automobile Industry by Paul Ingrassia & Joseph White - 1995 - 

Lee Carducci  engineer on the Chrysler TC by Maserati project

FBBO - B Body Classic Mopar Forum  &nnbsp; www.forbbodiesonly.com

Barracuda - Challenger Classic Mopar Forum &nbssp;  www.forebodiesonly.com

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