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Chrysler's TC by Maserati

Touring Convertible
Standard & Optional Equipment

Equipment 1989 1990 1991
Removeable Porthole Hardtop w/  power lockdown to rear deck All All All
Softtop, lined w/glass rear window, manual w/ power lock down to rear deck All All All
Air Conditioning All All All
Power Steering All All All
AirBag - Driver's side only None All All
4 Wheel Disk Brakes All All All
Transmission: Automatic standard standard All**
      Manual GETRAG 5-speed 
          (500 total)
standard w/16V engine only yes w/16V engine only unavailable**
Engines:  2.2L, 4cyl.; automatic standard no no
     2.2L, 4 cyl. 16Valve; manual optional (limited) available (limited) no **
     3.0L, 6cyl.; automatic no available All**
Tachometer All All All
Engine Compartment light All All All
Power Windows All All All
Power Door Locks All All All
Remote Trunk release All All All
Remote Gas Flap release All All All
Tilt Steering Wheel All All All
Cruise Control All All All
Leather Seats All All All
Power Seats All All All
AM/FM Radio/Cassette Player All All All
CD Player* optional optional optional
Rear Window Defroster on hardtop All All All
15" Alloy wheels All All All
Tires: West German Michelin 
P205/60VR15 radials
All All All
Body Colors: Royal Cabernet yes no no
    Clear Coat Black no yes yes
    Exotic Red yes yes yes
    clear coat yellow yes yes yes
    Artic white no yes yes
Interior Colors: Bordeaux yes no no **
       Ginger yes yes yes
       Black no yes yes
Soft Top Colors: Ginger vinyl 
                         Black cloth
Tool Kit & umbrella All*** All*** All***
*CD player was supposed to be Standard but somewhere along the line, it was dropped as standard equipment.  Owner's Manual has it listed  as standard equipment.  Dealer installed item.

** A Chrysler Executive special order -  - a white w/burgandy interior & 16Valve engine - car is registered as a 1990 though it's documented as the last car built.  It was built from parts inventory - not from the scheduled builds. - LAST car built. There is controversy over whether 500 or 501 Maserati head engines were built.  Data supports 500 even though "last" car built was not a scheduled build.  With attrition, it's a moot point. 

*** Not shipped from overseas in the cars but supposed to have been placed in all, when cars were first prepped at stateside, however, that did not always happen and many cars were missing one or the other or both, particularly by the last year of production .  The Umbrella snapped into a holder on the underside of the lid of the spare tire chest.  Tool kit lay loose in the same compartment.


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