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Ride N Drive Notebook from May 2001

Picked up a Ride N Drive Notebook that I've never seen before.  It came out for the 2001 Journalist Ride n Drive in May of that year. Printed by FMC.   Rumor has it that 100 cars were used or maybe it was 100 journalists.  I don't know.  It took place along the coast of California and this notebook has the route directions for the event, all neatly printed with space for notes along the way.  Think it might be a good road trip for some group in Calif. to follow.  It appears to be similar to the Mystery Drives that owners were able to take later that summer in several locations around the US.  We went on one held in the Dallas area but our directions were on a couple of sheets of copy paper.  Nothing fancy like this notebook which also has several different standard graphics of the retro in white, red, and blue.

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