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Aftermarket products on your t-bird

Question posed by Dan: 

 if I add any of the after market
accesories does it damage the resale or intrinsic value of the car?

Most of them don't change the car and can be removed and replaced by OEM parts.  As long as you don't have to drill holes, you should be fine. Even holes can be filled in in later years if someone wants to go back to stock.

Chroming parts may limit your market though so it might be worth it to have an unchromed spare of whatever part you have chromed around for resale.

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Hi Kathleen
Looks like I overlooked your message but really can't help you much about that. Trailers have been added to these 'birds on an individual basis. Last week, I was in New Orleans and a friend had attached his motorcycle trailer to his Thunderbird but did so with a custom hitch.


I have the first year little thunderbird 2002 I think. I just recently saw on a car hauler in south Florida on US 41 heading south a Thunderbird with an attached litle bubble trailer. Where can I buy this.

Tom, You've got the right site but wrong blog... this would have been a better place to ask: http://portholeauthority.com/blog1/2007/08/find_out_what_date_your_tbird.html#comments

Order Date: 6/4/2003
Date Built: 8/11/2003
At Dealer: 8/22/2003
Date Sold: 6/18/2004 Sold by Brannen Ford, Byron, GA
Your 2004 premium mint green, MG hardtop, partial white interior, SST, 7 spoke chrome wheels is one of only 76 made like that.

I have recently purchased a 2004 Mint Green Tbird. I was wanting to find out how many were made to the specifications. The vin # is 1FAHP60A24Y101208 If this is not the correct place to ask this question could someone please direct me to the proper site? Thanks Tom

[b]You didn't state what part of the interior is rubbing off - seats, arm rests, etc...
I would suggest contacting "Color Plus" on the internet -- colorplus.com. They specialize in dying & refurbishing (color matching) Leather and should be able to help you if it's the leather portion or tell you where to go for the vinyl portion.[/b]

I have a 2004 evening black with sand. The color is wearing off and I had it resprayed once. It had to be color matched. The respray is also wearing off. Any ideas where I can get some good upholstery paint in the sand color that will stick? I couldn't find the color with the on-line paint providers.

Hi Robyn,
try posting your ad on thunderbirdnest.com

I own a 2004 Pacific Coast Roadster, Monterey Mist, complete with hard top and convertible, alloy wheels, leather interior, pristine condition. I am the original owner. The mileage is 22,000. I am interested in selling. Does anyone have any interest or suggestions as to where to post my ad?

Thank you, Robyn Petersen

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