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Retrobird diecasts for 2006

There hasn't been much out for a couple of years for the retrobird collector.  Maisto is still carrying 3 color combinations in their 1:18th scale and a few vendors do keep them in stock.

Meanwhile, High Speed has produced one in 1/87th scale.  It's been marketed under several brands, most recently by Malibu International who has given Walmart stores exclusive marketing for the model.  It's labeled a 2003 and can be found in colors of black, red, bright turquoise (if you're a 1956 model fan, you'd call it Peacock Blue), silver, and now a dark blue.

I just visited Minichamps website and found that they'll be releasing a new color for their retrobird model (1/43 scale) sometime in December.  Their website did not mention the color though.

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Maisto is looking into producing a 3" scale model of the retrobird.
Read and comment on their BLog about your thoughts:

Received word that Malibu International 1/87th model can be found in yellow now. There's also a dark blue available. Both come in 5 paks of cars.

The Malibu International 1/87th model is out in a new color now - British Racing Green - a dark green. It has a black interior. I forgot to mention, there's also a silver model that's been out for awhile. In August it started being marketed with a small trailer home.

Cararama has a yellow 1/43 scale 02 and a yellow 1/72 topless models plus a 1/72 black topless 02 model out now.

Out last spring but very hard to find is a 1/72 scale T-bird that is black with silver hardtop, premium 02 wheels (painted silver not chromed). Probably meant to look like the NM but closer to the 05 color combo available. The interior is all black. Will match those that have either repainted their black 02/03 hardtops to silver or bought a silver hardtop for theirs.
The brand name on the box is Cararama by Hongwell Toys Limited, made in China.

Heard from another source that the color will be yellow.

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