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*SongBird Logo was a registered trademark  of the Carson City Parlour Inc. of Shakopee, Minnesota Also known as Carson City Manufacturing, Inc. (The company is no longer in business)

As I gather information about the SongBird Jukeboxes, built 1989 to 1991, I will be adding links and quotes from other sites that I run across.

General info:  You'll find the SongBird in several colors, most are in a shade of pink like the above photo.  A few may be found in red, turquoise, robin's egg blue, and white.  The standard colors were for top and bottom of "car".  One could order a white top with any of the colors as an option.  Some are set up to play 45s, others are set up for CDs.  The one pictured above plays 45s.  The taillights blink when turned on.  There is also a light behind the license plate and in the exhaust outlets.  The taillights take standard 57 Ford rear light lens either with or without the chrome trim.  Though the rear bumper looks like the 57 Tbird bumper, it is of one piece construction in fiberglass.  The license plate area will take a standard license plate frame.  It's lit from behind.  Each handbuilt jukebox has a unique serial number.  It uses the German NSM ES-2 mechanism for selecting the records.  There are 160 selections when all 80 slots are full.  Price from the manufacturer was $4695.

When I first picked up our Songbird in 2008, I put out a request for more information thru the Classic Thunderbird Club International (CTCI) in their Early Bird magaznine looking for more information.  Recently I was contacted by an owner in Texas who had the white one shown below.  He had bought his brand new through a deal that Carson City Parlour Productions (CCPP) had offered to Classic Thunderbird owners.  He sent me copies of the original paperwork he had saved when he ordered his.  The literature said that CCPP made them for private individuals without the coin mechanism in them.  You'll note that the white model shown below does not have the holes for the coins nor the coin return slot.  He also sent along a copy of another brochure that was produced.  He also sent along an article written about them.  Price for this special edition was $3995.

The following is an excerpt from a Jukebox History written by Jert J. Almind.

  •  "The editor will conclude this short historical survey by mentioning, that a rather interesting design patent was granted in England only a decade ago (1994). Stephen K. Joynes used the rear of a Morris Mascot (the Mini) as the cabinet for a jukebox, probably well inspired by the Songbird jukebox introduced late in 1989 by the Carson City Manufacturing Co. in Shakopee, Minnesota (a copy of the tail section of a classic Ford Thunderbird of 1957). "
There was a CD version pictured  at however it has sold.

 Nostalgia  repairs vintage Jukeboxes and has had SongBirds in the past for sale.

Another search of the net brought up a red SongBird.  You'll enjoy the pics of the garage/playroom, too.

Some have even made it to Europe.  There was a report on the internet several years ago about an importer who brought in 10 of them.  The report indicated that the 10 did not take too well to shipping and repairs were needed on them when they arrived.

There is a google forum on jukebox collecting where there have been a couple of inquiries about the system the jukebox uses. 

Just found a site that is cataloging various Jukeboxes, called JukeBox Guide.  He has a page listing for the Carson City Manufacturing SongBirds.  Looks like there were 4 versions of the record playing  model.  Pictured is one with a 120 selection mechanism.  No pictures for any of the others.

Carson City Manufacturing also made a "Country Classic" jukebox - in the shape of the front  end of a pickup truck and they also did the rear view of a boat called the "Star Cruiser".  A CCPP pickup truck just recently (2010) sold  on ebay that  came from the estate of Michael Jackson.   A video  history of it's latest owner is on youtube .

December 2010 I received contact from an owner in Switzerland informing me of four models of Classic Cars that Carson City Manufacturing had built.  Here's what he had to say about them: 

"What a surprise to find out about this very nice site. Carson City used to manufacture four models. The Star Cruiser, Country Classic, Songbird and the CC Rider. The CC [Rider] was made of a real all steel 57 Chevrolet Convertible. I think they did less than 50 CC Rider as it was difficult to find bodies of 57 CC's. At the time I wanted to buy the CC but it was too big to get into my flat. So I bought the Songbird for 45's which was smaller. Both of these jukeboxes were on display at Macy in New York for a price that was expensive at the time. $20'000 for the CC and $10'000 for the Songbird."  --Jean-Luc 
He also sent me scans of the brochures for the 4 models.  I've added them to the following digital images.

If you have more information about the Songbird or the other Jukeboxes from Carson City, please contact me

John's Juke has this on his website:  Please READ that page when your SongBird is in need of repair.  There are forums, email lists, etc... that will be of better help for you in getting yours repaired.  There are also service manuals, etc. available for downloads from the internet. 
Do a google search on  NSM repair manual.  Also search on ebay.

Places on the internet that advertise as repairing NSM mechanisms: - 45 rpm records mechanisms only<

Does anyone know what NSM mechanism is used for the CD machines?


45 RPM Records Versions:
White; Photo by Burgess Stengl. turquoise, from the late Bob Leach Collection Turquoise, from the Late Bob Leach collection displayed at a T-Bird convention red, photo by R. Edwards
CD Version:
Note the change in how it opens.
Recently came across a Robin's Egg Blue with white top CD version that had been  for sale in Houston on Craigslist.
A stripped out model was seen recently on German Ebay.  Just the shell of the Jukebox without any of the interior mechanisms nor stand.  In Red with white top.
Song Bird Brochures
Front and backside of the SongBird brochure for the 45 rpm record machine from the collection of Steve Legel. The brochure does say that the Song Bird is available in Pink, Robin's Egg Blue, Turquoise,  Red, and White.


Front and backside of the SongBird brochure  from the Stengl collection. Note that this brochure shows the turquoise songbird and lists the CD version as available.
 Song Bird Instructions
Instructions courtesy of 
Jim Stockman. 

He also has the following if you need technical information about the system:

  • A. "Service-Manual" Musikautomaten Phonographs Electrophones ("MPE") ES: 160/120 in German, English and French (bound glossy print booklet 94 pages)
    B. "Service-Programs" 4 page bi-fold hard card summary of all the service programs in 3 languages with tables for programming popularity resets and coin credits etc

    C. MPE instruction for testing and programming of the replacement control and credit unit. Part -NR. 108 913 (2 pages in 3 languages

    D. "Coin Comparitor Model CC-16 installation and instruction booklet (English)

    E. "Manufacturers' Bill Acceptor" : schematics on the paper bill acceptor unit (6 pages - English)

Contact Dot Lang for further information
Set Up Instructions for Buyer
pdf file
(45RPM records)
Carson City Parlour, Shakopee MN
13 pages, English. This appears to be the installation & operating manual for purchasers.
Sound and Light Control System
pdf file
Scan of Hand drawn schematics of the "Sound and Light Control System" Connection Diagram Revision 2.0 Carson City Parlour, drawn 12/2/1988, Tom B.)
C.C. Rider Jukebox brochure
Flyer and Brochure for the CC Rider from the J. Achikian collection

Jukebox came in 3 colors, Candy Apple Red, Ebony Black, or Burgandy Wine with choices of rolled & pleated or button tuft upholstery in ermine white, oyster cream, or onyx black

CC Rider brochure from Jean-Luc Achikian collection from Jean-Luc Achikian collection
Country Classic Jukebox brochure
Brochure for the Country Classic "King of the Road"  from the J. Achikian collection Reminder - This company is out of business
Star Cruiser Jukebox brochure
Brochure for the Star Cruiser from the J. Achikian collection
Reminder - This company is out of business
The "Lyric"
It came to my attention this year (2014), that a model very similar to the Songbird was made in Germany.  It's called the Lyric and has a Wurlitzer mechanism.  This may account for the body shells that I've seen on German eBay for a number of years and the red/white bodyshell above.  The photos of the yellow are courtesy of Richard Van Veen of the Netherlands who has had his for 10 years.

From the looks of the casting, it appears to be a copy of the original Songbird body with some minor changes..


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