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Thunderbird ETC...
Do you know the difference between 
a 1955, a 1956  and a 1957 Ford Thunderbird?
55?56?57? Click here to see the differences
  Side by side photos of what to look at when you're on the road and one passes by
--- if you've been that lucky!!!
Mystified by the Colors? 
What's real and what's not? 
1955 Thunderbird body colors - CLICK HERE
1956 Thunderbird body colors - CLICK HERE
1957 Thunderbird Body colors - CLICK HERE
Click above Years for Real photos of real cars in their real colors.
Our 1957 Thunderbird 
Click here to visit my T-bird
and Our 1957 Country Sedan

Cars We have Owned

Personalized License Plates
plus Thunderbird Song Lyrics
& the SongBird

The US Post Office released the Sporty Cars of the 50's on Saturday, August 20, 2005.  This set includes a black 1955 Thunderbird.

List of memorabilia for the Classic Thunderbird

Engines!?  You want to see some  engines?
visit the Thunder page
What was 
Standard Equipment?
OEM Triva


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