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Our T-bird's
continuing diary
The 2002 Ford
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02 and 57


June 12, 2002 - went to dinner with our t-bird friends att Mimi's - had to show it off.
June 15 - Day 10.  Spent the evening with 7 other new Thunderbirds at a local Sonic Drive-in.  A car show happened to be going on at the same place so we entered. Got another dash plaque but not another trophy though 2 of the other 'birds won trophies.  What happened?  We had 3 choices of categories to enter and hubby picked "sports car" - it ended up competing with a really sharp red 1956 Jaguar and a really nice 'vette.

The 'bird has been entered in the Yellow Rose Show in August - before we even took delivery of the car.  Theme is patriotic so it'll be easy to decorate the space for the car. Now to come up with some stanchions for it.

June 16 - Day 11.  Took the T'bird to show it to our AACA friends.  Not a large crowd around the 'bird as there were plenty of old classics to admire that day but the car did gets it's fair share of attention and some asked to sit in it.
June 19 - Day  14.  The Hardtop came off today and the boot cover put in place.  It fit the way it's supposed to but one snap is loose which needs replacing.  Actual looks of cover is not perfect - has a wrinkle in it after snaps are in place. 
We took the 'bird out for dinner with friends - at a Sonic so we could keep an eye on it the whole time.
June 20 - Day 15. off to work with George today with top off
More Photos - this time in Stereo
July 27 - Taken to dealer's body shop to have trunk lid repainted - it did not match the rest of car and a number of people had commented about it.  Will be at the body shop for a week (at least my LeBaron gets some indoor cover for a week).
Aug. 8 - Finally picked up 'bird from the body shop.  Have a little clean up to do around the edge of the softtop.  The paint job came out great and the whole car matches now.  Now to prep the car for entry in the Yellow Rose Show tomorrow.  .
Aug. 9 - Set up for Yellow Rose Classic Show
our Willow Green 57
Set up completed, Had to line up the wheel logos Club Display Bronze bird next to ours
Click HERE for More Photos from The Yellow Rose Classic
The blue bird won it's class so have a nice plaque to commemorate the event.

October17-21 - We drove to Destin, Florida for Destination 2002, meeting up with over 50 other 2002 Thunderbirds and their owners (and adding about 1700 miles more to the odometer.  The trip was fantastic as we met with people we've corresponded with on the message boards for the past year and a half.  The event was so successful that plans are beginning now for Destination 2003.  Get in on the planning and comradship and join our discussions on the Thunderbird Nest forum.  Click here for some of my photos and visit the forum for more.

October 26, 2002 - The December 2002 issue of the magazine "Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords" hit the newstands today with a review about this website.  - just have to put in that plug!

November - Back to our normal routine.  We take it out on Wednesday evenings for dinner and some Satudays for breakfast with the Big D Little Birds .
December - took a trip down to Salado and Burnet to check out tour routes for this Spring.  The day was beautiful and had several photo ops for the car.
January - more of the same and another trip down to Burnet with another 02.

May 8-11, 2003    Ours surpassed the 10000 mile mark this month and then some because of a trip I was able to take to visit with other New Thunderbird owners in Johnson City, Tennessee.  What a great trip with a chance to experience the Bristol Motor Speedway track.  Almost 100 owners and just over 50 new Thunderbirds were able to experience the track,  a parade, caravans and shopping.  The friendships that have developed on the internet over the past 2 years really helped us all enjoy the visiting and activities.  Visit the TBN for pictures from this event.  I will try to post some on this site if I can come up with the time to fix a page up.

Our car is nearing it's 1st "birthday" - May 20  and it's first anniversary, June 6.

Aug 9-10, 2003  Entered the blue bird in it's 2nd Yellow Rose show.  This time the theme was Ford's 100th Anniversary.  A couple of weeks before the show, I received a request to allow the show organizers to use my car in their 100th Anniversary display along with 35 other Fords.  This time the car was entered as a "hardtop" model so I could leave the white hardtop on.  Looks so pretty and classy with the white hardtop.  Again, won it's class for the 2nd year in a row.  Don't know that I can keep that up though as we do drive the car and it's starting to show on the nose. 

As soon as we arrived home from the show, the car was packed for a 3 week, 5000 mile journey. The following morning, Aug 11, 2003,  took off for Portland Oregon and Washington State. What a great trip and what a great road car.  This is what the car was built for.  I could put in 13 hours of driving and not be tired. The hardtop was taken off for the trip and the travel boot was packed so the great weather in the northwest at that time of the year could be enjoyed.  After the trip, the car had 19,000 miles on the odometer.  It's getting up there quick.

October 22-26, 2003 we headed for the Louisiana coastline (lower LA) to meet with more new Thunderbird owners at the "Redneck Riviera."   It was a relaxing weekend with about 20 other T-birds showing up to enjoy the sunshine.  The miles are racking up on this car.   The weather was nice though misty on our tour day.  What fun it is to travel with several other 'birds and look at the sights.

March 2004 saw us headed for Hot Springs Arkansas to rendezvous with other new Thunderbird owners for a day at the Oak Lawn race track.  What a great weekend we had.  The weather cooperated the whole time but we had the hard top on. :(  On the way home, we took a tour route along the Talamena Ridge.  Beautiful views of the valleys below and some more photo ops for the 'bird.

May 2004 - We picked up some new 2004 16 spoke Thunderbird wheels for the car.  It now has a white ringed hub to go with the white hardtop.

May 19-23, 2004 found us at Lake Lanier north of Atlanta, Georgia.  Numerous photo ops around the lake that weekend.  Almost 60 'birds for the Saturday tour to the Panoz manufacturing facility north of Atlanta and from there on to the "Road Atlanta" track for several laps of the track led by a 35mph Corvette.  A few of us at the backend of the 58 car train had the luxury to slow down and let the other cars get way ahead before trying out some of the S curves around the track - what fun for us! but I'm still learning how to take videos with my digital camera. 

We're now at 36K on our 'bird as it reached it's 2nd birthday on this trip.  Time for the extended warranty to kick in.

August 14/15, 2004 had the 'bird in it's 3rd Yellow Rose Classic.  Again it swept its field of one.  :)  This time it was entered topless and with the new 16 spoke wheels.  Because of positioning, we were able to put it in with the display of 55-57 T-birds from our Big D Little Bird club.  I made up special signs for all the cars in our display which came out really nice.

August/September 2004 and the 'bird has accumulated  44,800 miles and it's still not a daily driver.  It's wonderful on long road trips and we've been able to use the trunk, even packing a table and 2 chairs this last time out along with our clothes and car cleaning supplies.  We were on the road for 3 weeks, visiting Yellowstone National Park for a day of that time.  Of course, more photo ops.

March 2005 - We've slowed down on driving it long distance over the fall and winter.  Even so, we've managed to put another 4000 miles on it since September.  With the announcement that the 2005 will definitely be the last Thunderbird of this design, will be doing a few more changes to the trim on the car this spring.  I want the car to reflect all 4 years of it's time period.

May 2005 - Traveled to Johnson City, Tennessee for Thunder Fever, a five day event with over 100 other t-birds, mostly new ones, for several tours, parade and another day at Bristol Motor Speedway.  It was a fun time. 

It's 3rd Anniversary, May 21, 2005 - The 2002  has 02 Thunderbird blue color, 03 V8 emblems, 04 wheels, and 05 Anniversary blades AND the chrome hood scoop bezel used on 2 special limited editions - the Neiman Marcus and the 50th Anniversary Limited Edition cashmere.

June 1, 2005 - Arrangements were made for a group of new Thunderbird owners to make a last tour of the Wixom Assembly plant to see where our T-birds had been built.  The Thunderbirds were ending production on July 1.  We drove our 02 and from there went on to Carlisle Pennsylvania for the Annual  All Ford Show.  Probably about 35 new t-birds made their way there.  Our trip back was to include picking up a 2005 Thunderbird but that plan fell thru.

June 14, 2005 - Picked up our new 2005 Inca Gold thunderbird in Allen Park, Florida.  We drove our 02 from Fort Worth, TX  to make the pick up, leaving the day before.  Story of that trip is on the IG page.  The new t-bird won't see the road miles the 02 has seen for many years.  This was our 02s last major trip for the year.  We neared the 60,000 miles on this trip which it finally reached in August.

May 23, 2006 - The blue bird is now 4 years old with a little over 63,000 miles on it.  It's had it's share of problems but has not left us stranded.  It'll accumulate another 6 or 7000 miles this summer some of them at Heartland Thunder
The air conditioning started acting up so we started using the Inca more for our trips - 4 of them this year so the miles did not accumulate much on the 02.  We kept it sidelined as the dealership would not work on it unless it was acting up for them.

The blue bird continued to rest this year until we finally figured out how to make it act up on cue and got it fixed!  Just a couple of hundred miles before it's extended warranty gave out.  That occured in August or September as I recall (should have kept this diary up).
Back to using the 02 - it's mileage has creeped up to 86,000 now.  Could have been higher but we used the 57 for our trip to Washington state this year. 
May 2008 - We traveled down to New Orleans for a VTCI Regional meet with the 02 and several of our TBN friends.  That's the only long trip for the 02 this year.  No more planned for it for quite a while.
Aug 2009
Rather quiet with driving it this year.  No long distance trips.  The c.o.p.s were all replaced by spouse a couple of months ago and it's running great now.  As of Aug 1 we've accumulated over 96,000 miles.  I don't think it'll make the 100K mark until 2010.  It is driven weekly though as it has become my "daily driver" since moving from our old home 3 years ago.

driving impressions
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