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Exam Questions
2002 Ford Thunderbird


These are just some of the questions that a Salesman for Ford Motor Company has to answer to become "certified" to sell the Thunderbird.  In the instructions it says that the exam is "personalized for you" which means that there is probably a larger database of questions and each test is different for each salesman that takes the Thunderbird exam.  There are 25 questions below.  If you have come across another "certification" exam for some other sales personnel for the Thunderbird, contact me.  Figured that it's kind of late now for Ford to be coming out with this exam.

Now for the fun.  How well can you answer these questions?

1.  What is a benefit of Thunderbird's front and rear stabilizer bars on its short- and long arm suspension system?

A. Reduced whine and lowered engine noise due to encasement. of the suspension components
B. Enhanced towing capacity and power to rear wheels
C. Quicker steering response and enhanced ride and handling characteristics
D. Reduced unsprung weight for improved road feel

 2. What is a benefit of Thunderbird's drop side glass?

A. Helps reduce NVH and provides protection from weather and wind noise intrusion.
B. Reduces the risk of window damage in the event of a side impact collision
C. Improves ventilation: to the passenger compartment
D. greatly increases the long-term durability of power window functions
 3. What is a benefit of Thunderbird's perforated leather tuck-and-roll seat  inserts? :
A. They better "grip" the driver for an enhanced performance car feel
B. They feature a easygoing function for enhanced comfort during long trips
C. They provide cooler seating and a relaxed, sporty appearance.
D. They contain heating coils which can be activated with a dash mounted switch
  4. Thunderbird's ABS system makes use of Electronic Brake Force Distribution. What ls the benefit of Electronic Brake Force Distribution?
A. Controls braking between the front and rear wheels at alternate intervals.
B. Monitors each wheel individually but controls them as a single  unit to prevent wheel lock-up.
C. Controls the front wheels individually and the rear wheels as a pair to prevent wheel lock-up.
D. Enables all four tires to give the maximum amount of braking pressure they are capable of generating under a variety of loads.
5. What feature ensures co convenient and protective storage of the removable top?
A. Top folds for easy trunk storage
B. in-dealership complimentary winter storage
C. Solid SMC construction
D. A collapsible storage cart and cover
  6. What ts a benefit of Thunderbird's exhaust system?
A. It ls smaller than conventional exhaust systems for lowered emissions.
B. It was designed with a dual inlet air cleaner system for more power
C. It is totally constructed of aluminum for increased durability and reduced weight
D. Its side exhaust design provides a unique, muscular appearance
  7. The Thunderbird system that it improves traction on slippery or loose driving surfaces by using a combination of brake and/or engine control ls:
A. Anti-lock braking system
B. All Speed traction Control
C. Electronic Brake Force Distribution
D. Electronic Speed Control

 8. Thunderbird's Short- and Long-Arm front suspension makes extensive use of aluminum. What is a benefit of using this type of material?

 A. Lowered build costs that contribute to greater overall value
 B. Low unsprung weight for enhanced ride and handling characteristics
 C. Better anti-lift properties under hard braking
 D. Higher weight for improved vehicle stability
 9. What feature of the convertible top and removable top provides positive water and wind sealing and prevents aerodynamically induced window liftoff :
A. Reinforced steel B-pillar
B. Acrylic fabric convertible top construction
C. Motor driven hydraulic  cylinders
D. U-channel rubber weather strip

 10. Thunderbird's true touring car handling is, in part, the result of its rear wheel drive configuration. What is a benefit of rear wheel drive?

A. The elimination of torque steer
B. Improved traction control and lowered unsprung weight
C. The isolation of tire loads to the rear wheels only
D. Less complexity in the drivetrain configuration for lowered potential maintenance costs

 11. How many people are recommended to be involved when installing or removing Thunderbird removable top?

A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4
 12. What colors are available for Thunderbird's removable top?
A. All exterior body colors and Performance White
B. Midnight Black only
C. Performance White only : .
D. Exterior body color only
 13. Thunderbird's automatic temperature control system features dual sunload sensors. What ls the function of dual sunload sensors
 A. They monitor ultraviolet light levels to the passenger compartment add warn the passengers when levels are too high
B. They automatically opaque the windshield as sunload increases
C. They help clear frost and condensation from the windshield in inclement weather .
D. They read sunload differences between the driver and passenger sides of the vehicle for better control of the dual zone system
 14. Where ls thunderbird's rocker-type convertible top switch located on the vehicle?
A. On the left-hand side of the steering column
B. In the glove compartment
C. Above the audio controls
D. On the bottom of the instrument panel center stack
  15. The 2002 Thunderbird's styling cues as well as its heritage and image, are carried over from what previous Thunderbird models?
A. 1955 - 1957
B. 1959 - 1963
C. 1977 - 1981
D. 1995 - 1998

 16. What interior features are treated with body color accents in the Full Interior
 . Color Accent Option Package?

 A. Steering wheel, air vents, dashboard, audio controls, map pockets, parking brake, retractable top and carpet
 B. Rear seats, floor mats, upholders, glove compartment, brake and accelerator  pedals
 C. Seat insert, top of the steering wheel and gearshift knob. lower instrument panel, lower console and door trim
 D. Seating surfaces, center console, audio controls, gauge cluster, grab handles and rear map pockets

17. When Thunderbird comes equipped with a removable top,...

 A. It cannot be equipped with a convertible top
 B. It can be ordered with an optional convertible top.
 C. It features a convertible top is its inside lining.
 D. It still comes equipped with a convertible top
 .. . . .
 18. What components of the Thunderbird are constructed of durable Sheet Molded
 Compound (SMC)?
 A. Front and rear fascias
 B. All exterior body panels
 C. Hood? front fender. decklid and upper back finish panel
 D. Doors and rocker panels
 19. If customers want the partial Interior Color Accent Option Package on their Thunderbird, witch of the following exterior colors can they choose for?
 A. Whisper White, Evening Black or Sage 6reen
 B. Thunderbird Blue, Torch. Red or Inspiration Yellow
 C. Satin Black, Colorado Red or Performance White
 D. Egg Yolk Yellow, Toreador Red or Sage Green
 20. What is the only available Thunderbird transmission?
A. 4-speed automatic transmission
B. 5-speed automatic transmission with overdrive
C. 6-speed manual transmission .
D. 5-speed manual transaxle ::
 21. Thunderbird's engine combines excellent performance and good fuel economy.
 What are this engine's horsepower and torque output?
 A. 252 horsepower at 6100 rpm and 261 lb.-ft. of torque at 4300 rpm
 B. 300 horsepower at 4400 rpm and 315 lb.-ft. of torque at 3700 rpm
 C. 185 horsepower at ~ rpm and 214 lb.-ft. of torque at 5300 rpm
 D. 247 horsepower at 5000 rpm and 281 lb.-ft. of torque at 4100 rpm
 : - ~
 22. What is a benefit of the no-cost optional supplemental parking lamps?
 A. They can be left on when the vehicle is parked without draining the battery
 B. They dramatically improve the look of the front fascia -
 C. They illuminate the interior of the Vehicle as soon as the doors are unlocked
 D. They light up the area surrounding the door when the door is opened
 23. Which of the following statements is true of Thunderbird's side-impact head/chest airbags?
 A. They protect only the head in side collisions :
 B. They are located on the inside of the door panel
 C. They are equlpped standard on all models - :
 D. They are only available on Deluxe models -
 24. Which of the following is a feature of Thunderbird's convertible soft top?
 A. It is powered by dual motor, spring loaded retraction system.:
 B. It features three layer fabric for acoustic and thermal insulation.
 C. It can be removed easily by using a hidden zipper. system accessible from the trunk.
 D. It is constructed of 100 percent wool for optimum moisture absorption.

25. In addition to quality and reliability, 2002 Thunderbird meets the highest standards for which of the following?

 A. Economy
 B. Towing capacity
 C. Versatility
 D. Craftsmanship
Looking for the answers?? - find one of their source book Thunderbird  inserts.


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