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Supercharged !
The Ford Thunderbird
Photo by John Clare of Supercharged Test Thunderbird engine
Photo by John Clare photo by John Clare
photo by John Clare
photos by John Clare
Supercharged Test Model
photo by John Clare
photos by John Clare
Photos by Dot Lang taken May 2009 in Gastonia, North Carolina at Tindal Motorsports.  This is how the Supercharged Test Thunderbird exists today.

Jim Youngs with
the Supercharged Thunderbird
There were two supercharged! Thunderbirds built for the Thunderbird Program, a show car, and a test car.

The show car (below) was introduced to the public in late December 2002  but program had been scratched  at Ford at about the same time ~ short time frame for this concept. 

Work was going on within the Thunderbird Program at Ford to have a Supercharged model in the production line which meant there had to be a test model.  The test model  which is pictured above still exists.  It's in the care of a  private collection and does get brought out for special club events on the East Coast. There will be more info coming with photos.  Let's just say for now that it contains an engine and transmission from a Jaguar, and modified to fit and work with the Thunderbird's electronics. .The above model was actually driven and tested for the Thunderbird Project on the roads of Detroit. Steve Legel, DDS, can attest to that after seeing it on the road one day.

Update Nov 2008: James Youngs, Thunderbird Project manager, retired,  has documented the above car with a personal, very limited edition book that is titled From the Scrap Heap to the Concours d'Elegance.  The book covers his personal expericence working with the project, the demise of the program, and the rescue of the car for the future plus documentation of what it took to build the car to make it work.  You will not find the book on the retail market.

The following are  Photos of the Concept Show Car  ~ as Ford advertised it and showed it on the Auto Show circuit for a very short time. Update 2010.  The Concept still exists!. It came to my attention this July (2010) that RM Auctions will be auctioning off this very Concept of the Supercharged Thunderbird on August 12, 2010.  You'll find it at this link for awhile. Sold for $66,000.

This Concept Show car is now in the hands of a private collector in Dallas, TX - September 2010.  On NOV 14 or 15, 2014, it will be auctioned off at Sam Pack's Classic Car Museum, a private museum.  It's vin# is 1FAHP60A82Y100397.

Supercharged Concept Show Car
Ford Motor Company photo Ford Motor Company Photo
Promo Photo of the
Concept Show Car
At the LA Auto Show Jan 03
photo by Martin Brugmans
Photo by Martin Brugmans
photo by Martin Brugmans
Photo by Martin Brugmans
 Interior of the Concept
Show Placard

It is unknown if the engine in the Concept  tbird  ever got a functional supercharger.  The Show placard with supercharged stats were the stats taken from the red Test Car according to Jim Youngs, manager of the Test Thunderbird Supercharger project.
Photos below by Dot Lang taken in 2010 and 2011 in Dallas, Texas where the Concept now resides.
Rare "Black Bird" poster: A Ford "In-House" concept of the Thunderbird.  Less than 10 posters were ever printed. 
Reminiscent of the SR-71

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