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The New Thunderbird
Concept Memorabilia
1999  to 2000
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Will be reordered by categories.

N.F.S. --  No item listed on this page is for sale - this is for your information only.

While you're waiting, you might want to try to find some of the memorabilia that has already been issued for this highly anticipated auto.  Also watch for local ads, contests

Be on the lookout for any new items.  Once the car is on the road in owner's hands, more items will show up.  Then start watching the magazines for ads using the car.  Please let me know when you have found something new related to this car. 

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List split has occurred.  2001 releases are found on another page
Eventually lists will be split by category ie posters, press kits, calendars, etc.... - working on that now - This page gives the order that these items were found by interested people, ebay listings, or found on the internet in other places.
Starting January 3, 1999 with the introduction of the Concept Thunderbird at the Detroit Auto Show
. 1999 THE original Press Kit Contained, a yellow glossy folder with Porthole window viewing a CD with all the press info; 6 slides; 3 press release info booklets; a foreign language translation 3.5" floppy disk; AND a 1/18 scale Inspiration Yellow model of the car with removable hardtop presented in a glossy yellow box embellished with the new Thunderbird emblem.  All handed out in semi-clear plastic carry bag emblazoned with the Thunderbird Emblem. Only 250 of these kits were handed out.
. 1999 First Postcard Oversized; picture of yellow Concept with B&W background including 2 1955 Thunderbirds - given out at shows throughout the year
. 1999 Mouse Pad another Press item; yellow Concept
. 1999 Standard Press Kit for 1999 Like original without the model & bag
. 1999 Business Card CD  01/05/99    press releases 
. 1999 Aug. Red Concept Postcard  standard size - Woodward Dream Cruise promo 
. 1999 Aug. Photos from Woodward Dream Cruise
. 1999 - now Tin Sign Yellow Thunderbird
. 1999 poster U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds and the Concept Thunderbird
. 1999 promo card U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds and the yellow Concept Thunderbird; 5"x7" with Ford Explorer photo on back
. 1999-2000 Concept Diecast models  See diecast list for details - 4 sizes available
. 1999 Magnet Red Concept car - 2"x3.5"
. 1999 Poster Benefit poster with red Concept artwork
. 1999 Poster in 2 sizes - yellow concept with interior in background
. 1999-2001 Magazines see list
. 1999 Ford 2000 Millennium Calendar Red Concept car on cover; yellow Concept is the December car
. 1999 Thunderbird Platter. Pewter tray  by Wilton Armetale, with "the American Legend" and new Thunderbird logo - offered in the Ford "Collection" catalog for 2 years - retail price was $88.
. 1999?? Thunderbird Brochure Motor Trend cover & article from 03/99  -for salesmen's use - double fold brochure - folds out to 10.55"x 23"
1999 or 2000 Coin, Silver part of set of 5;  new emblem on back of all in series, including 1955,  3 other years of Thunderbirds plus Concept
. . . .
. 2000 Poster Black Concept Part of Chicago press kit 2000
. 2000 Press Kit Heritage  05/01/00 Thunderbird history; 5 slides
. 2000 Dream Car Tour 07/00 to 08/00 3 'white 55's with porthole tops toured the states to promote the New Thunderbird
. 2000 Ford Thunderbird by Roy Bacon History of Thunderbirds in picture, ending with a couple of pictures of the Concept Thunderbird
. Sept.2000 Dealer's Pre production Brochure shows all 5 colors coming out; glossy paper: one of inside pages: thunderbird blue
. 2000 Comic Strip Ted Dawson's strip "Spooner" for November 28, 2000
. 2000, Nov. Dealer's Showroom Portfolio Book Black Aluminum Cover with slanted porthole window; glossies of cars; interiors; large & heavy = 19.5 inches wide x 11.5 inches high
. 2000 Car option sheets  11/01/00    Dealer 
. 2000-now The NEW Thunderbird Diecast  Concept mold updated with turn signals & side marker lights
. 2000 Ford 2001 Calendar Showcasing the different Ford lines
. 2000 Thunderbird Calendar 2001 Photos of different T-birds thru the years plus 4 of the  2002 Thunderbird promo pics; produced by Galpin Ford
. 2000 Motor Trend 16 Month Calendar - 2001 Yellow Concept for one of the months
. 2000 Car & Driver Day by Day Calendar 2001 Color photos of 365 different cars. Yellow Thunderbird on July 3, 2001; by Workman Publishing, New York
. 2000 Leather Driving Gloves With Thunderbird logo; Christmas 2000 gift from Neiman Marcus & Ford  to new owners of the Neiman Marcus edition
. 2000 Cashmere Scarf With Thunderbird logo; Christmas 2000 gift from Neiman Marcus & Ford  to new owners of the Neiman Marcus edition
. 2000 Book: T-Bird - 45 Years of Thunder by John Gunnell & James T. Lenzke - 2nd Edition new Thunderbird
on cover; chapter on concept & chapter on it's diecast
. 2000 Digital Art Print by Ko Chapman, red concept on  mottled, colored background
. 2000 2001 Calendar Poster 11"x17" - printed by Ford's WHQ graphics dept., glossy paper
2001 items may be found on this page                Current items may be found here

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