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.The New Thunderbird
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The New Thunderbird

 for 2001

No item listed on this page is for sale - this is for your information only.

You might want to try to find some of the memorabilia that has already been issued for this highly anticipated auto.  Also watch for local ads, contests

Be on the lookout for any new items.  Once the car is on the road in owner's hands, more items will show up.  Then start watching the magazines for ads using the car.  Please let me know when you have found something new related to this car. 

Click on highlighted text to view photos     New additions -since 10/24/02- highlighted with white background

LIst has been split up.
Memorabilia started being issued for this auto in 1999 at the January Detroit Auto Show.  To see what was issued in 1999 and 2000, visit the Concept Memorabilia page
. 2000 Calendar 2001 Calendar by Model Cars Magazine with art work of new 'bird for July by Jairus Watson
. 2001 Ford.Press Kit Los Angeles Auto Show 2001 - Contains press releases for the Neiman Marcus Thunderbird and other Ford autos; along with color slides of the NM and others. In blue folder
. 2001 Press Kit Thunderbird Sport Roadster  Black folder with red rose cutout; CD; 3 slides
. 2001 Press Kit The 2002 Thunderbird Another presentation piece given to press at the Detroit Auto Show debut on January 8, 2001.  Again, limited quantities. Gray box with 1/43 scale model in one of the 5 colors presented - mounted on plastic disk with new Thunderbird emblem; CD and CD case; 6 slides, 120 page book - all slide into compartment below model - 9"x9"
. 2001 3 postcards red, black and blue (blue looks silver in photo)
. 2001 Detroit Auto Show Program "Show Talk 2001" Newsletter format;Thunderbird on cover
. 2001 Ford Program Booklet - Detroit Auto Show Showcasing Ford's latest including the 2002 Thunderbird
. 2001 Show Poster - brochure Tri fold - opens to large black 2002 Thunderbird. other side has info and red 2002 Thunderbird
. 2001 Lithograph Art Print Signed and numbered by artist John Francis Marsh; limited edition print of 2000. Shows design studio and Ford designers working. Press exclusive. Presented in Black cardboard tube with silver Thunderbird emblem.  All prints should be signed and numbered.  Contact artist if you find one that is NOT signed and numbered.  Poster size measurement 26"x34"
. 2001 2002 Thunderbird -book
by Michael Lamm
Development of the 2002 Thunderbird, History of the Thunderbird; memorabilia of the classic & Thunderbird racing history. 
- from Lamm-Morada Publishers [Ed. note: some of my pics are in this book] 
 Ford is selling this book - order from Ford's Collection  catalog - the hardcover SRP is $40 or order  it from Amazon.com 
. 2001 Contest .first known contest offering new Thunderbird as Grand prize. Ended March 24, 2001.
. 2001 Press Kit - Milwaukee Show Covers all the car manufacturers at the show. Red Concept on cover; color photo of Neiman Marcus edition.
. 2001 Video - Hot Sheet Training video 90 minutes of tape for Ford salesmen covering highlights & heritage of car plus question & answer period
. 2001 Dealer Launch Binder. 3-ring binder with "porthole" cover (popular feature that Ford is capitalizing on); hints for salesmen on selling this car (as if it's really needed!!)
. 2001 Canadian Poster. released at Canadian Auto Show.; Thunderbird blue car, 22'x36"
. 2001 video - Dealer Launch Video 20 minutes of video tape on the 2002 Thunderbird
. 2001 clock* Wall clock, plastic, "2001 Ford Thunderbird" with  picture of yellow concept Tbird and black '56 Tbird on face. - computer printed face.
. 2001 clock* Wall clock, plastic,  with picture of "Neiman Marcus" tbird on face - computer printed face
. 2001 clock* Wall clock, plastic, computer printed face, Thunderbird blue car
. 2001 contest, radio  National radio contest for month of May - 4 Thunderbirds  given away. Flyers have tbird in background. [are there contests appearing in your area? plmk - watch for posters & artwork with tbird on them]
. 2001 Preliminary Owner's Guide Draft of the new Owner's Guide for the 2002
. 2001 Poster 17in.x24in. - 2002 yellow tbird; on heavy glossy photo quality paper; glossy on both sides; Dealer's quality showroom poster
. 2001 Screensaver Available for free - download from Ford's website - red Tbird
. 2001 keychain see diecast models
. 2001 Art Print 8.5in x14in Yellow Concept on blue background
. 2001 T-shirts two different ones available from Ford; pictures of new  Thunderbird
. 2001 Hats Three different ones available from Ford; tbird logo
. 2001 sweater again from Ford; tbird logo
. 2001 Ladies Top again from Ford; tbird logo
. 2001 Shirts, polo again from Ford; tbird logo
. 2001 Watch again from Ford; tbird logo
. 2001 Keychain from Ford; tbird logo
. 2001 License Plate frame from Ford; tbird logo
. 2001 Bar stool from Ford; tbird logo
. 2001 Calendar Red sport Roadster - giveaway at a Las Vegas convention for Ford employees
. 2001 Thunderbird Collection Set of 5 "book's" with various memorabilia - only available to customers with T-bird orders. This was a dealer ordered item.  . Limited time offer from Ford.
- set of brushed stainless steel bookends with Chrome trimmed porthole window with Thunderbird logo in window
-  Hardcover red book with symbolic pictures
- Personalized Letter "signed" by your dealer
- All enclosed in compartmented black presentation  box
   with graphics - partial Thunderbird emblem
-Set of vinyl clings matching your ordered car
-Yellow hardcover book about car's development
-personalized letter "signed" by your dealer
-brochure for  Thunderbird watch
-black presentation box with graphics
-touchy, feely  blue book - includes sample of Thunderbird blue leatther,
-personalized letter "signed" by your dealer
-black presentation box with graphics
.White book entitled "Thunderbird Celebrity Survival Guide: Coping With Stardom". It has two chapters: 
  1 - In the Spotlight 2 - Incognito; Each chapter has seven "tongue in cheek" suggestions on surviving your new found celebrity status in owning a Bird. It is silly, but has some nice pics and and funny hints like "When turning over your keys to the valet, take the time to introduce him to Mr. Odometer". On the opposite side it shows a picture of two valets joyriding in a black Bird, top down, through the city streets.
It also came with a model in the color of your car. Mine is blue, but unfortunately the model only has the concept 24 spoke wheels, and a standard black interior.  It also does not include the optional removable hardtop, but is top-down only. scale is 1/25 (description & photo courtesy of ECWilson aka birdbrain)
- Black hardbound blank book for writing about your t-bird experiences
- postcard to order personalized plaque 
(being delivered to those who have received their cars)
Note:when set is complete, presentation boxes arranged in order form a complete graphic !!
This set was produced by the Walter J Thompson advertising agency and won the IAAA gold for 2001.
. May 2001
 to Dec. 2001
Ford Microfiche Ford Parts microfiche for new Thunderbird (this is one that will definitely get updated as the months pass by) #14 in Ford set; of course a microfiche reader is a must.  monthly updates
. 2001 Living Legends CDs/Mystery Drive CDs set of 2 CDs from Ford; one with  music, one with photos; in small folder; passed out at Living Legend media tour stops at various Ford dealers or other spots around the country & Canada.  Also passed out on Mystery Drives
. 2001 Living Legends Media kit Thunderbird Blue Folder w/4  press releases - Thunderbird, Mustang Bullit, Ford Focus; photo CD, 3 sheets of photo thumbnails from CD; 
. 2001 Living Legends T-Shirt Black with Thunderbird logo on front and Living Legends logo on back with Thunderbird Blue car.
. 2001 Living Legends Shirt Thunderbird blue;  logo. issued to personnel on the LL Tour
. 2001 Living Legends NotePad Blue Car on front & back  cover, stats on inside plus note paper
. 2001  Ford Source Book Covers all Ford 2002 Models with special section for the Thunderbird - see next item
. 2001 Source book insert Details features of the Thunderbird  for the Ford salesman's Source book - 27 pages
Cover variation
. 2001 Manual  Workshop manual set for the mechanic, 2 Volume set available from Helm Inc.
. 2001 Canadian Dealer's Brochure 5 pages, black car on cover, Title: "It's Time to Take Flight"
. 2001 Thunderbird Anthology CD Covers 1955-1966 & 2002, brochure cover, many photos, options & features along with the 55-66 Thunderbird photos, etc.
. 2001 Contest ZIMA, red 2002 printed on carton with entry blank
. 2001 Digital Art Print by Ko Chapman, multi car print including red concept Thunderbird
. 2001 Poster handed out at Launch Party, also, a vinyl cling version was printed
. 2001 Routebook Small booklet for those taking the Mystery Drive - 4 pages with fold slots inside front & back covers for route directions
. 2001 2002 Brochure Large,10 (20) page dealer brochure with red rear quarter on cover; large photos on partial fold outs, of each car with hardtop options. last page has OEM and real COLOR PAINT CHIPS!  Color is great in this brochure! 11"x12"
. 2001 Soft Sculpture Model 7 inches, red - made by energypromotions.com 
. 2001 Exam Booklet for Certified Professionals - Ford Motor Company Test - product knowledge for 2002 Thunderbird for salesmen - 25 questions - expires August 31, 2002 [note - just camme out]
. 2001 Plastic Inflatible Black with red inside, large, from ZIMA, promotional for their contest listed above; store display
. 2001 ZIMA banner Store banner with black 2002 Thunderbird advertising the ZIMA contest, 5'x3'
. 2001 Art print  "A Model Of Inspiration"  - Limited edition print by Artist Ronald Suchiu who was commissioned by Ford Canada to paint the Ford Thunderbird 2002 (link is offsite) numbered print
. 2001 Poster Poster plaque for Ford's Regional Sales Offices- white t-bird
. 2001 Press Kit  2001 Tokyo Motor Show,  Thunderbird &Mustang Bullitt & Focus; CD; 24 glossy pages of information on the Thunderbird
. 2001 Calendar 2002 Prototype Concept Cars; photos by Ron Kimball; published by Browntrout Publishing - t-bird on planner page 12x12
. 2001 Poster  "Wings of Thunder"--artist Doug Short.  Shows a red 2002 in foreground with a red 56 in the background.  Given out at August Ford
Show in Oakville, Ontario at Ford Canada Head Office
. 2001 CD Service Manual Service Information for the Ford mechanic 
. 2001 brochure Thunderbird Collection brochure for dealers
. 2001 Ornament Custom ornament with your color Thunderbird, cream porcelain round disk
. 2001 Notepad Launch notepad with stats
. 2001 Brochure 2002 Show brochure, 8"x11"  4 (8) pages
. 2001 Mouse Pads various prints - custom printed pads - various vendors
. 2001 Banner for Rolling Thunderbird events in Canada; 12'x4'
. 2001 Poster Exclusive from Ford of Canada; Signed by artist Mark Conforzi, Ford designer
. 2001 Poster Another exclusive from Ford of Canada, signed by artist Mark Conforzi, signed & nunbered - limited to 150
. 2001 Press Kit Ford press kit issued at South Florida International Auto Show in Miami in October 2001; contains press releases and 3 slides including 1 of the 2002 Thunderbird
. 2001 Video History Channel release in September "Ultimate Autos: Thunderbird"
note: Motor Trend has also produced programs about the Thunderbird
. 2001 Video Motor Week program #
. 2001 Shirt by Reyn Spooner; Hawaiian style; 1955-2002 Thunderbirds on blue background
. 2001 Uphostery Samples Used by your Ford salesman - actual samples of the material & colors used in the 2002 Thunderbird
. 2001 Ordering Guide Guide used to order your Thunderbird - 5 pages
. 2001 Brochure White Rose Advertisement for their College sports series models.
. 2001 Decal Porthole Window emblem decal - see accessories  for info
. 2001 Business Card Holder pewter with t-bird, from Ford of Canada
. 2001 Poster Custom poster of Sport Roadster by www.conceptcarposter.com
. 2001 Dealer's Showroom Portfolio Book, Canadian Version Same large format brochure on heavy  glossy cardstock but NO metal covers - 18"x11" (photo shows this brochure & brochure below)
. 2001 Brochure from Canada Very similar to first brochure (Dealer's Pre production Brochure) in 2000.  Cover is like the Portfolio Book above. 9"x9".  Cover Looks like digital reprint of first brochure with added "Ford , expect more" phrase on back cover.  Wheels have been retouched (deglossed) since chrome was not available in Canada.
. 2001? Poster/brochure, Chinese Printed by Ford of Canada, backside is  Ford car brochure , Front has the BLUE t-bird like the larger Canadian poster listed near the top - - 17"x21"
. 1999 or 2000? Booklet "Ford Brand Power & You" - 5 1/2"X 8" booklet, 8 pages - appears to be a Ford dealers convention booklet - 3rd page has photo of concept t-bird & short article about it's "strong brand image"
. 2001 Glasses set of 4 drinking glasses with gold outlines of  T-Birds.  They were given as a combination thank you and Christmas gift to employees at Wixom.  They have a gold outline T-Bird on one side and the names of the UAW President and the Plant Chairman along with the names of the Plant Manager and HR Manager on the other.  They came in a white cardboard box with two cutouts to preview the glasses.  The box is covered with the word "thanks" in English and three other languages printed in various size black letters.  [thanks for the description Cal]
. 2001 Book: Thunderbird Chronicles by Consumer Guide journalists - pictorial history of the Thunderbird with last chapter on the concept and the 2002 including the Neiman Marcus edition
. 2001 Bag with Harmonica Harmonica presented in bag with Thunderbird emblem embellisment - given out at party at House of Blues  in Chicago
. 2001 Book: Caring for a Legend - The George Watts Story by Larry Kooiman; about the owner of the "first" production Thunderbird and his collection of special later model T-birds.  Back cover has photos of the Concept Thunderbird 
. 2001 Poster Ford Recognition award for wholesale part sales - limited editon of 500.
*These appear to be unlicensed clock faces but nicely done.

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