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The New Thunderbird
 Limited Editions:
Neiman Marcus 2002 Ford T-bird
James Bond 2003 Ford Thunderbird
Pacific Coast Roadster 2004

2005 Ford Thunderbird 
Owners 05 Rides
2005 colors

Ford Motor Company thunderbird 50th anniversary pin

50th Anniversary Limited Edition
of the 2005 Ford Thunderbird.



This Special Edition 2005 Ford Thunderbird debuted at the Miami Auto Show on November 5, 2004.
Job 1 for this edition was scheduled for Jan 3, 2005
1500 were scheduled to be built.
It started showing up at dealers  - late January & customer homes by mid- February
photo by Adamphoto by JerryP  car #0007
Hardtop ------------------Softtop
 HallMark Ornaments debuted late October, 2005 commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Thunderbird.
Includes a red 55 and the 2005 Special Edition
Here's a scan of the "Hero Card" describing the car for the salesman and his customer


Click on photos for larger views
--- quoted from Ford's website:
 "the commemorative 50th Anniversary - Thunderbird features 
- a gorgeous Cashmere tri-coat metallic paint with matching removable top and Medium Light Stone 
cloth convertible top and soft boot. 

- 16-spoke, 17-inch wheels with- Cashmere 
accented hub ring match the Cashmere paint.

- New coordinated Cashmere, Stone and Soft 
Gold interior packages include full leather Cashmere seats, and Cashmere trimmed lower
instrument panel, floor console and door armrests. 
- An understated Soft Gold tinted 50th Anniversary 
badge will be placed on the instrument panel*, and 50th Anniversary insignias are embossed on the seatbacks. 
- The scuff plates also are tinted Soft Gold. 
- Each vehicle will feature a numbered 
commemorative plaque mounted on the inside of the glove box. 
- The steering wheel and shift knob will be 
trimmed with high gloss Cashmere accents.
- Stone colored carpets with matching floor matscomplete the interior."
- msrp - $43,535 total 44,140
- Body code P69
- Order code 210A
- Color Code G4
- Trim Code P1
Includes Medium stone convertible top, soft boot and Cashmere Hard top"

 *  no badge was put on but "50th Anniversary" printed below the Thunderbird script - see photo at right.

Cashmere -- a cross between white and beige

Stone -- in glove soft leather

"50th" is imprinted on the seats below the Thunderbird emblem.

Limited to 1500


Finally got to see one up close.  Color is more beige than white;  flake type paint as picture below right shows. 
Aluminum door trim has all over pattern made from logo of the T-bird.
Interior has 3 shades - a brown on the dash and upper door trim with a cream on lower part of dash and a brownish beige on the lower sides of seats and floor.
The leather on the seats is really soft, close to the leather on our Chrysler TC by Maserati.
The hardtop is lined with beige fabric as is the hardtop shelf.
The only left over color (black ink) from other T-birds are the knobs and buttons and the ashtray cup.
The floor mats are beige, matching the carpeting.

Photo by Joanne C.
serial #0002
Indoor shots of the Limited edtion "cashmere" T-bird taken at the Wixom plant on the day of it's unveiling.
Ford's news report
photo by Joanne C.
photo by Joanne C.

photo by Joanne C.
photo by Bill Brown


I apolgize for the sales look of this page and others but I just want to show you what these cars are like and keep a record for future use.  I take the pictures where I can get them or from other photographers and sometimes that's at a Ford dealer's lot - the first place these cars come in to and I prefer to get them while they're still fresh and haven't been sitting around on the lot. 
number 51
Loose contents in interior - owners manual with case (in glove box) and ashtray/coin cup

Scoop Bezel is Chrome!
First time since the Neiman Marcus Edition
Loose contents of trunk:
Hardtop cart
Hardtop cover
beige floor mats
license plate bracket
Mylar tape kit
50th anniversary fender badge - photo by bill brown
photo by Bill Brown
at Wixom
photo by Bill Wells
at Wixom
Click above photo to see how heavy the "metallic" flake is in this color.  It picks up color from the surrounding colors.
NOTE:  blade is actually chrome, not bronze color
- just light reflection
photo by Steve Legel
In Florida
photo by Bill Brown
Map pocket on seat back.
photo by Leisha .photo by Joanne C.
50th Anniversary embossment on Seats
photo by Steve Legel
in Florida
photo by Steve Legel
in Florida
photo by Steve Legel
in Florida

Reminiscent of  Marilyn Monroe according to  source. 
Marilyn in a 56 tbird - photographer unknown Why Marilyn Monroe on this page?  There was a good rumor in 2003 that Ford would have a Marilyn Monroe special edition.  The 05 Cashmere edition is the end result and I left this page background as is.

In 2005, an auction was held of many of her possessions including this entry:

162 MARILYN MONROE AUTOMOBILE CORRESP. A group of five typed documents between various lawyers acting on behalf of Marilyn Monroe and her production company, Marilyn Monroe Productions, Inc., dated January 1962 to March 1962 outlining an agreement the star had with John Strasberg and Paula Strasberg to transfer her 1956 Ford Thunderbird car, and all registrations and insurances associated with it, to them. Typical of MM's generosity, she often gave away expensive possessions to close friends, this being a fine example. 8 ½ X 11 inches  Correspondence About 1956 Ford Thunderbird  - items sold for $780.00 

On another website, there's information about another Thunderbird that was thought to be destined for Marilyn.

Diescasts have been made of Marilyn with a black 56, a pink 56 and a  silver 57.

part of Brooklin set for  Club Deutschland 1993 pink 56 Thunderbird by Brooklin with Marilyn figure
By Corgi comes with figure of Marilyn - released in 2001
If you've reached this page thru a search engine, be aware that this is a personal site, not affiliated with Ford M.C.  The information included here is to help you understand the ins and outs of the 2002 thru 2005 Thunderbird. 
50th anniversary

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