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Classic Thunderbird
- pages were originally posted back in 1999 but have been off the net since 2003.
I've resurrected the pages showing the concept Thunderbird
because they show part of it's history.
I will also be adding a new page with more pictures of the Black Concept taken at a
National convention in Chicago - when I find them again!

The CTCI Region V Convention July 2-5, 1999
One star among many:
1956 Concours
The cars had plenty of room

There are stereo photos also to view.  
Click on linked photos to view.
Background for pages was derived from a photo of the sunrise on July 2,
just before the Concept Thunderbird was due to be unloaded.  It was also used to create the buttons
A Wichita, Kansas Sunrise
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Click here for Concept Pictures
The Concept T-bird
Click here for 3-D's of Concept tbird
in 3-D
The STARS of the show:
The Cars
Click here 4  3-D's of T-Birds
in 3-D
Museum Tour

Click here for Museum Tour
3-D Views
Single Views

Sonic Cruise
Drive-In Cruise
Event1 Old Town Wichita
Old Town Cruise
Judge hands-on training
Judges Training
Arrival, etc.

Many thanks to the Wichita Classic Thunderbird Club for hosting this Regional and to the mighty efforts of Daryl Standifer for coordinating all the events, hotel & Display Hall.
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